Saturday 13 September 2008

An Easy Day

We had a partly sunny day today with a bit of humidity. I walked down the farm road this morning and saw some kind of animal that looked like a dog along the side of the road but it took off into the corn field when it saw me - coyote? wolf? Anyway it was more afraid of me than I was of it.

This morning I went into town to pick up a few groceries again. I wandered around the new Giant Tiger, another store I hadn't been in as it was built after we left last year. The old was was downtown in the little mall and was quite small.

When I got back I read a bit, had a brief nap, then Gordon and I went for a walk around the park and I took the photos seen today on the blog. We also chatted with the owners a bit finding out what seasonal sites were available should we need to go that route.

We've also arranged to do some tole/one-stroke painting in the clubhouse on Saturday.

Friday 12 September 2008

Rain....and a CT Scan

It started to rain just before I got up this morning and continued on and off for the day. So I only did my indoor exercises and no morning walk.

My morning consisted of getting the vacuuming done, cleaning out one of the kitchen drawers and finishing my latest book. I usually like John Lescroart books but this one has taken me quite a few days to read. It was pretty slow at the beginning and only about the last quarter of the book was a page turner. The book is "The Second Chair". Now it's finished and I can move on.

Since we had to go into Ottawa for Gordon's CT scan for 7:20 tonight we decided to have our large meal at noon (which we should do more often) so Gordon was cooking burgers thank goodness for the awning as it was raining off and on.

We left around 5:30 p.m. to go into Ottawa. We needed to get some fuel for the truck. Amazing! Diesel fuel is finally below gas. We paid 120.4/litre for diesel and gas is 131.9/litre. It's about time! We also filled our empty water bottles then headed for the hospital. We knew we'd be early but didn't know where we were going in the hospital so being good little Virgos we like to be there early. We arrived about 6:20 p.m. or so and Gordon was taken right away so we were out of there and part way home by the time his scheduled appointment time came. We had to park quite far away so we were also lucky that we didn't get rained on! Glad that's over but we won't have results till his specialist appointment on October 1st.

Thursday 11 September 2008

Another Beautiful Day at Tranquil Acres!

Last night the owner of the campground came over and asked Gordon if he wanted to go out in the boat at dusk so away they went. You can read Gordon's account here.

My electric blanket worked so well last night that I didn't want to get up this morning and it was nearly 9 a.m. by the time I got out of bed. I had hoped the traffic on the Appleton Side Road would be lighter then but it wasn't, probably busier in fact. I also slept longer due to the fact that I spent quite some time around 6 a.m. trying to tune in my favourite Ottawa radio station - Oldies 1310. Never could get it tuned in but I had no problem getting WABC out of New York City and WLS out of Chicago. Go figure! I also went to bed later last night as I had a chance to chat on msn with an old friend that I haven't seen in many years. I found her on Facebook but had set her up on msn so we had a nice chat catching up on her life. By the way, Laura, Judy said to say Hi to you.

It was a beautiful morning and had warmed up to 11C (52F) by the time I went out. My plan for today had been to clean but with such a lovely day and three days of rain coming up, I thought I'd postpone it for today. I did however clean the bathroom but no vacuuing.

So after that decision was made I sanded my walking stick that I bought from our neighbour at Diamond J RV Park in Tucson. It's now pretty much all nice and smooth. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to paint it or leave it as is.

I got out my lawn chair and sat in the sun for about 3 hours and read my book. I had a little visitor drop by to see me a few times. Here's a photo of her. She's a pretty little three coloured cat and very friendly.

A bit of a walk around yielded these photos.

There were lots of bees on these flowers.

These sites running along the road are for overnighters and short term stays.

Playing field

Pretty blue spruce

Some views from my lawnchair

Phase two of this afternoon was a loooong nap.

I forgot to thanks everyone on the rv-dreams chatroom for my virtual birthday party on Tuesday night. Everyone was so thoughtful! Special thanks to Dee for setting it up.

Wednesday 10 September 2008

New Stores for Carleton Place!

I was slow getting up this morning because I was cold. I had put the electric blanket back on the bed and I tried to turn it on but it wouldn't come on. Turns out I didn't have it plugged in right so I won't freeze tomorrow morning!

It was only 7C (47F) when I got up shortly after 8 a.m. I bundled up for my walk along the Appleton Side Road.

After breakfast I piddled around and read for a while and I think I had a brief nap. Then I took all the canned goods out of the pantry to see if I needed to get any at the store. Looks like we're ok there for a while. Then I updated our receipts on my spreadsheet. Doesn't look like this will be a good month especially since we're taking the RV in for service next week.

After lunch I went to check out the new Superwalmart. It's ok but not up to US standards. Of course, Carleton Place isn't a big city either. It was adequate and I managed to find nearly everything I needed. I also stopped at Dollarama which is an absolutely wonderful Canadian dollar store where everything really is only $1. Then on to Home Depot and Rona looking for a jewelry crimping tool which I didn't find. They didn't have one at Walmart either. For those that don't know Rona is the Canadian how to store. I still have some new stores to check out here but that will wait for another day. A lot of building has gone on in Carleton Place since we were here last summer and all the stores I was in today I'd never been in before.

