Saturday 19 August 2006

Another Day at the Cottage

Actually I made it through all of yesterday without crying. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think about my poor little poochie but I’m trying to remove myself from the experience of putting him to sleep and remember all the good times we had and how funny he could be. He had such beautiful, expressive eyes.

My sister, Margie and family gave us flowers yesterday in remembrance of Bib.

Today was another long day. We left for the cottage mid morning and when we arrived Betty decided we should go for a boat ride. Margie and John elected to stay behind and prepare lunch. We got back from our boat ride about 1:00 p.m. and everyone was ravenous.

This afternoon was more low key, some went shopping, others went out in the canoe, paddle boat or the bow rider and some of us, like me, decided to read and take a nap.

We weren’t very hungry for dinner but we all ate anyway and then did a gift exchange. Margie’s birthday is this week and David’s and mine are in September. John’s is in November but since Betty and Garth won’t see him then and we’ll be gone south of the border we give our gifts on cottage weekend.

We were closer to 11:00 p.m. getting home tonight. Made it through another day without crying!

The photo today is of Margie and Danica in Sturgeon Lake.

Friday 18 August 2006

Beginning of Annual Cottage Weekend

Nick & Becky - married three weeks!

Danica & Jasper

Wow! It was hot in Lindsay today 33C (92F).

I managed to get through this morning without crying! It’s been close a few times but I consider this a step forward. I still feel very sad though.

We were just lazing around this morning when the guy from 3i Communications came. He was supposed to come on Monday but got the part that they were waiting for so he and Gordon spent the better part of 2 hours trying to set up the TV satellite onto our internet satellite dish. No luck! You’d think that if someone was selling this product, they would know how to set it up! Anyway, we still have TV through our StarChoice dish.

Since we were due at the cottage this afternoon by 2:30 p.m. they had to give up so we could get ready. We had to pick up a cake that Betty had ordered at one of the grocery stores in Lindsay to take to the cottage as well. We arrived about 2:15 p.m. and sat on the dock and enjoyed the breeze. It was so much cooler there than here by the RV although I’m sure it was cooler here if we had been down by the water.

When Nick and Becky hadn’t arrived by about 4:15 p.m. we took the boat out and just as we were leaving the boathouse, Betty suggested we drive around the front of the cottage dock and see if they had arrived. Sure enough, there they were on the dock so we picked them up and took a little boat ride. Sturgeon Lake was pretty rough for a while and I got a little wet as Betty and I were sitting up front in the bow rider. On our way back it wasn’t as rough so Garth was able to speed up and we had a nice ride.

Margie, John & Danica arrived around 6:00 p.m. and after they got unpacked we had a nice hamburger dinner with ice cream and fresh peaches for dessert on Betty & Garth's new back deck. Then all went to Garth’s second cottage where Margie, John, Danica, Nick and Becky are staying for tea.

We're so glad that the newlyweds were able to get time off from work to be part of cottage weekend.

We got home around 10:00 p.m. Very tired!

Thursday 17 August 2006

Cleaning Up

Well the day started out with me crying as I expect I will over the next few days. There has always been a furry little body beside me when I wake up and the first thing I always did when I got up in the morning was take Bib for his walk.

So I’ve been trying to keep busy today. Yesterday I had gathered up most of Bib’s things. The vet had told me that the local humane society here in Lindsay would take anything so Gordon loaded everything that I had packaged up into the truck this morning and together with the laundry I headed into Lindsay and dropped off the doggie stuff at the humane society. They seemed quite happy to get it and said they could make use of everything. Another crying moment.

Then I stopped to pick up a few things at the grocery that I hadn’t gotten yesterday and off to the Laundromat. I was washing the comforter so I couldn’t do it here. I stopped at one and it was packed. Last year when we stayed at Alpine RV Resort I had noticed a little Laundromat at a gas station on Angeline Street so I went there and there was no one there! They didn’t have huge machines but my comforter fit in one all by itself and it was cheaper there than at the RV Resort!

This morning I also used the left over pastry that Gordon’s daughter, Michelle gives me every year when she bakes her Father his favourite butterscotch pie so I made butter tarts.

