Saturday 12 December 2009

Saturday December 12, 2009-Christmas Tree and A Country Drive

Today was a busy day.

I had put my ice grippers on my sneakers last night and I have to say that they worked really well. I was even able to run with them. It was cold again this morning, much the same temperature as yesterday. It did warm up a few degrees during the day today from what yesterday had been and we also had some sun again.

This morning I drove Nancy to the chiropractor as we were going for some groceries after and also to pick up our Christmas tree. Saturday is not a day to be in a grocery store around here. People were rude and obnoxious. We got it done though and picked up our tree. A nice man put it in the back of the pickup for us.

Gordon brought it in the house and we got it set up in the tree stand so now we're waiting for the branches to hang down. It's a really nice tree, very uniform.

After all that was done, Gordon and I went for a drive in the country. It will be a few days before we have sun again so we decided to take advantage of it. We stopped by the RV. It looks so lonesome there standing in the snow.

Red barn behind the corn

Sun, trees, clouds & snow

An old log barn
Pretty tree in the snow

Our lonesome 5er

Lots of water in the falls at Almonte

Friday 11 December 2009

Friday December 11, 2009-Shopping & Too Cold!

This morning:

Wind Chill-17C (2F)
Temp -9C (16F)

I went for a short walk but stuck to the sidewalks.

This afternoon:

High -5C (23F)

We did have some sun but just way too cold for me! However I did spend most of the day out shopping.

Tonight I heard this loud bang and we couldn't figure out what it was till I looked in the oven to check on the potatoes and chicken. One of the potatoes exploded! Guess I didn't poke enough holes in it! What a mess!

Thursday 10 December 2009

Thursday December 10, 2009-Another Quiet Day

Today was another quiet day although warmer at 0C (32F). I went out for a walk this morning but it wasn't a very pleasant one plodding through snow drifts. I guess I'll have to stick to the streets now that we have so much snow on the trail.

Yesterday I got a letter and a bunch of documents from the lawyer in Buffalo as well as a four page form of personal details to fill out and of course, a bill. This morning I worked on getting some of the paperwork done.

I also did some shoveling in the back yard so the dog doesn't have to climb through snowdrifts and cleaned off some of the drifts on the deck. Have I mentioned how much I hate winter?

A blanket of white - it was still snowing this morning. It covered my glasses so by the time I got back I couldn't see.

On the way to the trail

The Trans Canada Trail

We had a bit more snow, I had thought I might go out as I have some Christmas gifts to look for but I decided not to go. I'm not comfortable driving the truck on slippery roads yet. I guess I'll get used to it at some point this winter.

Since I can't eat tomatoes we haven't had spaghetti for about two years. Tonight I made a sauce for myself with olive oil, spices, chopped red peppers and garlic that was really good. I think we'll be having spaghetti more often!

Wednesday 9 December 2009

Wednesday December 9, 2009-More Snow

Well, we got dumped on today! It was snowy, cold and windy. The wind was about 35 mph or so with stronger gusts. So, I didn't go for my walk.

As of this posting we got about 8 inches of snow and I don't think it's over yet. The company that cleans driveways has been here once and Gordon has shoveled the walk and steps twice. He also went for a walk and took this photo of the pond which was freezing in waves due to the strong winds.

He took this one before the sun came up just as the snow was beginning

I've just been inside trying to keep warm and reading or watching TV.

Winter is here!

Tuesday 8 December 2009

Tuesday December 8, 2009-Visit With My Sister

By the time I got ready to go for my walk this morning I could hardly move. I felt like the little kid that is put into his snowsuit and then falls down and can't get up. It was -7C (19F), -12C (10F) with the windchill but it was sunny!

I called my sister and she was up for a visit so I went over to see her early this afternoon. She looks great! I took her this poinsetta. I thought it was so delicate and pretty.

The extra bonus is that Danica was there as well. She is studying for exams (well, supposed to be studying).

On Sunday, they went and got their tree. It's a really, really big tree!

The traffic was starting to form for rush houf when I left so I took the back roads home.

Meat loaf, fresh green beans, rice and cranberries for dinner.

Our high was -2C (28F). Brrrr!

Monday 7 December 2009

Monday December 7, 2009-Snow

It was -4C (25F) when I got up this morning. I didn't go for my walk as Monday is the day the housecleaner comes. We reached a high of -1 (30F). Winter is here!

After we had our breakfast, Gordon and I went out to look for a parka for him. We didn't find one that we wanted to spend the money on so he's decided he'll just layer. The coat he has is warm, he just needs to put on more pants or long underwear or something.

We spent some time at Bayshore Shopping Mall, had lunch there but didn't find anything worth buying.

After that we stopped at Andrew Haydon Park. It's starting to look like a winter wonderland. We had light snow for most of the day.

Gulls on the frozen pond

The windmill

This pond isn't quite frozen yet

I took this photo of Max the other night. Even he is getting cold!

I had a nap this afternoon. Seems like I haven't had a nap in ages!

Sunday 6 December 2009

Sunday December 6,, 2009-Another Quiet Day

The temperature was -5C (23F) when I bundled up and headed out for my walk this morning. It was cloudy but the sun did come out later in the day.

I tried to reach my sister around noon to see if they were going to be home but there was no answer so I headed out to pick up a few groceries.

The rest of the day was spent reading. I just finished a Lee Child book. I really like his Jack Reacher series.

Tonight we're doing a roast of beef, baked potatoes (for those that can have them) and peppers and onions. I'm having carrots too since I can't have potatoes and I'm pretty fed up with quinoa.

We reached a high of 2C (36F) which was higher than forecast.