Saturday 14 June 2008

Doctor , Andrew Hayden Park & A Nap

I woke up this morning really groggy and tired. I must have been fighting an army in my sleep last night and lost! Also it was raining so didn't get to go for my walk which usually rejuvenates me.

Gordon had a doctor's appointment today early in the afternoon to get the full results of his MRI from our GP. He sees the Infectious Disease Specialist later this month for more detailed information. So our GP is sending him for some blood tests. She did go over the results of the MRI but he may need to be referred to a neurologist for further testing. So we didn't really get a lot resolved there.

On to Andrew Hayden park to get a few photos and walk a bit, a stop at a couple of stores, drop off some things at the Salvation Army and then home for a nap! I was really tired today.

Mamma and baby ducks out for a swim.

A baby groundhog asleep on a rock.

Windmill with lots of birds around.

This tree is shedding all over the place in the park. The stuff on the ground almost looks like snow.

Friday 13 June 2008

Shopping and Relaxing

Today started off as a really nice day but as the day went on it got more humid although there was always quite a breeze.

After walking, breakfast and my usual morning internet surfing, I went out to pick up some items, one of which was something to put our shoes on by the door. This has always been a pain so now we have somewhere to put shoes when we come in.

Also while out I made several stops to pick up a few odd groceries and I'm still missing a couple of items. It seems that I have to go to about five stores to pick up everything we want.

I've moved my wish list over to the side bar. This does not mean I want people to buy me gifts! LOL. It somewhere for me to keep track of the things I want and if I'm ever under budget one month, maybe I'll go for it!

This afternoon Gordon went out to take some photos but I was tired so stayed behind and read. I even managed to get a closet cleaned out!

Tonight they're doing a chat demonstration at the rv-dreams rally so I will be part of that even though I'm a long, long ways from Branson, MO.

Thursday 12 June 2008

Mardi Gras!

It got down to 10C (50F) overnight last night so when I got up Gordon had the electric heater on and his electric throw was on the couch. I didn't think it was that cold! It certainly was a beautiful morning for a walk though, no humidity and a light breeze.

Does anyone have a 'wish list'? I've been thinking about it and I've come up with a couple of items. I've never in my whole life had a pedicure and I think that would be fun. I almost went this winter but never did get around to it. I'd also like a couple of hours with a personal trainer. Although I walk every day, I don't think this is enough. I think I need some strength training. I'll have to think more on this but I thought it was a good start.

I had an order to pick up at Sears so I went out briefly this morning to pick that up, otherwise I was just reading my book although I did manage to finally get the vacuuming done.

Twice a year our financial advisor company, Canada Retirement Information Centre have a client appreciation party, one in the summer and one around Christmas. We only get to go to the summer party which are usually themed parties, today's being 'Mardi Gras'.



We arrived early today before it even started so we got a parking spot right out front and also got a table inside close to the band which were the Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo. They have been around a long time and are quite good but where we were sitting we were getting blasted so we moved outside to the tent which is where we usually sit anyway.

Lineup at the bar

Man on stilts

Our financial advisor, Franco was all dressed in Mardi Gras costume as was the lady who does our tax returns, Josephine.

Franco and I


There were a few other couples that had dressed for Mardi Gras but most people just dressed normally. The booze was free and the food was good. I had one glass of wine and my reflux is now telling me about it.

One of the couples in costume

We left there around 4:30 p.m. and went to Gordon's favourite computer store, PC Cyber as he wanted another 500GB external firewire hard drive. We purchased that and while we were out in the west end decided to go to the Open Roads dealership who now sell Titaniums. The only one they had was a 39 ft so that wouldn't solve the problem. The salesman we talked to say that we don't need the Class A license and that it's only for commercial vehicles. We told him what the examiner said yesterday and he still says we're fine with our G license so he's going to get in touch with the Ministry of Transportation tomorrow and let us know. So now we're more confused than ever!

The weather was gorgeous all day, bright and sunny, no humidity, a light breeze 26C (79F). What's not to like?

Tuesday 10 June 2008

A Lot Got Accomplished Today

After I posted yesterday since the sun was still shining, I went outside to sit in my chair. It was pretty windy though. I had my new radio and my book and sat and read for a while. I saw a motorhome from Oregon pull in so I walked around the loop just to be nosy and on the way back my neighbour motioned me over so I sat and talked to John and Jan again for an hour or so. They are lovely people. They're going to leave their 5er here and go home to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario on Thursday for a week or so.

Today was a beautiful day weatherwise. The cold front went through last night and took away the humidity so even though it was 26C (79F) and the sun was bright, there was a nice breeze so you didn't feel the temperature at all.

I started out this morning with my walk and since there was no threat of rain I walked through the industrial park.

After breakfast we went to the Fletcher Wildlife Garden. Gordon had been there yesterday. There is a garden, lots of trails and it's right next to the Arboretum so you can walk there as well as walk to Hartwells Locks so we had a nice 1 1/2 hours walking around the area.

Flowers in the Backyard Garden

Monarch Butterfly

A field of lupins

Amphibian pond with the barn in the background

Bee on a lupin

Path (this is all right in the middle of Ottawa). You think you're in the middle of a forest.

Hartwells Locks with one of the buildings at Carleton University in the background.

We had heard that Ontario had brought out a new license for RVers which is effective June 16th. This is a Class A license with an R restriction which means you can't double tow or drive a vehicle with air brakes so we decided to go to the MTO (Ministry of Transportation Ontario) to find out about it. All along we should apparently have had an A Class license however it wasn't really enforced but now they're getting down to enforcing it. We talked to one of the examiners and he said that it's a very strict test. You also have to get a medical first and do a written test.

