Saturday 12 September 2009

Saturday September 12, 2009 - Spiders and Webs

Each day's weather just keeps getting better and better. We had bright blue sunny skies today with a light breeze and a high of 23C (74F).

Yesterday morning on my walk I saw hundreds of spider webs but I didn't have my camera so today in Dee's honour I took my camera and got her several photos of spiders and their webs. Dee and Jim have just sold their condo and are moving this weekend to an apartment in preparation for fulltiming in the next few months. She's always wanted a photo of a spider in it's web so now she has some to choose from!

For others who don't especially like spiders, I've made the photos small although all you have to do to enlarge is click on them.

I walked a ways on the rail trail this morning, sat outside and read, did some cleaning and that about covers my day!

Rail Trail

Friday 11 September 2009

Friday September 11, 2009-Around the Park

September has been a beautiful month so far, no rain to speak of and sunny, bright days with a little breeze and no humidity. I'll take it!

When I first walked out the door this morning, I could smell a skunk. Oh, oh, better be careful. When I got out to the road, there was the skunk but he wasn't going to be any threat to me as a car had already gotten him and boy did he smell!

I went for an extra long walk along the Appleton Side Road. I walked further than I've ever gone before on this road.

After breakfast I went in to Carleton Place and got some groceries. We have some trim that has come loose so I also needed some finishing nails. I stopped at the local Bytown Lumber but they only had huge boxes of nails. I told him I only needed 12 so he reached into one of the boxes, took them out and gave them to me. No charge! You sure don't see that much any more.

After getting home and unpacking the groceries, I made my lunch and sat outside enjoying the day having lunch and reading. I walked around the park a bit and took some photos, talked with Dave, the campground owner for a while and just enjoyed the beautiful day.

Views from my lawnchair

Our site is along the campground road but we have a huge yard on the playing field

The beach

Fall is coming!


Office and rec hall


Other than a short trip in to Kanata (western Ottawa suburb) to pick up a new Mac Operating System for Gordon, we stayed at home all day.

To read Gordon's blog, click here.

Thursday 10 September 2009

September 10, 2009-Moved to Tranquil Acres-Home Base

It was another bright sunny morning for our packing up and leaving Lindsay and returning to our home base near Ottawa, Ontario.

Our trip was uneventful, just the way we like it. We left at 10 a.m., traveled through seven construction areas and arrived at Tranquil Acres just east of Carleton Place at 2 p.m. After schmoozing with Dave for about 45 minutes and picking our spot (we chose one that we've never had before) we got set up. We'll be here for a month attending to medical and dental appointments, seeing family and getting ready to head south for the winter.

This site runs along the side of the playing field. It's not used at this time of year so it gives us a huge yard.

Our site

View from our back window

I'm glad to be back but only for a little while. It's good to be back in our favourite campground in the Ottawa area again.

Wednesday 9 September 2009

090909-Who's 61?

What an absolutely beautiful morning it was for my birthday, bright, sunny 16C (60F) with a light breeze! I had a nice walk and there were lots of blue jays out to greet me. So, here I am, another year older and hopefully, wiser.

After breakfast I sat outside and read for a bit and took some photos. We also put away all the outside stuff that we wouldn't need today in preparation for tomorrow's travel back to Ottawa. I took some more photos around the park.

Damselfly on a leaf and a close up of the damselfly

We left early this afternoon for the cottage. Betty was making dinner for my birthday. We thought maybe since it was such a nice day that we might go for a boat ride but when we got there we found out that Garth was sick so we didn't see much of him although he did get up to barbecue the steaks.

On the way to the cottage I took this photo of the changing leaves. Lots of trees are looking more and more like Fall here.

Betty, Gordon and I did go for a nice walk and took a few photos. We saw this beautiful Monarch butterfly.

It was a great meal and a nice way to spend our last night in Lindsay.

The two older sisters

My birthday butter tart!

My sister from Ottawa tracked me down at the cottage to wish me a Happy Birthday also.

Thanks to all the people who sent me birthday wishes via my blog comments, Facebook & email. I really appreciate it!

Tuesday 8 September 2009

Tuesday September 8, 2009-House Photos and a Road Trip

Penny commented yesterday that the link in Gordon's blog to the house photos no longer works so I decided to post some of them. If you want to see a larger photo, click on the photo.

Front and rear of house

Foyer and powder room


Living room

Dining room

Third and fourth bedrooms (the fourth used to be my craft room). I haven't included the second bedroom since that was the office.

Rec room and Gordon's music room which is thru the French doors

Master bedroom and ensuite

Guest bathroom and backyard

It was a lovely house in a nice neighbourhood and it served us well for 11 years. We did a lot of work on it in those 11 years starting with a new kitchen, put in front and rear patios, finished the basement, upgraded the bathrooms and put in new windows and a new patio door. There are some things I miss about the house but definitely not the upkeep and the property taxes!

On to today....

This morning I called Sanderson Insurance here in Lindsay to get pricing for our travel medical insurance for the six months that we're in the US this winter. We've used them for four out of our five years mainly because they're associated with the Canadian RV Explorer Club and their insurance includes transporting the RV home if you're not able to do so. Most travel insurances are for people who either drive their car or fly.

This afternoon Betty picked me up and we drove around some of the small towns in the area again.

This is the bulk store in Cannington. Looks like an old fashioned general store.

Downtown Cannington

From there we drove to Bobcaygeon as there were a couple of shops Betty wanted to look in. We didn't buy anything.

We stopped to buy corn and then she dropped me off at the grocery store in Lindsay and Gordon picked me up.

Sure was a nice day again today. It feels like we're having our summer now!