Saturday 30 January 2010

Saturday January 30th-This 'n That

I was asked in the comments if the people with the RVs on the ice fish out of them. I don't know but I would doubt it. I think the object of the fishing shacks is to cut a hole in the ice and be able to build a fire to keep warm but what do I know? I've been inside a fishing shack but never actually fished. I have no idea why the RVs were out on the ice unless people actually go for the weekend and live in them. That would be my best guess.

Way too cold again this morning for walking so just curled up by the fire and read.

This afternoon we went out and fueled the truck up and did a cursory wash. We're picking Nancy up at the airport tonight, or rather tomorrow morning around 3 a.m. Think of me getting out of bed to go to the airport but it's the least we can do for Nancy!

When I was reading RV Travel today I came across a piece that sounded very familiar. The link took me here to a piece that I had written in November on RV

It's under 'Check out these RV Travel Forum discussions' on the RV Travel page .

Friday 29 January 2010

Friday January 29, 2010-Library

It was way too cold to walk this morning -21C (-6F) with a windchill of -36C (-33F) but it was bright and sunny.

I finished my last library book this morning so a trip to the library for restocking was in order. Gordon offered to drive. I wanted to go to the library in Bells Corners which is the one I used to go to when I lived here. I also needed to stop at the bank so that was first on the agenda then off to the library. It was closed. I had to make a stop to pick up some Gaviscon as well then we stopped by the Nepean Sailing Club to see about taking some photos.

Tree shadows

We stopped at another couple of spots as well and took some photos of these fishing huts on the Ottawa River. Note the little RV trailer on the ice.

This is Lois Ave. I thought it should be called Lois Lane.

RVs and fishing huts on the Ottawa River

On the way back to Kanata we stopped at another library - not open till 1 p.m. so we went to the Hazeldean Mall and Gordon had a coffee while I picked up a few items, one of which was Smucker's grape jelly so Gordon could have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the bread I made yesterday. We put in time there till the library was open and I got restocked. I should be good for a couple more weeks now.

I got an email from Nancy yesterday. She's having a good time and really likes the resort she's staying in. Unfortunately I wasn't online when she was so I couldn't talk to her on Yahoo. She said it cost $10 for 20 minutes to get online.

This afternoon was spent just doing the usual - TV. I've become addicted to The Doctors and Dr. Oz!

Thursday 28 January 2010

January 28, 2010-Snow Squalls & Bread

I managed to go on my walk this morning. It was probably the warmest part of the day. It was -4C (25F) when I got up this morning and now it's -11C (12F) and windy.

It's nice to know it's 26C (79F) and sunny where Nancy is!

I was sitting on the couch around 1 p.m. when I heard a loud wind. I looked outside and this is what I saw.

I went upstairs and took some photos from the front window. You could hardly see across the street.

Looking down at the truck in the driveway from the living room window.

After that squall, the sun came out so I cleaned off the back deck. An hour or so later it happened again so I wound up cleaning the deck off again.

Today I got the bread made. Here's the package that it comes in. Judy's mixes are made near here and Gordon swears it's the best bread he's had even when he could eat gluten.

And here's what it looked like when it came out of the breadmaker.

It definitely turned out better in the breadmaker. It doesn't usually rise that much when I make it in the oven.

Other than cleaning off the front walk and steps, reading and watching TV, that about makes up my day.

Wednesday 27 January 2010

Wednesday January 27, 2010-News from Lawyer

Last night I started with the reflux problems again and I'm still taking 2 Nexium/day so I'm not sure what else can be done at this point. If it continues I'll have to go see my doctor.

I didn't pick up the mail yesterday. When I went out this morning to get it there was a letter from the Immigration lawyer. He has requested my files from the Executive Office for Immigration Review in Virginia and from the USCIS National Record Center (whatever that is). I'll just have to trust in his knowledge.

Today the house cleaner came so the house is clean again, not that it was dirty to begin with. After that I headed out to the post office as I had something that had to be signed and mailed back to the lawyer. I also picked up the yeast for making Gordon's bread so hopefully I'll get that done and the breadmaker put away before Nancy gets back. Bread makers take up a lot of room which is why I didn't bring mine in the RV.

Lost started last night with a two hour episode so I was glued to the TV!

No walk today, didn't feel up to it. It was a nice day though, we had some sun and some snow flurries and it wasn't overly cold, around -2C (28F).

Tuesday 26 January 2010

Tuesday January 26, 2010-Elk Meat & Cookies

It was 0C (32F) and snowing lightly as I took off for my morning walk. I tried a partly new area this morning and enjoyed being out after staying inside all day yesterday.

I went out to pick up some groceries this morning. I've found a store that sells a lot of gluten free stuff called Natural Food Pantry and the other day when I was there I bought some gluten free hamburg buns to have with our elk meat burgers for dinner tonight.

I also picked up a cookie mix and made up some cookies with white chocolate chips and pecans. They're pretty good.

Cookie mix

The first batch of cookies just out of the oven

I forgot to pick up yeast when I was out. I had purchased a Judy's Magic Bread Mix a while ago and I got Nancy's bread maker out of the storage area so I'll have to go out tomorrow and get that.

Our elk meat was excellent. Gordon grilled it as I thought that would be more tasty than frying it. It's quite expensive so it's not something we'll have regularly but it was nice for a treat.

Gordon outside grilling in just a sweater at the end of January!

I found this video on a site that a visit regularly and thought I'd include it here as well. There are lots of places on the video that we have seen and most recently the covered bridge at Wakefield. It's quite lengthy so if you have bandwidth limits it might be a good idea to pass on watching it.

Monday 25 January 2010

Monday January 25, 2010-Another Boring Day

It was 4C (39F) this morning but pouring rain, therefore no walk. It rained until early afternoon, then we actually had a bit of sunshine. We reached a high of 7C (45F), a really nice temperature for here at this time of year.

Other than colouring the roots of my hair today, all I did was read and watch TV.

Gordon updated his blog today. It's a lot more interesting than mine. To read it, click here.

Sunday 24 January 2010

Sunday January 24, 2010-Quiet Day

It was -14C (7F) and sunny this morning. I decided to take Max on my walk since his dog walker doesn't come on Sunday.

I talked to both sisters on the phone. Betty (Toronto) is getting ready to go to Florida for two months and Margie (Ottawa) went back to work last week.

This afternoon I read and fell asleep.

A terribly exciting life I lead!