Saturday 6 October 2007

Out and About

These orange chairs are outside the coffee place in Bobcaygeon. I thought they were pretty.

Last night on the weather, we found out that our beautiful weekend wasn't going to be all that beautiful. So as we headed to Granny's Cafe to meet Betty & Garth for breakfast the heavens opened and it poured! We arrived at Granny's to find Betty waiting for us and the restaurant closed. Looks like Granny and Grandpa decided to retire! So off we went to The Full Cup Cafe in Bobcaygeon where Betty took me for my birthday. We had a really nice breakfast, unfortunately it didn't work out well for Gordon so there must have been some gluten in it somewhere.
Here's Betty dressed in her Thanksgiving colors outside the coffee shop in Bobcaygeon.

Betty and I left from there to attend the annual Buckhorn Craft Show. It was still raining. I can only remember once attending this craft show when it didn't rain! I didn't buy anything but Betty bought a cute jean purse for her hairdresser. We finished up early there so stopped to have coffee (and decaf tea for me) at a little coffee shop in Bobcaygeon, then on to Lindsay and stopped at several stores but only bought a few groceries. I arrived home around 5:00 p.m. and decided to make my husband a pizza for his dinner. He's been making noises lately that he'd like one. Not exactly Thanksgiving fare but what the hey!

Friday 5 October 2007

HappyThanksgiving to all Canadians!

Today begins our Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. Most people have Monday off (for those who work, ha, ha)! So Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Today was another beautiful day with bright sunny, blue skies, no humidity and temperatures reaching 27C (80F). There's a possibility that today set a record in this area so I'm anxious to see what the weatherman says tonight.

We didn't do anything today, just relaxed and read. I sat outside for a while and of course, had my walk this morning.

You will note from the photos that I took this morning that even though the leaves are falling the annuals are still in bloom as we haven't had a frost here yet. I'm hoping we don't have one for a while yet!

Thursday 4 October 2007

Another Low Key Day Here at the Double M Campground

We had a beautiful sunny day today with a high of 24C (75F). It was only 9C (49F) when I got up and went for my walk but it warmed up very quickly. Gordon went out taking photos at dawn this morning for the first time in ages and didn't get back till almost 10:00 a.m. I decided around noon to go into town to pick up some things.

There's a little second-hand store that I have seen on my way into town going the back way so I stopped there and found some books by V.C Andrews for a quarter each. I had a couple of things to drop off and managed not to buy any more clothes. After stops at the liquor store, the bank, and a couple of grocery stores I went to Canadian Tire and bought a new tank for our barbecue. The little green disposable ones are expensive and don't last long and we already had the hose so I bought a full size 20 lb tank. We had had one of the little 9 lb ones that got broken at one point and they are really expensive and sometimes hard to get filled in the U.S.

The next few days over our Thanksgiving weekend are supposed to be just like summer! I'm looking forward to it.

Wednesday 3 October 2007

Another Nice Fall Day

I didn't think we'd had enough rain around here for these toadstools to be popping up but this one is right in front of where we park the truck.

The wind was quite strong this morning as you can see from the waves. You usually don't see this on the Scugog.

This is a photo that my brother-in-law took of my sister when we were at the Farmersville Exhibition in July. My niece sent it to me today.

Today was another nice day with a high of about 22C (72F). We did have some rain around noon but then it proceeded to clear up and be nice enough for me to sit outside for a while after I got back from getting the laundry done.

We are supposed to have summer like temperatures for the next couple of days. Too bad I put my shorts away for the season or at least until we get to Arizona!

Tuesday 2 October 2007

Another Quiet Day

Can you find the squirrel?

Some kind of growth on an old tree that's been mostly cut down


Betty and I were supposed to do something today but she called and has the beginnings of another cold so I don't want to be anywhere near her. We're too close to leaving to get sick again!

I went for a walk after breakfast this morning as it was sort of drizzling when I got up. I took my camera and took some photos around the park. I was also looking at some other park models that are for sale in another part of the park. Just looking!

So I finished another book and this afternoon decided I would go into town to pick up some things.

Other than that, a quiet day.

Monday 1 October 2007

A Nice Day for This Time of Year!

Today turned out to be a beautiful day with temperatures reaching about 22C (71F). Although it was partly cloudy for most of the day, I sat outside and made some yo yo quilt blocks and read for a lot of the day. I also did my walk around the park this morning and then this afternoon I walked around and looked at some of the park models that are for sale here.

My sister returned from Toronto and dropped by on her way back to the cottage.

It was a pretty uneventful day but beautiful for the 1st of October.

Sunday 30 September 2007

The Last Day of September

Since it's the last day of the month, here are our expenses for this month:

September Expenses

Campground - $552.19 (electric for the time we’ve been here to be paid when we leave)
Groceries/Wine - $435.44
Laundry - $28.50
Entertainment/Restaurants/Parking - $119.24
Truck Fuel - $208.50
Propane - $24.00
Repairs & Misc RV/Truck - $183.49
Fixed Expenses - $313.68
Medical/Dental - $173.51
Gifts & Misc - $292.71
Total - $2332.26

Now this is a monthly total I can be happy with, especially for being in Ontario. I don’t think any of the categories need to be commented on this month other than to say that a trip to Ottawa was included.

I mentioned yesterday that the area down by the river in the campground was packed because of a rally. Here's what it looked like this morning when I went for my walk. They were really packed in!

This afternoon we decided to take a little drive and see what the trees looked like so we drove north on Hwy 35 and around a couple of little side roads but all I took a picture of was this tree.