Thursday 26 June 2008

Chiropractor, the Park, Lunch and RV Show

Yesterday after I posted, Gordon broke out in a rash. We're not sure what its from but the doctor has taken him off his antifungal medication for a week and then he's going back on the medication he was on at the beginning. Luckily we hadn't picked up the order for another month's supply at $1146.00 although I had ordered it yesterday. I called them this morning and canceled it.

Today started out as a beautiful sunny day. I was up early as we had a chiropractor's appointment this morning. I cut my walk short so I could get ready.

After the chiropractor's appointment we stopped at Andrew Hayden Park and took some photos. The baby geese sure are growing up! We were both hungry at that point so we stopped at Bayshore Shopping Centre for something to eat, Gordon at Taco Bell and me at Subway.

These kids were catching frogs and then literally throwing them back.

A lot of baby geese swimming in the pond

Our plan had been to go to the RV Show that was being held at Scotiabank Place (home of the Ottawa Senators) so away we went. I had thought it would be inside but after checking at the ticket booth we found it was out in one of the parking lots. We got parked and a lady in a golf cart picked us up and took us to the fifth wheels. There were 750 RVs there so it was spread out over quite a distance. It was nice to get a ride. She took us to the Titaniums first. Our main objective in doing this was to see if we could find something that we liked that was lighter in weight. The Titaniums were all heavier, even the smaller units but they sure were gorgeous! We looked at all kinds of fifth wheels but have to say even though ours is almost four years old, we still liked it better than most of the new units we saw (except for the Titaniums). Guess we bought the right one in the beginning! We were there for a couple of hours and were very tired when we got home so it was nap time!

While we were napping a thunderstorm came up and it started to rain and it cooled down quite a bit. We had turned the air conditioning on when we got home as it was about 27C (81F) and humid. Once the rain started it cooled down to 23C (74F) so off went the air conditioner as we were starting to get cold.

Some of the RVs at the show

This little Wazat looks cute but basically only has a single bed in it and not much else.

Just another day in the life!


  1. Gee, Gordon is really going through it ! I hope he gets all better soon. Prescriptions are that costly there, too. I had better try to stay healthy !
    I would love to visit that area, in the summer and be in the cooler weather.
    Happy Trails, Penny

  2. What a great RV show!! They have about that many in Hershey, PA. I can't wait to start looking. Too bad the Titanium is too heavy and expensive.


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