Monday 5 November 2012

22nd Wedding Anniversary

Our anniversary started out bright and sunny so we took a morning drive to find some roads we hadn't been on. While we were out the clouds came in and all of a sudden, no sun! So we headed for home to have some lunch.

Interesting shape to this old barn

Redneck mailbox holder

Nice farm on a hill near Athens, ON
I had made reservations for dinner for our 22nd anniversary at Gads Hill Place in Merrickville. They are are known for being quite accommodating for food problems. We haven't eaten out much lately mostly due to the problems I've been having with food. I'm getting tired of cooking! It's so nice to sit down to a meal that someone else has cooked and that doesn't happen for us any more.

Our official 22nd Anniversary photo
When we arrived we found the waitress to be very knowledgeable. She had checked their menu and could tell us what was gluten free and dairy free or what they could adapt to make it so. I wound up with grilled scallops and shrimp on rice with braised cabbage. Different and very good. Gordon had a chicken breast in a tarragon sauce with rice and carrots. He's not much for sauces but said it was good.

Interior of Gads Hill Place

Our table

Our dinners

Gordon just getting ready to leave
It was cold when we came out of the restaurant. I need to buy warmer slacks 'cause it's not going to get much warmer till about April!

22nd anniversary is now over, on our way to 23!