Sunday, 22 June 2008

A Restful Day and The Log Farm

It started pouring rain around dawn this morning. I had opened the windows last night so I heard Gordon come in to the bedroom to close them. He had already been up for quite a while at that point as he usually is.

I got up around 8 a.m. thinking no walk for me this morning but the rain stopped for a while and I was able to get out but not for the full 30 minutes as it started to drizzle again. We had some bright spots on and off during the morning.

We reached about 27C (80F) today and had a variation of sunny and cloudy skies but no rain in the afternoon although we did see some thunderheads when we went out.

I napped a lot of the morning and even into the afternoon. I was exhausted from yesterday and I had taken a muscle relaxant last night as my back was killing me from sitting in a restaurant for three hours!

Mid afternoon Gordon and I went to see the Log Farm. Gordon had gone there last week but I didn't go then. The Log Farm is a designated historical site. It is a fully functional working farm that has been restored to depict a local family homestead as it was in the 1870’s. They have 2 horses, a donkey, and 3 sheep that we saw. There was no one else there however the couple that looks after the place arrived while we were looking around. Interesting that the horse is called Mr Bo Jangles!

The house and barns in the background

The donkey, isn't he cute?

Mr. Bo Jangles

One of the sheep

Wild daisy

Heading back to the parking lot from the Log Farm.

There were two woodpeckers in a tree on my way back to the parking lot. We think it's a Downy but could be a Hairy Woodpecker.

I talked to my sister this afternoon. They are at the cottage near Lindsay, Ontario but she is coming down next weekend for a visit. She'll be staying with my younger sister so at least we'll have a few days together as it doesn't look like we'll be going to spend our usual month in Lindsay this year due to the license fiasco!

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