Sunday 3 October 2010

Sunday to Wednesday October 4-6, 2010


It was nice and sunny this morning but I decided to forego my walk as Gordon wanted to go and hike one of the trails at the Marlborough Forest. The one we were on was the Cedar Grove Walking Trail at Roger's Pond.

Cedar Grove Walking Trail

White birches/blue sky

Roger's Pond

We didn't see anything of interest on the trail. Gordon wanted to see the pond and he decided it's a good spot for sunrise photos.

From there we continued traveling around looking for pretty leaves. It's funny that the prettiest ones are in town but then you have to contend with all kinds of wires.

Church at Burritt's Rapids/Tree with brightly coloured leaves

We arrived home around noon.

After a brief nap, Gordon got the new pressure washer put together and we washed the car. Then we took it to the front of the house to wash the dirt of the eaves. It looks soooo much better! I cleaned up a bit of the flower bed from when the deck was built. I'm still deciding what to do with the bare spot. I expect I will wait till spring now to do anything.


Although the day started out sunny it rapidly deteriorated to cloud. This whole week was supposed to be bright sun but that was yesterday's forecast! Now, not so much. I had a nice walk, even checked out a new street.

After breakfast I went out to get some groceries. While out I found some flannelette sheets on sale so I bought one set. We always used them in the winter in the house but I had gotten rid of them when on the road. I like that they feel all warm and cosy.

We found out last night when we turned on the furnace that our temperature control isn't working properly so Gordon called our electrician and he's coming tomorrow. In the meantime, the electric fireplace is doing a good job and the house, at least at this point, appears well insulated.

I managed to get my hair coloured this afternoon, got some laundry done and went to the library. That about wraps it up for today!


Today was pretty much a beautiful sunny day but other than my morning walk I was inside all day.

The electrician came today and put in our new thermostat control. He also changed one of our breakers as our microwave has been blowing the old one lately.

Laundry and cleaning got done today as well. YUK!


We had a lot of rain again today but it didn't rain this morning so I could go for my walk.

I ran a few errands this morning. This afternoon we headed into The Brick in Carleton Place to pick up our new bookshelves. We managed to fit them in the car although I was laying down for the drive home. Gordon put them together as soon as we got home.