Saturday 31 October 2009

Saturday October 31, 2009-Happy Hallowe'en!

As of writing this blog tonight we've already had 23 little trick or treaters (some littler than others), most of them very polite. This is apparently a record since Nancy has lived here. Luckily she and I went out today to pick up some candy. I thought since it was a rainy day that we wouldn't have any but the rain quit early in the afternoon and the sun actually came out for a while.

We also went to the library where I was able to get "The Allgery Self-Help Cookbook". It was recommended to me by someone on Zoomers, another place that I've signed up. As if Facebook wasn't enough, now Twitter and Zoomers.

Max's dog walker called this afternoon and said he was sick so couldn't come and walk Max so Max and I went for a walk instead.

Here's Max

Just before sunset Gordon and I went out and filled the truck up then took a little drive out to Shirley's Bay.

Rainbow at Shirley's Bay

Shirley's Bay

White tailed deer in the field along the way

Friday 30 October 2009

Friday October 30, 2009-Dull and Dreary

Today was a cloudy dreary day but not overly cold just damp. I had a nice walk, took the camera but it was too dreary to get any nice photos.

We had a visit today from Nancy's friend, Dave. He's a real estate agent here in the area and in fact is the agent that sold our house over five years ago. It was great to see him.

Nancy went out for a pedicure with her friend, Joyce so we hung out with Max, the pooch.

Nancy has a company that comes and removes her snow early in the morning so we have to figure out what to do with the truck on snow days/nights.

I think we have the internet problem resolved though.

Thursday 29 October 2009

Thursday October 29, 2009-A Few Things Accomplished

Other than my usual morning walk, I got a couple of things accomplished today. One was to call my eye doctor and get him to move up the surgeon's appointment for my cataracts. The other was Gordon calling Powderhorn RV Resort & Marina in Texas to cancel our reservation. That was a very difficult thing to do.

We've been looking for alternatives for internet while we're here and there doesn't seem to be any. It's Rogers cable or Bell Wimax. Wimax is run from the cell towers and can be as slow as dial up. Nancy has a 3 GB cap on Rogers and with three of us using it it's bound to go over her cap. This area does not have Bell high speed available apparently. Who knows why? Anyway we went to the Bell store tonight for some answers and the only thing he could offer was to call Customer Service to complain or go with Wimax. We tried our satellite and the buildings are in the way so we can't use that. So, we're still looking.

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Wednesday October 28, 2009-Quiet Day

I was up late this morning. It was 5C (41F) with a few drops of rain but I managed to go for a long walk on the Trans Canada Trail.

This morning I did some vacuuming and dusting, cleaned the bathroom, not very exciting stuff, I'm afraid.

Gordon decided it wasn't a good idea to go to the US Embassy as that's American soil and I could end up in jail. Don't want that to happen so we're looking at alternatives.

This afternoon I went grocery shopping with Nancy. She can't carry anything heavy so I was glad to be able to help her out.

Tuesday 27 October 2009

Tuesday October 27, 2009-Grace's Birthday

Happy birthday to our oldest granddaughter, Grace who is 9 today!

We were supposed to go to the US Embassy today but neither of us felt like it so tomorrow is another day!

Nothing else happened here!

Monday 26 October 2009

Monday October 26, 2009-Nancy's Birthday

Today started as usual with my morning walk. It was -1C (30F) when I set out. I had a bit of sun but clouds were gathering.

Photo from this morning's walk

After breakfast since we still had a bit of sun left, Gordon and I decided to go to Jack Pine Trail for a while. We had a nice walk and on our way back there was a little girl with her grandmother on the trail. The little girl had sunflower seeds in her hand and the chickadees and nuthatches were landing on her hand and taking the seeds. It's nice to see kids that are quiet in the woods.

Chickadee on a branch

Jack Pine Trail with all the leaves on the ground

Mr Mallard close-up

Ice is starting to form on the water

Chickadees land everywhere-this one is on Gordon's hat


Gray squirrel

This little girl had up to three birds on her hand at one time today

I had a couple of errands to run so I dropped Gordon at the house and went on my way.

I also took Nancy's dog, Max for a walk this afternoon. It's been a long time since I've walked a dog!

Since today is Nancy's birthday, I had purchased a sirloin roast with baby red potatoes to cook for her birthday dinner. It's been ages since I've cooked a good cut of meat. Usually it's something that goes into the crock pot. It turned out quite well. Since neither of us are supposed to eat flour products I had bought Nancy a key lime tart and we put a candle in it and I sang Happy Birthday. Probably not the highlight of her day!

Sunday 25 October 2009

Sunday October 25, 2009-Beautiful Sunshiny Day

Not much going on today so here are some photos from my walk this morning. It was a pretty day with a high of 12C (54F).

This is the building where the Ottawa Senators play.

While I was out today I bought some winter boots. They're good for -20C (-4F).