Friday 26 November 2010

Sunday to Friday November 21-26, 2010


It was a cold, sunny morning as I headed out for a short walk. By noon it was still only -3C (27F).

This morning I made bread then started planning out the grapevine wreath I bought on Friday. I need find my little glue gun to get it put together. That might be an undertaking!

This afternoon was spent off my heel reading and napping. Very unproductive!

There was nothing on TV at dinnertime so we decided to watch a movie. We watched Presumed Innocent with Harrison Ford. I had seen it ages ago and Gordon has seen it often but I like Harrison Ford.


This morning was almost balmy at 4C (39F). I went for a longer walk this morning and my heel was ok when I got back.

Gordon went back to the dentist for fillings this morning. He had another appointment on Wednesday but since I wanted to go to pick up my glasses on Wednesday, the dentist finished him up today. It looks like Wednesday will be cold but sunny.

Then after lunch he took the car in for an oil change and to get the snow tires put on so now we're ready for the white stuff just hope it doesn't arrive yet!

When he returned I went out to pick up some groceries. I usually like going to the Monday morning sales but haven't been able to do that the last couple of weeks. Although it was raining off and on, the temperatures today were mild.


I awoke to rain and 11C (53F) but rain, lots of rain! I elected to stay put instead of walking since I don't have webbed feet! By noon, the rain was over, the sun was out and it got to be 13C (55F).

I went out this morning to run some errands, then home to read before making my own version of Shepherd's Pie (without potatoes and tomatoes) for dinner.


It was sunny and cold this morning -1C (30F) with a wind chill of -11C (12F) but lots of bright sunshine. No walk for me today as we had to get ready to go into Ottawa again. I hope during the winter months that we won't have to make this trip very often.

We got to Ottawa shortly after 10 a.m., went on a quest to find Truly crunchy peanut butter, which we didn't find. Apparently they're redesigning the label so they've stopped supplying the stores with the product until it's done. Not very good strategy, methinks. We did our regular stop at Natural Food Pantry to pick up bread mixes then Gordon wanted to go to Andrew Hayden Park. It was cold and windy so I stayed in the car as I've felt like I'm getting a cold for a couple of days.

Wetlands on the way to Ottawa

Lots of Canada Geese at Andrew Hayden Park

Next stop was to pick up my new glasses. These are just for computer. I thought I may as well get them before my extended health care runs out at the end of December.

My new glasses have music notes on them. Kind of funky!

From there we headed home arriving around 1:30 p.m. I lay down to read and have a nap to try to shake this bug that's been attacking me the last couple of days.

Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating!

This morning was -8C (18F). There was no wind though so I headed out for my walk. My heel has actually been not bad the last couple of days. It's a lot better now to go for a walk in the cold as I don't have glasses to fog over!

I had some errands to run this morning, picking up prescriptions, getting a safety deposit box etc.

After I got home and had lunch I read for a while and then decided I needed to do something in honour of the American Thanksgiving today so I baked peanut butter cookies!

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We had freezing rain overnight. The main roads seem to be fine but the sidewalks are slippery so I decided not to walk this morning.

Our local Real Deal had advertised a repurposing workshop in the local paper last week so I was the first one to sign up for it. More on that next time!