Saturday 18 August 2007

Too Much Food and Birthdays to Celebrate

This is the weekend that we also celebrate birthdays that happen between August and November. That takes in my younger sister, Margie, her husband, John as well as Gordon's and mine so on our way to the cottage we stopped and picked up a cake.

When we arrived everyone but Garth had gone to Bobcaygeon, a small tourist town about 20 minutes from the cottage so we chatted with Garth until the rest of them arrived shortly after 1:00 p.m. Then we had to get lunch going and over as the big dinner was tonight. We always eat too much on these weekends. After lunch we sat around, it was actually quite cool but nice on their back deck as its mostly out of the wind. The wind died down later in the afternoon so Garth and Betty with Danica, Nick and Becky went out in the boat for an hour or so while Margie and I started dinner.

Around the table on the back deck at lunch time-in front in the red sweater is my younger sister, Margie who unbelievably will be 48 next week. She still looks like a teenager! To her left is Becky, Nick, Betty, Garth, myself, Danica and John (taken by my husband).
We had a fabulous dinner of roast beef done on the rotisserie on Garth's barbecue, new potatoes cut up with onions and butter and also done on the barbecue in foil and fresh corn on the cob with of course, birthday cake and ice cream for dessert.

We finally got to take a walk this afternoon without it raining on us so left to right is me, Danica, Margie and Betty taken by my husband.

Then we had the giving of the presents after which we all went to the other cottage and some had coffee while we watched the DVD that Gordon just completed a couple of weeks ago of Nick and Becky's wedding. My husband took the video of the wedding from the front of the church so it was nice to see Nick and Becky's faces during the wedding.

I almost decided not to do the blog tonight as I'm tired but I know people like to see it every day so this is it for today folks!

Friday 17 August 2007

Our First Family Day at the Cottage

Garth owns two cottages side by side. This is the one that is used for company and when his daughters come to visit with their families. Looks pretty, doesn't it?

Today was a strange day weather-wise. We had sun, rain, wind and all combinations thereof. It was quite cool at around 21C (70F). At 9:00 p.m. the temperature is now down to 10C (50F).

I felt quite good today and went out for a walk around the park. There are several trailers and park models for sale in the park so I checked them out. There is one that is for sale that has a good view of the Scugog River but the trailer itself isn’t much.

We got ready to go to the cottage for 3:00 p.m. Nick and Becky arrived shortly after we did and Margie, John and Danica arrived about 5:45 p.m. We had really good hamburgers and baked beans for dinner with all the trimmings and ice cream and fruit for dessert. We tried to go for two walks before dinner and then after and got rained out both times.

Nick (my nephew and godson) and his wife, Becky

My niece, Danica

The waves were really coming in off Sturgeon Lake this afternoon

Since it was really windy and raining we were concerned about our awning which we had left out but well staked (so we thought) so we left the cottage early. Upon arrival one of the stakes had come out of the ground but no damage was done and one leg of the tripod that holds the satellite dish had let go so the satellite dish had to be repointed but other than that all was okay, thank goodness!

Today would have been our Mom’s 89th birthday. She passed away in 2002.

Wednesday 15 August 2007

Remembering Bib

One year ago today our poor little puppy had to be put to sleep. We still miss him!

Memories of Happy Times with Bib

Pizza and Our New Sewer System

Since I had eaten lunch out yesterday, I don't eat a big dinner at night so I thought this would be a good night to make a pizza for my husband. Pizza is one thing he misses since he was diagnosed with celiac disease. Prior to leaving Ottawa, I had purchased a pre-made pizza crust. He prefers sauce, lots of cheese and oregano so it's pretty easy to make. Here's a picture of the pizza and my husband enjoying it:

After dinner we went for a walk around the park and saw these beautiful clouds with sun rays.

This morning we didn't do much but we got a call from Peterborough RV early this afternoon saying that our sewer hose system had come in so we went in and picked it up. On the way back we drove around some of the side roads and stopped at a Conservation Area off Mount Horeb Road called Windy Ridge. Gordon walked it with his camera and said it was quite pretty. Since I'm still having breathing problems, I stayed in the truck and read.

