Saturday 24 June 2006

Surprise Wedding Shower and More Sightseeing

Becky models her hat made of the bows from her gifts

Becky arrives at the shower. Was it a surprise?

This morning I spent reading outside and getting ready to go to a wedding shower. I haven’t said anything about the shower in my blog other than alluding to it over the last few days as it was a surprise shower for my nephew, Nick’s fiancĂ©e, Becky. It was held at her sister’s place, who is her matron of honour. We had a beautiful day for it and it was held outside in her sister’s back yard. Becky and Nick got tons of presents. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much stuff at a shower. They are well set for their kitchen and bathroom.

I got home around 5:30 p.m. and Mel and Janice, Gordon and I went to Swiss Chalet in Kanata for dinner and then we took them on a tour of the Gatineau Parkway and points between the campground and Old Chelsea.

It’s been a long day!

Photos above were taken at the shower.

Friday 23 June 2006

Hospital and Sequence

A little humour (considering you can't get anywhere in Ottawa these days without being tied up with construction)

Today was sunny but seemed quite cool in the shade.

This morning was spent reading and this afternoon Gordon had to go back to the Ottawa General Hospital so the doctor could check his lip. It has healed and all is okay there. Bib and I went with him and as there wasn’t any parking on Lynda Lane across from the hospital, we dropped Gordon at the hospital and then I went in search of a place to wait. I ended up spending part of the time at the high school on Dauphin Street near the hospital, some time parked on a nearby street and then at Rotel on the hospital grounds. It took about 50 minutes by the time we arrived to the time I picked him up.

We headed home arriving around 3:15 p.m.

After dinner, Mel and Janice came over with their game of ‘Sequence’. Janice and I won over Mel and Gordon three games to one!

Thursday 22 June 2006

Museum of Civilization

View of Parliament Buildings from Museum of Civilization

Totem Pole Exhibit at Museum of Civilization

This morning after walks, I vacuumed the RV and then sat outside and read. Around noon, Janice came over and helped me to wrap a gift for an event that’s upcoming. Then while Gordon and Mel went to get Gordon’s computer memory upgraded, Janice and I sat and talked for a while.

After lunch I read while sitting outside again, then got ready for our trip to the Museum of Civilization. It’s free after 4 p.m. on Thursday nights. Unfortunately they still get you big time for parking. It was interesting but I’m not really into history. The Imax show on Greece was good and Janice enjoyed the History of Nursing as she is a retired nurse.

After the museum we went to Feleena’s for dinner. Yum Yum!

Wednesday 21 June 2006

Another Nice Day!

Today was bright and sunny but cooler, no humidity.

I went to Barrhaven to finish up some shopping that I had started and pick up some groceries. I’m trying not to buy so much at once so I have to go to the grocery store more often. My cupboard shelves are starting to bow from too much weight!

This afternoon I spent getting some gifts I had purchased together and wrapped for some events going on over the next week or so. Other than that I sat outside and read as it was a really beautiful afternoon.

At 4:00 p.m. our guests returned from their sightseeing trip downtown and we headed out to the barbecue that was held by our financial group, Canada Retirement Centre held at the Hellenic Centre. It was excellent, lots of food and even Chateau Neuf du Pape! Gordon was impressed with the wine. They had Gail Gavin as entertainer. We left there around 6:00 p.m. and drove to Dollarama in Kanata as I had a few things to pick up to complete my gift wrapping.

Then back to the RV where I sat outside and read again for a while. Early to bed tonight, we’re all tired!

Today's photo is of Michelle's family without Michelle who has obviously taken the photo. In order - Grace, Faith and Eric holding Luke.

Tuesday 20 June 2006


Janice and Mel taken at the Museum of Science and Technology in front of a train engine. Look at the size of the wheels!

Photo taken by Gordon - This is of me at the Museum of Science and Technology in a 1931 Austin American

We had a lot of rain during the night and a few showers this morning but we got ready to take Mel and Janice to the Museum of Science and Technology and arrived there around 9:30 a.m. We were there for a couple of hours and saw pretty much all there was to see. From there we headed to Summerhays at Woodroffe and Baseline for lunch and then went back to the RV to pick up the dog.

From there we took them downtown on the Ottawa River Parkway, through the Market area, down Sussex and the Rockliffe Parkway, into Rockliffe to show them Michael Cowpland’s house, then back to the King Edward Bridge and across to Quebec to show them where the Museum of Science and Technology is located, then back to Ottawa on the Alexandra Bridge and down Elgin to the Queen Elizabeth Driveway, showed them the Arboretum, the Ornamental Gardens and the Experimental Farm. Then off to Hogs Back and Rideau Heights Campground and from there back home.

Then Janice and I went to Carlingwood for a couple of hours and did some looking around and actually bought a couple of items.

The weather cleared up this afternoon and was very nice although a bit cool but thank goodness the humidity is gone!

Monday 19 June 2006

Just Hangin' Around

Granddaughter, Faith holding grandson, Luke

Granddaughter, Grace holding grandson, Luke

Tonight's rainbow

Very cloudy this morning and humid. It eventually started to rain and cool off.

We hung around the RV today with Mel and Janice and Janice and I got some laundry done. Gordon and Mel did computer stuff. Mel was using our wifi. Late in the afternoon, Janice and I took off to do some grocery shopping. I took her to see our former house and we hit a few stores as well. We got back just as a thunderstorm started with lots of rain. The power went off a couple of times and we had a really nice rainbow, photo above.

Above also are more photos of the grandchildren sent by stepdaughter, Michelle.

Sunday 18 June 2006

Hot, Humid & Windy

Pretty purple groundcover that I found here in the park

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there reading my blog!

Today we hung around the RV. When I walked this morning I saw someone else with a DirecWay Dish. Turns out this guy is from New Jersey and will be here for a couple of weeks. So now we know there are other spots here that we can park in and still reach the satellite.

It was quite hot and humid today, more like Ohio weather than Ottawa. If it wasn’t for the wind it would be pretty much unbearable.

Our friends, Mel and Janice from Ohio arrived around 6:15 p.m. They had booked the site beside us but decided they would rather be surrounded by trees so moved to a site about four sites down from us. They had a long drive from Niagara Falls today.