So, we're debating what to do now. Our options appear to be:
1. Get the Class A license
2. Park the 5er here in Ottawa and drive south in the winter and rent. Sell the truck and buy a car.
3. Look for a smaller RV that is under the pounds required for the Class A license
4. Buy a condo or something and forget the whole thing

Right now, we're considering our options and we're stuck where we are unless Gordon decides to get the Class A license. Right now he's more worried about getting his health back.

After that we went to the Dodge dealer that's closest to us. The truck was due for service and we've had an annoying chirp when turning corners since we were in Ajo. Also the air conditioning on my side hasn't worked well for quite a while. We arrived about noon and they said they could do the service right away (which meant after their lunch). When we found that out we walked to the shopping mall across the street and had lunch at Denny's. Then we walked back. They said that we needed a U joint and brakes. They could do it all today if we wanted to wait and it would be ready around 5. At first we were only going to have the brakes done and come back but decided to get it all over with.

We had the shuttle bus drop us back at the mall where we walked around looking for another external hard drive among other things but mainly just putting in time. We stopped and Gordon had a coffee and I saw this cute dog so asked the owner if I could take a photo of her. Isn't she cute!

It was nearly 6 p.m. when we got home and I didn't get anything accomplished today that I had planned but I did finish my book!

Errands and a New Radio

The storms we were supposed to have yesterday never materialized. We had a severe thunderstorm warning on for today as well with rain this afternoon lasting into tonight but as of posting this blog, we haven't had either. I had a few drops of rain when I left the campground this afternoon but that was it. Doesn't say it won't still happen though!

This morning I managed to go for my walk. The breeze was stronger than yesterday and it was cooler at (28C) 83F. Other than that I didn't get much accomplished this morning other than a shower and reading for a while sitting outside. Gordon went out to the ornamental gardens again and stopped at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden which he says I will love. We drove in once but didn't stay so I'm looking forward to seeing it as it's not far from the campground.

Yesterday our pharmacist called to let us know that Gordon's remaining medication was in so I went out to pick it up. I stopped a few places to pick up groceries and things. While at one of the department stores I found a nice little AM/FM radio that's an armband. I've been looking for one but all you can seem to find these days are MP3 players and I like a radio so I can hear the news and weather. Some of the MP3 players have FM but a lot of my oldies stations are AM so I decided to go with the armband radio. It works really well! I've been using Gordon's little radio that he's had for about 30 years and it doesn't work very well anymore.

While I was out Gordon got a phone call from our GP's office about his MRI and apparently there is no sign of any Valley Fever in his lung anymore however he is going in to talk to her on Saturday morning as nothing was mentioned about the pain he's had in his back.

That's it for another day here in Ottawa. Hope all the rally folks in Branson are having a great time. I'm thinking of you!

Monday 9 June 2008

A Brief Outing and Getting Stuff Done

Today was hazy, hot and humid but not as hot as yesterday. I think it only got to about 31C (88F) today. There wasn't much sun either. I cut my walk short this morning as it was just too hot!

I got some stuff done this morning that I've been putting off. I had some questions for our extended health care so I called them, I called ManuLife Financial who have Gordon's travel insurance to see what the status was on his claim - they're still reviewing it apparently. I cleaned the bathroom. I got our expenses updated for June. All little niggly things. I also made up an Excel spreadsheet showing the sites at ABC Campground in Branson with the names of the people occupying them - just for fun so I know where people are. I sent copies to Dee, Ellie and Karon in case anyone wants to see it, I thought someone could print it.

After lunch Gordon decided he wanted to go out and see something so we drove to an area that's in the city across from Billings Bridge Shopping Centre. It's a birding area along the Rideau River. There were all kinds of ducks, geese, seagulls and pigeons (photo below) around as well as various other birds - robins, redwing blackbirds etc. so we got lots of photos of the birds.

Pretty markings on this pigeon

Baby ducks

Wildflowers along the Rideau River

Beautiful tree on the island in the Rideau River. Lots of birds under the tree.

Pretty rose

I haven't been at Billings Bridge for a long time so we stopped there and walked around. I count that as part of the walk I missed this morning. Didn't buy anything! Then we drove by the condo where we used to live before we bought the house. It's looking kind of shabby but there were no For Sale signs on the lawn like there were when we were selling. I didn't take a photo as our condo was facing the creek and we didn't get out of the truck but I did take a photo of a house nearby with a lot of two tone purple irises on their lawn. Just beautiful!

Then home. I had put a pork tenderloin, potatoes and carrots in the crockpot this morning with some water and onion soup mix. Sure smelled good when we walked in the door! It's sure looking like we might get a thunderstorm tonight.

Sunday 8 June 2008

Ottawa Spring Horse Trials

Gordon had his MRI this morning so he was gone really early. I got up just after he left to get my morning stuff done and to get the laundry done. He got home after 10 a.m. He had to lay perfectly still inside the MRI for an hour!

I sat outside and read a bit after getting the laundry done then Gordon decided to wash the truck so I vacuumed it out and cleaned it out as we were picking up my niece (pictured below) to go to the Ottawa Spring Horse Trials which is held at the Nepean Equestrian Park. We spent about an hour and a half there watching Danica's friend, Lianne and her horse, Saucy as well as other competitors. It was 36C (97F) today under hot sun so we tried to stay in the shade as much as possible. Luckily there was a really nice breeze!

This is Lianne's horse, Saucy.

Lianne and Saucy

A jump!

This is a horse called Pralines 'n Cream.

This is an RV for horses. It was a really nice one. I expect the humans area is in the slideout area.

We dropped Danica off around 3:30 or so as she had a soccer game to ref late this afternoon and headed home as Gordon was tired from such a long day.