After, having a nap, vacuuming the place then dinner and TV that’s about it for today!

The photo today is of mist on the Scugog River this morning.

Wednesday 16 August 2006


February 18, 1994 – August 16, 2006

Bib was our much-loved, very loyal poodle that we have owned since he was six weeks old and fit in the palm of your hand. Over the years he has brought us a lot of joy and also some heartache. Bib was a dog that you couldn’t trust with kids or with anyone making him do something he didn’t want to do. He had no qualms about snapping and biting. Fortunately we have kept a close rein on him so he has only ever bitten one person as an adult dog.

Bib was always happy for a ride in the car to go and get Mommy from work and since we have started RVing when we came in the door there he would be with a toy in his mouth to welcome us home. He really enjoyed riding in the truck and didn’t mind spending time in the truck if we were visiting the grandchildren as we couldn’t trust him around the kids.

The last little while his health has been deteriorating and we’ve had him at the vet’s office several times. The last time was Saturday we took him in with a bad cough. The vet put him on soft food in small meals however by last night he couldn’t keep anything down consequently our whole living room is a mess.

We had spoken to the vet here in Lindsay about having him put to sleep when we were in on Saturday but decided to wait and see what the soft food would do but by today we had decided, it was time. He didn’t want to play anymore and was very lethargic taking him for a walk so I stopped and made the appointment when I was going into town this morning so today at 4:00 p.m. our beloved little poodle was put to sleep with both Gordon and I at his side. We told him he needs to look up his Nanny and jump on her lap and she will look after him.

Today we took him for a drive in the truck and for a little walk. There's a photo above of me with him today and one of him alone.

No more coughing, no more strange vets and groomers from our traveling, no more being afraid of construction, of kids, and of loud noises.

May Mommy & Daddy’s little poochie rest in peace.

Tuesday 15 August 2006

Another Day of Shopping with Betty!

Today was another lovely day with a nice breeze.

This morning I was meeting my sister, Betty at the library in Lindsay. They have a book sale one Tuesday every month in the summer and this was it so our plan was to hit the library and then go from there for the day. So we met there and I bought four books. We then did a little shopping in Lindsay, then left and went to Fenelon Falls where we had lunch and then did some shopping there. Then we were off to Bobcaygeon and toured their shops. We stopped at the Dunsford Golf and Country Club on the way back and had a drink and a snack. Betty’s husband, Garth and his friends were playing golf there today but they were out on the greens so we didn’t see them.

Then we stopped so Betty could pick up some groceries in Lindsay and she dropped me off at home just before 6:00 p.m.

More TV tonight!

The photo tonight is of our two satellite dishes.

Monday 14 August 2006

Just Watchin' TV!

While this morning dawned sunny, it became cloudy as the day went on with a few hints of sun here and there and a bit of rain this afternoon and evening with a foggy mist.

Last night I got to watch Gray’s Anatomy for the first time in ages. Desperate Housewives was also on but I had seen it and I kind of like to watch Cold Case. However when the new season starts I think Desperate Housewives will be it! Tonight I got to see House which I hadn’t seen for ages.

This morning I did some ironing. This is something I rarely do anymore but there are a few items that need it. I don’t have an ironing board. I either use the bed or put towels on the kitchen counter. It works.

With the medication we’ve been putting in Bib’s ears, his ears were greasy so we used our outdoor shower and one of our plastic storage bins and gave him a bath this morning. It worked really well so now he looks a lot better.

Other than taking advantage of StarChoice and reading, nothing much happened today.

I took today's photo on my morning walk.

Sunday 13 August 2006

Lazy Sunday

Beach raft in the morning mist

Wild turkeys running in the park

Since the dog got me up in the night, I was late getting up this morning. It was about 7:45 and it was already fairly warm and sunny.

After playing around with StarChoice for a while, I had a nap and then went into town to do some shopping. By the time I arrived home it was after 2:00 p.m. and it was very hot in the RV so started the air.

I had another nap this afternoon, no energy today.

An evening of TV, hopefully much better than we’ve been used to!