Saturday 27 January 2007

Rain, Sun and Chores

It poured very early this morning so that by the time I went out for my walk the place looked like a lake as you can see from the photos. It was quite a bit warmer at 55F (13C) but still cloudy and spitting rain. I decided to wear my duck boots thank goodness. At one point I got stuck in the sandy muck so keep that it sucked one of my boots off and my socks and pants got all muddy. I would have been really pissed if it had been my sneakers. Lucky today is laundry day!

Before I went for my walk I prepared a roast of beef for the crockpot with potatoes and carrots.

The last couple of days my camera has been acting up on me. I turn it on and the lens goes and in and out a few times but nothing happens and I have to turn it off and on again sometimes several times to get it to work. Not looking good for the Sony P10!

This morning I had to wash my duck boots inside and out to get the muck out of them, then set them outside to dry. Thank goodness the sun came out and stayed out for the afternoon . After that I got the laundry ready.

My older sister called and we had a chat just after noon, then I got the laundry done. I sat outside in my chair and read for a while when I was waiting for the laundry to dry and after the laundry was done.

When I was out I noticed that there’s a potluck here on Wednesday so I guess we’ll sign up for that.

Our high today reached about 67F (19C). It turned out to be a nice day!

Friday 26 January 2007

Busy, busy

It was sunny when I got up and 43F (6C) but quickly clouded over in preparation for some rain later in the day. I walked along Lone Star Street where the campground is located until it turned into a one lane trail and then came back. I didn’t take my camera this morning, just my radio which was nice for a change. I concentrated on walking instead of what was surrounding me.

We have great wifi here so I’ve added photos to my Yahoo site today. They are the same ones that I’ve been posting on my blog though. To see them click here.

Today was a busy day. Our microwave has had a problem so the first thing I did today was try to find new light bulbs for it. It takes two 30w 125v appliance bulbs. I went to 2 RV places, 1 grocery, Walmart and Ace Hardware and all I could find was 25w 125v appliance bulbs. So I had lunch at McDonalds – my Asian salad, went to HEB and Walmart for groceries then came home.

When I got home I called our RV Dealer in Stittsville and was given the phone #’s for Glendale (the manufacturer of our RV) and Dometic (the manufacturer of the microwave). I called both but Dometic told me it would have to go to a dealer (one of the ones that I stopped at today). So first we went to Ace Hardware and replaced the bulbs to see if that would solve the problem, it didn’t, still no light so then we went to the RV dealer to get things in motion there. By that time Dometic was closed for the day so they are to call tomorrow and let us know the results. We can’t find a way to get the microwave out of its present location. It’s got to be screwed in somehow but sure can’t find out how so will probably have to pack up and take the whole RV in. Always something!

Other than that, today wasn’t too bad although mostly cloudy. I didn’t look but the high was probably around 60F (16C) as it’s 56F (13C) now (at 5:30 p.m.).

No photos today – too busy!

Thursday 25 January 2007

Moving Day

Rockport Beach

Our site at Fulton Oaks RV Park

I got my wish. Today was bright and sunny although still cold. I can’t give an accurate temperature as the thermometer was in the sun. So I got to go for my walk. For being a nice day I didn’t see that much, a couple of cardinals and blue herons in the distance.

Today was move day although we only moved 7.9 miles from Goose Island State Park to Fulton Oaks RV Park. We have a nice spot here at Fulton Oaks. It’s on a corner so it’s a really big lot and we also have free wifi with a very strong signal so that’s a great backup for downloading stuff. The only drawback is we’re on a flight path for the municipal airport and there seems to be lots of little planes flying around. We’ll get used to that though. We were moved and set up by 1:00 p.m.

Gordon decided that since he’d worked so hard he deserved a tostada from Taco Bell for lunch so we went there, then took a drive around the water area in town. There weren’t the usual number of birds in the spots where we’re used to seeing them. They must be still hiding from the rain and cold.

It turned into a beautiful sunny day with blue skies and a high of 63F (17C). Sure glad we stayed the extra day at Goose Island. Moving yesterday in the rain would not have been fun! More rain is forecast for tomorrow and Saturday. YUK!

