Friday 25 March 2011

Mostly About Doors

Today we drove to the little town of Perth about 12 miles from us. I wanted to go to Foodsmiths which is a specialty food store where I can buy some gluten free items and bulk items. I also wanted to go to Metro while there as they had blueberries on sale. I wouldn't have driven there just for the blueberries but since we were there....

While there we walked around downtown and I went into a few shops. Perth has some nice little stores, didn't buy anything but it was fun anyway.

I did take a liking to some of the doors I saw downtown though.

There are a lot of interesting doors in Perth and some very nice architecture as well. I'm hoping to go back and take some more photos when it gets warmer.

And a dragon column (there was one on each side of the door) for a Chinese restaurant.