Saturday 24 January 2009

Shopping Trip

Today was quite a bit cooler than we've had lately. Our high was 59F (15C) but it was 52F (11C) when I walked this morning. There were two roseates really close to the bridge this morning as well as a tri colour heron but I don't take my camera when I'm walking so the only photos I got were on my phone and it doesn't take close ups. If I had had my camera, I could have gotten the whites of their eyes - if roseates have whites in their eyes.

We decided to go to Victoria today. Gordon has been looking for a camera bag to carry his new lens and they didn't have anything here in Port Lavaca. I also needed a back up battery for my camera. Since my new camera does a lot more stuff than my old one it goes through battery power like crazy. So, we were off before 10 a.m. First stop, Walmart - no luck with the camera bag. They had a worse selection than the Port Lavaca Walmart. We then stopped at Office Depot, no luck there but he was successful at Target. I also got headphones for my 'walking' radio as ear buds fall out when I"m running. So now I can listen to my radio again. We got my camera battery at Best Buy and I got a 6 inch sub for lunch at Subway at the Victoria Mall while Gordon went to Taco Bell just down the street. We also stopped at Hobby Lobby and I'm happy to say that I managed to not buy any beads even though they were all 50% off and there were some nice ones! I did buy a little thimble looking thing that has some velcro or something on it for picking up beads. When you have fingernails and the beads are tiny they tend to get under your nails so we'll see how this works. We also stopped at the HEB Plus store and I picked up a few things there.

We saw this train on our way out of Victoria. We haven't seen many trains this year unlike last year.

On to Port Lavaca, we took the back way in on FM1090, went to Walmart, filled up the water jugs. I wanted to get milk and didn't want to carry it from Victoria. I got some other groceries too. Gordon fueled up as Port Lavaca has the best diesel prices in the area but it has gone up to 2.09.9. He also took a few photos around town, then we headed back to our house on wheels.

Downtown Port Lavaca

This oil rig is getting set up between where we are and Port Lavaca

On our way home this fire truck fromt he Magnolia Beach FD was sitting on the road just cleaning up from what looked like a grass fire.

After unpacking the truck we went over to the office to see Ginger and got us tentatively signed up again next year beginning December 1st so we know we have a home to come to next winter and we'll be back on site 18!

Friday 23 January 2009

A Laid Back Day & Fried Oysters

Today started out a balmy 60F (16C). I walked 2.2 miles this morning. I decided to try one of the routes that Ellie took. It seemed more like walks I took in the desert last year without the desert scenery. Instead I had herons and a kingfisher.

After breakfast and some internet surfing, I moved outside to my lawn chair to read. The wind had come up and it was blowing from the west so it felt cool even though it wasn't. I stayed till a while after lunch, then moved inside to read and have a nap. Yesterday wore us both out! And I finished another book. I've certainly read a lot of books this winter!

This afternoon Gordon went out for a walk with his camera so I took the opportunity to get the vacuuming done. Not every day in the life of a fulltime RVer is fun and games, work has to get done too.

We reached a high of 74F (23C) this afternoon. Except for the wind it was a beautiful day.

To read Gordon's blog from our trip yesterday and to see the photo that he took of one of our armadillos, click here. It is such a cute photo!

Tonight, Delmer and Bobbie had a fried oyster dinner at the rec hall. Here's a photo of my second plate. It was soooo good!

Thursday 22 January 2009

A Trip to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

Today was another gorgeous day here! We're sure having better weather than we had two years ago when we were at Rockport. I'm enjoying this very much.

It was 42F (6C) this morning when I went for my walk. I walked a bit further this morning and according to my new pedometer which I got set up yesterday, I walked 1.7 miles.

We reached a high today of 75F (24C). The decision was made this morning to go to the ANWR (Aransas National Wildlife Refuge) even though Gordon hasn't heard back about his photo sale. Glad we didn't stick around as he still hasn't heard about it but has another request from someone in the U.K.

We left around 11 a.m. and took about 40 minutes to get there. First up was to stop at the Visitor Center for Gordon to get his America the beautiful senior pass. There was some question about whether he would get it since he's a permanent resident of Canada but since he had a U.S. passport with a U.S. address on it, they went ahead and gave it to him. So we can now go into any National park or National historical site for free as well has half price camping at COE (Corps of Engineers Parks). It covers Gordon, me and two other people traveling in our vehicle. So that's taken care of.

Then it was on into the refuge. We stopped first at the alligator viewing area - no alligators. Bummer! The first half of the day didn't produce many results. We walked on a couple of trails but didn't see much other than some scenery on San Antonio Bay.

Sand bar in San Antonio Bay

Driftwood along the Bay - you can see how low the water is

One of the trails we walked

I had packed us a picnic lunch which we ate looking out at the Bay from a bench on the boardwalk near the observation tower.

Cardinal near the observation tower - Mom?

From there we did the auto loop but didn't see much there either so we decided to go to the Jones Lake viewing area which is near the observation tower. We had been there before and had seen 'gators and feral hogs. Jones Lake due to lack of rain is now more like Jones Pond but we did see four feral hogs, a great blue heron catch and play with a fish before eating it and several alligators although they were quite far away. Lots of photos were taken.

Blue heron with his fish

One alligator and three turtles

Feral hogs

On our way back through the park we saw an o'possum cross in front of us and continue along a side road. Then we stopped at the alligator viewing area. This time there was a small alligator there and as well an armadillo. Lots more photos taken. Further along we saw another armadillo, more photos taken. Then on our way out we saw more for a total of seven armadillos seen today!