Wednesday 24 January 2007

It’s a Freakin’ Monsoon!

It just poured rain all night long and even though I waited till 9:00 a.m. to get up hoping that it would stop, it didn’t so for the second day in a row, no walk. I’m starting to feel like a lump! It was only 42F (5.5C) this morning and the high might, again I say might have reached 43F (6C). It continued to rain all day without stopping.

Today we did nothing. Luckily even with all the rain the internet satellite only went out sporadically and never for long.

Not a very exciting day!

So, okay, enough already with the lousy weather!!!

Tuesday 23 January 2007

Cold, Wet and Windy

It was only 43F (6C) this morning and it was pouring rain and windy. I stayed in bed till nearly 9:00 a.m. hoping that the rain would stop so I could walk, but it didn’t stop so I didn’t go.

This morning we checked out some sites in the wooded area of Goose Island State Park and identified a few sites that would probably work for our internet and TV satellites however you can’t reserve a particular site so we decided to look outside the state park. On our way into town there was a sign for an RV park so we went to have a look at Fulton Oaks RV Park as we had never seen this park before. We decided we liked it, they had one spot left that is on a corner and pretty big and we could rent it for a month so we took it and we will move there on Thursday. We will have to drive to the water but it’s not far and it looks like there is lots of place to walk around the park. The streets around there are dead ends too so that is another walking option.

It didn’t stop raining for very long today but at some points it wasn’t raining very hard. I still didn’t get my walk in though. The high today was 44F (7C) so the furnace is running again.

While we were in town we had lunch, I picked up a sub at Subway and Gordon had a southwest steak bowl and we just ate in the truck by the water then stopped at H.E.B. to pick up a few grocery items on our way back.

I did take a couple of photos at the duck pond at our new park but they weren’t in focus so you don’t get any photos today!

Monday 22 January 2007

More Cold Weather

Today was another cold day. It was 49F (9C), cloudy and windy when I got up and went for my walk but it only got to 50F (10C) as a high. While I was out, there were a few sprinkles of rain but not enough to get wet. We had one fleeting moment or so of sun.

We didn’t do anything today except sit around the RV, read, computer stuff, puzzles and that sort of thing. We kept the heater running but had to turn the furnace back on.

The park is filling up again. Lots of people left last week when it turned so cold, now they’re returning so we have neighbours on both sides of us again. Still haven’t made a decision as to what we’re doing when we have to move on Thursday.

I took the photo of the sun rays on my morning walk.

Sunday 21 January 2007

Getting Things Done


After the birding slide show last night I decided to take my binoculars instead of my radio on my morning walk. It was 49F (9C) and cloudy. We had some rain during the night and it looked like we might get more but I was lucky and didn't get wet. I didn’t see a lot of birds, a few cardinals and what I thought was a blue heron but could be a tri coloured heron or a reddish egret. It’s hard to tell since I only saw his body.

Around noon we hitched up to go and dump our tanks. Break down, dump and set up again took about two hours. After we got set up I vacuumed the RV and had a nice hot shower.

In this area if it’s not sand that’s being tracked into the RV it’s crushed oyster shells. At Goose Island State Park there are crushed oyster shells all over the place and the area where we are camped is covered with them so we’re always tracking them in even though I put a brush at the door to brush off the soles of our shoes. It just can’t be helped.

Late this afternoon we took a drive to the Fourth Street Pond as that is supposed to be a good place for birds but we were too early. Apparently flocks of birds come in around 5:00 p.m. but there’s no place to park so we drove around the area and did see a new bird. It looked black with a curved bill like an ibis but we have yet to identify it but from the bird book it looks like an immature white faced ibis.

On our way out of the park there are some houses just outside the gates. As we were driving past I saw a flash of blue and thought they were peacocks so we backed up and indeed they were – a male and a female. I expect they are tame as they didn’t seem to be afraid.

We did get some sun this afternoon and were able to be outside without coats. I think our high was 61F (16C).