Then back to the RV park. I timed it just right as Gordon was out taking flower photos so he
got to open and close the gate for me. It's nice when someone is there to open and close the gate otherwise you've got to get out of the truck, open the gate, get back in the truck, move to the other side of the gate, get out of the truck, close the gate, get back in the truck and move to your site. Usually if there's someone out walking around even if you don't know them, they'll open and close the gate for you.

Being exceptionally lazy today I have borrowed my photos from my photographer husband. One is of a cormorant in flight over our Mississippi River and the other is the office with lights.

Looks like our high for today will be 18C (64F).

Tuesday 9 September 2008

Age is a State of Mind.......

Well, I'm now officially an 'old fart'. As of today I've spent 60 years on this earth and the good thing is, I still enjoy it! My husband told me this morning that I don't look like an old fart. Wasn't that nice?

I had a slow start this morning. It rained much of the night. I got up late, went for my walk (a brief reprieve from the rain) and after breakfast and a shower we went into Ottawa. It took us about 25 minutes to get to the lab where Gordon gets his blood work done from our RV park. I had a list of things to get done and we managed to get everything checked off the list. We also stopped at our RV dealer and set up an appointment for next Thursday to get the kit put in the refrigerator as ours was on the second set of Dometic recalls. There are some other minor items for them to look at as well. We had lunch at the Bayshore Mall, Gordon at Taco Bell and me at Subway. I had a birthday celebratory macadamia and white chocolate cookie for lunch as well as my 1/2 sub.

We had a little rain on and off while we were out but the sun also shone on and off. When we got back to the RV park the sun was out so I went around and took some flower photos and had a brief chat with Shonagh and Dave as they were out and about working in the park.

Flowers and leaves

When we got back, we both had a nap and then went for a walk together. It's getting pretty nippy. I was glad I had on my new $10 coat that I bought in Lindsay with the fleece lining.

Here's our view from the rear of the RV

My favourite tractor - I take this photo every year

Monday 8 September 2008

Now at Tranquil Acres, Carleton Place, ON

We left Double M at 9:33 a.m. under partly cloudy skies and about (18C) 65F. After we got past Peterborough it was sunny until just before we reached Carleton Place then it turned cloudy. We had about three bouts of construction but wasn't stopped for long. There was one accident for which we had to take a detour but it was a short one thanks to a young man who stopped and asked if we needed to get back on Highway 7. I was just setting up Miss Pinky at the time so he gave us instructions and Miss Pinky agreed with them.

Lacy clouds on our drive

Other than that the trip was uneventful thank goodness and we arrived at Tranquil Acres RV Park about 1:20 p.m. and Dave moved us into our site so we could set up before it started to rain. Here are some photos of our site.

Our site

Our Yard

View from our back window

Gate that you come through to get into the campground. This view is facing the road.

Dave and Shonagh were here to greet us and even offered to help us set up but we were able to do it ourselves although we are grateful for the offer. We are so happy to be back in our favourite campground in the area! We always feel welcome here. Since we were here last Dave has added wifi and its fast!

We were set up in 1 1/2 hours so we went for a walk around the park and down by the river. Here are some pictures from the walk.

This road takes you down toward the seasonal sites and the river.

Looking from the front of our site down toward the river. The RVs you see are seasonal.

The beach and swimming area.

The area along the river. There are some electric and water sites here but they're rarely used. I think they're 15 amp sites. This area is also flooded in the spring.

More seasonal sites

Looking down toward the water from the gate entrance

The Mississippi River

On our way we met Dave so went to the office to pay him. We're paid up to October 14th, hopefully by that time we'll know what we're doing as the campground closes then.

We were only back at the RV a short time when it started to sprinkle. So we got everything done just in time.

Sunday 7 September 2008

Our Last Day in Lindsay

It was quite sunny when I got up and there was a mist over the river. Today I took my camera with me on my walk since it's our last day here in Lindsay.

Today's plan was to meet Betty at the Airport View Restaurant for a late breakfast so we met at 11 a.m. Their breakfast was good and it agreed with Gordon so that's always a good thing. We had a table by the window so we could see the little planes come and go. It's only a Municipal airport.

After breakfast Gordon left to do other things and Betty and I stopped at a few places as the plan was to go to the matinee showing of Mamma Mia which started at 2 p.m. Betty bought us breakfast for our birthdays and then paid for the movie for me. The theatre wasn't very busy so we got a good seat until someone came and sat in front of us so we moved just as the movie was starting so had no one blocking our view. It as an excellent movie, loved the songs! Meryl Streep was sensational as 'Donna'. Who knew she could sing so well. Too bad I can't say the same about Pierce Brosnan's singing but the movie was good anyway.

Pizza Pizza is right next door to the theatre and they now sell gluten free pizzas so I stopped and picked one up for Gordon on the way home. Here's a photo I took of some downtown Lindsay stores while we were waiting for the pizza.

Unfortunately when we arrived the gate was down at the campground so Betty couldn't drive me in and I had to schlep the pizza all the way to the RV! Sure hope he enjoys it!

It was sad that I had to say goodbye to Betty. We always have a good time during our stays here in Lindsay. She always treats me well and takes me lots of places!

Tomorrow it's back to our favourite campground in the Ottawa area and new photos! Oh and I went over 40,000 hits today!