O'Possum taking a hike

Me in front of a really big tree

Really ugly turkey vulture!

Alligator in the viewing area

Armadillo - isn't he cute?

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have seen so much wildlife today even though we didn't see any whooping cranes! For those that don't know, ANWR is the Texas home of the whooping cranes. We saw them last time we were here but only because we took the boat cruise that takes you right to them.

Wednesday 21 January 2009

Laundry, Birding & Oyster Stew

This morning was only 40F (4C) but bright and sunny with no wind so it felt warmer. By the time I was half way around the loop I had taken off my wind jacket. It was a thoroughly enjoyable walk.

After breakfast we tossed around the idea of going to the Guadalupe River Wildlife Refuge at Tivoli but Gordon hadn't heard back about a photo that he might be selling so we decided to stay home. I wanted to change the bed and wash the mattress cover and the pillow covers anyway. Just too bad to waste such a beautiful day doing laundry but I got to sit outside and enjoy the day while waiting for laundry. Now we have a clean bed except for the electric blanket. I may have to do that at my sister's this summer as you're supposed to line dry it. Guess I could put it over the deck railing here but there's a tree there with lots of birds in it so it's apt to be dirtier than it originally was!

This afternoon we went out and did our birding tour. Since it was such a calm day we thought the birds would be out in full force. There were a few but not as many as we'd expected.

On our way out we saw these spoonbills with a great blue heron and some ibis.

Calm waters in Matagorda Bay today.

Ibis in the bird sanctuary

Oyster boat in Matagorda Bay


Sunset at Powderhorn Lake RV Park & Marina

Delmer came over when he saw me in the laundry room this morning to tell me they're having oyster stew at the rec hall tonight. It's made with whole milk and cream. I didn't want to chance it but I sure love oyster stew! Gordon gave it a try but wasn't impressed. He's not a seafood fan but he's been enjoying the fish and shrimp. Delmer also said in a few days he's doing fried oysters so I'll go over for them.

I can't believe that we're only here for another week. We sure will miss it here!

We had a high of 70F (21C) today. The wind picked up around 3 p.m. but wasn't too bad and the first part of the day was absolutely gorgeous!

Another three hour Lost tonight!

Tuesday 20 January 2009

To Port Lavaca for Groceries and What Not

Today wasn't quite as warm as yesterday. I saw 70F on the truck thermometer in town but 66F out here at the RV park. It was also a bit windy but the sun was bright!

This morning I heard a tractor outside the RV so I ran to get my camera and went to the bedroom as I knew that Delmer AKA Grandpa had told Ellie and Jim that he was going to move the deck over a bit. By the time I got there the deck had been moved and Grandpa was toodling away on his tractor. The palm tree is still there though. That's supposed to be removed.

The deck has been moved

And there goes Delmar on his tractor

I had my usual walk and went down to the pier to do my exercises for a change. After breakfast, I had a shower and went into Port Lavaca. I got my hair cut at Walmart. She didn't do a great job but it will do. I picked up groceries at Walmart and HEB and stopped at Dollar General for a few things.

Then I went to the post office to get some stamps. I had just gotten in line when a lady ran in and asked who owned a maroon truck. I indicated it was probably me and she said that someone had rear ended it. Oh great! I asked her if the person was still there and she said she thought he was so I took off outside, no person waiting to give me his information. I could only find a small dent in the bumper probably from a trailer hitch. The lady who saw it said it was an older man in a gold pickup truck with a ladder but by that time he was long gone. I'm just glad that it wasn't badly damaged. That would put a damper on our plans! I talked to a couple of other people in the parking lot but no one saw anything because of the bright sun.

From there I came home, Gordon unloaded groceries and I put them away, then sat outside for a bit to read but the wind was getting kind of cool so came in to do some interneting.

That's it for today!

Monday 19 January 2009

Ellie and Jim Leave Powderhorn

It was 43F (6C) this morning, definitely colder than yesterday but still bright and sunny. I had a nice walk around the long loop. As the morning went on it got windier but not as windy as it has been.

Around 9:30 a.m. I heard the sound of a diesel engine next door so knew Ellie and Jim were about ready to leave so we went over to say goodbye. We'll see them again when we get to Goose Island.

Here's a photo of them pulling out of the RV park. Jim got to use his air horn as he pulled out to say goodbye!

Our high today reached 75F (24C) and although it was windy it was still a beautiful day. I sat outside and read for most of the day. So not much to report. Here are a couple of views from my lawn chair.

Sunday 18 January 2009

Beautiful, Warm, Quiet Day

What an absolutely gorgeous day! It started out warm so by the time I got back from my morning walk I was in short sleeves!

After breakfast we went on a birding run. I went next door to see if Ellie and Jim wanted to go but their car was gone so Gordon and I went out and did our usual tour as well as a couple of roads I hadn't been on before. Here are some photos.

Snowy Egret and a Tri Colour Heron

They dredged the sand out to make this creek reach the bay but Mother Nature had a different idea so it's now a tide pool.

This song sparrow posed for me on the fence

This cow was also posing

Great egret in a tree

When I got back it was just too beautiful to sit inside so I made my lunch and went outside with my book where I spent most of the afternoon. The sky was a clear blue and the sun was shining and only a bit of a wind. Just a perfect day with a high of 76F (24C)!