Saturday 16 September 2006

Running Around

Fog over the fields this morning at 7:00 a.m.

Carp Farmer's Market

Our RV taken from the visitor's parking area this morning

This morning I was up at the crack of dawn - 6:30 a.m. as we were going to the Carp Farmer's Market. We were told to get there early. I didn't get my walk or my breakfast first thing as usual but instead headed to Carp, taking some photos along the way as we had patchy fog. We arrived well before opening time and just wandered around. Our purpose for being there was to buy farm fresh eggs. My husband has been bugging me about this for some time. So now we have them, so what do we do? We go out for breakfast. After we finished at the Farmer's Market, other than the eggs I also bought butter tarts which I have been told are excellent and some brussel sprouts for dinner.

We then headed east on the Queensway to downtown but traffic was backing up at Carling Avenue because of construction so we got off and took Richmond Road into town. Lots of construction everywhere! We had breakfast at Woody's on Elgin Street and got a table right in the window. Shortly after we arrived they opened the windows so it was almost like eating on a patio. We returned home via the Ottawa River Parkway, very beautiful this morning and stopped to pick up my new sneakers at the Sears catalogue office. They had notified me by email late yesterday that they were in. On our way south on Pinecrest, the truck turned 100,000 km. From there, we headed home and spent the afternoon relaxing.

We had a nice dinner of whipped potatoes, fresh brussel sprouts and barbecued pork tenderloin with tapioca pudding and strawberries for dessert for Gordon's birthday.

A beautiful day today, mostly sunny.

On a sadder note, it's one month today since Bib left us.........

Happy 60th Birthday to My Wonderful Husband!

Friday 15 September 2006

Friday Errands

This is a photo of Grace and Luke that Michelle sent to us.

Another cloudy, not very nice morning but at least it wasn’t raining at all for my walk. After breakfast I got the laundry together and headed over to the campground Laundromat but it seemed that was everyone else’s plan today too. I was only able to get one machine so when that load was finished washing I packed it all up and went to the Laundromat at Britannia. It’s the first time I’ve been at that one and I wouldn’t recommend it. Some of the washers say $1.75 but they won’t work unless you put $2.00 in them. They are very finicky about quarters, some don’t work and their dryers take FOREVER to dry! The washing machines do appear to do a nice whitening job though. Some Laundromats don’t. I think I’ll either wait for the facilities here in the future or find another Laundromat.

This afternoon I decided that I wanted the awning out so we went out to get some tie down straps. We had three. We need two for the awning which hasn’t been out since we arrived here and one for each satellite dish so we went in search of two more as one of them doesn’t work very well anymore. We went to Canadian Tire, too expensive; Zellers, no price on them even taking them to the price reader. So we went to Home Depot and made our purchase there. Now we need to buy another corkscrew stake but didn’t think of that till we got home. Gordon put the awning out anyway and used the stake that we bought at Quartzsite.

Gordon went downtown this evening to take some night shots of Ottawa while I decided to stay home and watch TV.

Thursday 14 September 2006

More dentistry and Errands!

L to R: Grace, Faith and Luke


Some red leaves that I saw on my morning walk

This morning it was misty with a light drizzle when I went for my walk. I thought I might see some wildlife so I walked within the campground but the only wildlife I saw were some squirrels, crows and a few dogs being walked by their masters.

Gordon had to go to his dentist this morning to get an impression and get the tooth put on his lower plate so I watched TV, then had a nap. This afternoon we had to go back to pick up his denture so we went early and got the truck plates renewed as there is a Ministry location at Westgate Shopping Centre. That over with, we headed back home. Not an easy task as Carling Avenue is all ripped up. We wound up going out Merivale Road to Baseline and through Bells Corners to Moodie.

It’s been overcast and a bit rainy all day. I was hoping it would clear up. Maybe tomorrow!

Yesterday we got photos of the kids from Michelle so I have posted a couple of them above. The girls sure like to stick out their tongues!

I had made chicken cacciatore yesterday so we had that for dinner tonight. Yummy!

Wednesday 13 September 2006

Doctor, Dentist & Visit

Well, today marks the end of the beautiful days. I woke up to intermittent rain but not being a fair weather walker, away I went. I managed to get a 15 minute walk in without getting too wet. It's supposed to clear up by Friday.

Gordon had an 11:00 a.m. doctor’s appointment this morning followed by my 1:00 p.m. dentist appointment so we headed out for those. We decided that we would stay at this campground another week. I think we’re getting lazy with spending a month in locations this month and after only a week, it seems too soon to move.

We got doctor and dentist appointments overwith and all my sensitive teeth were fixed by painting some kind of resin over them. The enamel is eroding which is causing sensitivity. I’m always thinking she’s going to want to do something drastic and every time I come away from her office very happy with what she’s done and usually without much pain!