When we got home, Gordon set up the new sewer system and used the slunky to hold it instead of the eavestroughing we purchased so the photo I promised you isn't exactly as I expected. So far the slunky is working okay. It just falls over when you pick up the hose to empty it but since we're leaving it there, all is okay. I still don't think it's a wise investment for anyone thinking of purchasing one.

Tuesday 14 August 2007

Shopping in Peterborough, Ontario

My sister picked me up at the RV at 10:30 this morning and we drove into Peterborough for a day of shopping. We stopped at two malls (the malls aren't very large in Peterborough) and Walmart and had lunch sitting outside at The Gazebo which is the outdoor restaurant at the Holiday Inn. We went there last year as well as we both like to sit outside when it's nice. It was bordering on cool today with the thermometer in Betty's little Mini Cooper registering only 21C (70F). The sun was shining albeit not as brightly as it has been and it was a nice relaxing lunch.

I arrived back at the RV just about 4:00 p.m. and sat outside to read for a while but it was pretty cool with the breeze blowing so returned to my couch to read.

We did reach a high today of about 24C (75F). The forecast tomorrow is for rain and it's badly needed here!

I guess our new sewer hose system didn't come in today as we didn't get a call, maybe tomorrow.

Today's photos were taken on Sunday at Betty & Garth's cottage.

This is Gordon and I taken in Betty & Garth's gazebo on their dock at the cottage after dinner

This is Gordon at the front of the cottage

Monday 13 August 2007

Spending More Money

Yesterday we started to put together our sewer connection and since the sewer is so far away from the RV we needed some parts so today we went into Peterborough to see what we could find. The first place we stopped at didn't have what we wanted, neither did the second place but they did have a good system so we wound up buying a whole system including two sewer hoses and all the connectors which includes the one attached to the RV, the connector to connect the two hoses and the one for the sewer outlet itself. We had to order it so it should be in tomorrow or the next day. When we get it I'll try to remember to let you know what it is and how it works. When we have to connect two sewer hoses, it usually leaks which isn't very nice so hopefully this new system won't give us that problem. Luckily our tanks aren't full yet!

While I was there I asked them to do an estimate on raising the head of our bed so they are supposed to email it to me shortly.

We got back shortly after 1:00 p.m., had lunch and then I sat outside again and read. I finished my Janet Evanovich and started an old Ed McBain book. I always liked his books. I've read this one but it's so long ago I decided to read it again.

Other than that, not much happened today of note.

I also didn't take any photos so again I'm borrowing one from my husband.

Sunday 12 August 2007

Wimpey's & Hey You, Get Offa My Raft!

We had another nice chat last night in the rv-dreams chat room so I got to bed around 11:00 p.m. and then read a few chapters of the new Janet Evanovich book. I have to have finished it to give to my niece this weekend.

When I got up this morning I was still tired however we were meeting my sister at Wimpey's Dinner in Lindsay (Ontario) for breakfast at 10:00 a.m. so got ready and headed over there. We had a nice breakfast and I was very good, didn't eat the homefries and had my eggs poached, no bacon. I figure a 20 lb weight loss will help my breathing significantly. Don't know if it will happen especially sine I can't walk too far or too fast right now.

After breakfast we came home and I sat outside and read. There was a nice breeze but it turned cloudy and looked like rain. Rain is very badly needed here. The river is low and the grass is parched. So I came inside and suggested to Gordon that we might like to hook up our new rain gutter for the sewer hose before it rained. The sewer is a long way from the RV so we found we need some connections to be able to get it hooked up so we'll have to go in search tomorrow. The good news is that the sewer hose fits in the rain gutter really well.

I came inside and lay down in bed to read, got sleepy and then it started to rain pretty hard. The rain lasted a couple of hours but it wasn't heavy all the time and the temperature dropped from 33C (92F) to 22C (72F) while it was raining. Since it rained, it's gotten more humid instead of less.

I'm posting a picture my husband took at my sister's cottage yesterday. Along the stretch of cottages there is this seagull named "Bob" who is extremely territorial. If another seagull comes around he chases it away. One of the cottagers feeds him so he keeps the other seagulls out of the area. It's really funny to watch. So the photo below is Bob telling this other seagull to get offa his raft!