Thursday 5 April 2012

My sister and her husband were hosting Easter dinner tonight at their house in Ottawa so we arranged to kill two birds with one stone and Gordon also picked up his new glasses at the optometrist. He lost his others last summer.

After running some errands we arrived at my sister's house and had a chat with Margie, John and Danica for a while before the star of the show arrived-Jack! We hadn't seen him since Christmas and he has grown!

At 13 months he can almost open the door

Jack and his Daddy, my nephew, Nick

Jack and his Mommy, Becky

Jack with his toys that he keeps at his Nanna's house
Great meal as usual, thanks Margie & John! We also managed to make it home before dark! Love these longer days!

Happy Easter Everyone!

We're having Easter with my sister and her family in Ottawa. Hope you're all enjoying a beautiful Easter weekend!