After we got home, I did some interneting and returned some emails.Then read for a while until the usual happens when I’m reading, I get sleepy but it’s a day to be sleepy. It’s a steady rain and very misty out. The RV was quite damp when we got home so we got the heater going and it’s doing better. I hate going out in the evening this time of year when it’s raining as the dampness just seems to seep inside. We could run the furnace but that depletes propane and we’re paying a fortune to stay here at this campground so using the electricity!

Tonight Margie and John came over for a visit. John brought a John-designed foam pillow for our bathroom sink for traveling. It should cushion the sink it just fine!

Tuesday 12 September 2006

Getting TV Satellite a New Setup & More Errands

Wow! Three nice sunny fall days in a row. I got up a little later this morning at about 8:15 a.m. and it was still pretty cold out but had a nice walk just the same.

I was a bit headachey this morning, sat in my massaging cushion but although it seemed to help my back didn’t help my headache. Gordon gave me a shoulder massage as the massage cushion doesn’t really do shoulders and that and an Excedrin helped. I don’t like to take Excedrin because of stomach problems but sometimes it’s the only thing that helps.

This afternoon I went out to pick up some groceries and stopped at Hazeldean Mall. The Source there had a tripod for satellite dishes so they put it aside as I said my husband would have to look at it. When I got home Gordon went out to see it while I took a nice hot shower at the campground showers. He bought the tripod, a meter for setting up the TV dish. Then he went back out to buy a pole to put into the tripod to have something to attach the dish to. When he came back he took the TV dish off the ladder and put it on the tripod. It’s much easier to maneuver the dish on the ground than when it’s on the ladder.

Not much else for tonight, just TV and thinking about going to the dentist tomorrow!

I didn't take any photos today so I borrowed one from Gordon that he took of one of the monkeys at the zoo in Peterborough last week.

Monday 11 September 2006

A Nice Early Fall Day

This is Bree. She might look real, but she's not!

This is a photo I took on my walk this morning. It's pretty even with the power lines!

Another beautiful morning for walking. Last night Gordon had to fast as he had blood work to be done this morning. He has also had a tooth that’s been bothering him so we went to his dentist’s office and she fit him in. He had the tooth removed and has to go back on Thursday when the dentist will take his lower denture and have the new tooth put on so he can pick the denture up Thursday afternoon.

I didn’t say much about my new poodle (stuffed) last night but Danica got me the poodle so I wouldn’t be lonely for Bib. She tried to get an apricot one but wasn’t successful. This poodle is black and has pink bows in her hair so we have determined, it’s female. Last night when I was thinking about it, I kept thinking ‘Breeze’ so I’ve decided to call her ‘Bree’ not after the character on Desperate Housewives but because of the breeze (like wind). She’s so cute and cuddly and you don’t have to feed her, walk her or listen to her whine. However, she does make a lousy watch dog!

This afternoon the sun was shining and there was a breeze so I sat outside in my lawnchair in the sun and read for a while. It was actually quite hot in the sun. Late in the afternoon I went for another walk with my camera. I took some photos but none that were great.

Sunday 10 September 2006

Errands, Presents & Dinner!

This is Jasper, Margie & John's wire-haired terrier.

This is the group minus myhusband who was also taking a photo and John who was doing the kitchen cleanup.

It was sunny and 7C (46F) when I got up just before 8:00 a.m. today. Fall is definitely in the air, at least this week. The sun was warm though and I had a beautiful walk out on Corkstown Road. It’s closed at the March Road end right now for construction so there’s no traffic. The sign for the road closure is just to the west of the campground and there’s only one farmhouse past there. I saw a couple of deer cross Corkstown in the distance. It was a perfect morning to walk.

After breakfast I went out to do some errands. Pepsi was on at Shoppers today only for $1.77 for 6 bottles so I had to stock up. Gordon is a pepsiholic! I also got some photos processed for Nick and Becky and Margie and John to give to them tonight as we’re going there for dinner for our birthdays. Gordon had processed six of them when we were in Lindsay so I had printed them out on our printer and I think it did a better job than Loblaws processing especially since I bought the photo paper.

We arrived at my sister’s place around 3:45 p.m. and Nick and Becky arrived shortly after followed by Danica and her friend, Jeff. We all sat around and had a nice chat, Gordon and I opened our presents. We got some very useful things including clothing for me and gift certificates from John and Margie for fuel, a stuffed poodle and a notebook from Danica and gift certificates for restaurants from Nick and Becky. Some very thoughtful gifts. Thanks everyone!

Nick and Becky also had their wedding photos from the photographer. She took some beautiful photos. Unfortunately we don't have room for photos so we had to be content with looking.

Margie had a bit of a catastrophe when cooking dinner. The heating element in her stove burnt out causing sparks so our turkey was cooked on the barbecue and was excellent. It was yummy to have stuffing. I love stuffing! Nick and Becky also brought a blueberry pie for dessert and Margie made strawberry fluff. I haven’t had fluff for ages. Mom used to make raspberry fluff all the time.

We got home shortly after 9:00 p.m. tired and stuffed!