Friday 20 July 2012

July News

Last weekend was family cottage weekend at Betty & Garth's cottage on the shores of beautiful Sturgeon Lake near Lindsay, Ontario. We were short a few members of the family, namely Nick, Becky & Jack. Nick is to be best man at a wedding in Toronto this weekend so he was unable to attend.

It was good to get away and we always enjoy the cottage. This is the first time it's been held in July and it was hot, hot, hot! I think arrangements are in the works to either go back to late August, or even September. June was mentioned too.

Anyway, I took very few photos, the ones below being about it.

Betty & Garth in the living room of their cottage

Danica is playing a tune at sunset

Gordon took the paddle boat to see a nest of osprey

Sunday morning Gordon and I went over to Double M where we spent a month every summer when we were fulltiming. We had hoped to see Daphne (the owner) but she wasn't around.

Heading home on Monday we ran into a lot of construction and lost about 1/2 hour but we're retired so it doesn't matter!

Wednesday I had an appointment with the opthamologist that did my cataract surgery nearly two years ago. My eye doctor has been checking me for glaucoma and decided I needed to see the big guns as my tests had been inconclusive over the past few months. I had the test done and it was determined to be 'suspect'. I'm to return and have another test in August and then every six months so he can get a pattern of what's happening. I also have developed cloudiness in my vision (not really noticeable to me yet). He had told me it would probably happen so I have to have laser surgery in both eyes in October. It's apparently pain free and easy but I do have to go to the Riverside Hospital on two different days for it.

We haven't had much rain this summer and right now we're on 20% less usage and according to the paper we will probably go to 30% this coming week. There is rain in the forecast for next week so let's hope it comes to pass. The grass is yellow and crunchy and the flowers are looking quite starved for water. I do give them a sprinkling with my watering can every few days but it's not enough.

That about wraps it up for what's happening here in Sensational Smiths Falls!