Friday 28 May 2010

Saturday and Sunday May 30 & 31, 2010


I put the RV ad on different internet sites for selling - Lanark, Renfrew, Toronto, Peterborough. Let's hope that helps.

I rested most of the day, didn't feel that well .

In the afternoon went to Carleton Place, a I needed some stuff from Bulk Barn.

Then on to RV, packed up the truck with another load. There's still a couple of loads left to pick up!

Tranquil Acres, our campground where our RV is located was celebrating! Shonagh and Dave have owned the place for 20 yrs so they put on a dinner for everyone at the park. It was excellent, lots of food and they even got Gordon a gluten free pizza. There was a lot of stuff there that we could both eat. I even had baked beans ( I usually don't because of the tomatoes but I fortified myself with Tums first. I also had a small piece of anniversary cake. I felt almost like a normal person!

Beautiful Irises at the campground

Quite a turnout


Gordon went out at sunrise-south of Smiths Falls and found some scenic areas. You can see some of his photos by clicking here.

When he came back we got ready and went back to the flea market-didn't buy anything. The stool I saw last week that I wanted was broken.

This afternoon we went to the Vintage Car Show and Craft Market at the Lombardy Fair Grounds. Lots of beautiful old cars and the crafts were pretty good too!

This was my favourite - 1949 Buick convertible - I voted for it!

Lots of old cars

This was my second favourite - a 1955 Thunderbird hardtop - even the interior was cream and turquoise!

I had made arrangements to pick up a filing cabinet near Merrickville that was advertised on Kijiji. It was heavy to get to the truck even with all the drawers out of it. I spent most of the evening filing!

Thursday 27 May 2010

Thursday and Friday May 27 & 28, 2010


Not as hot today and lots of cloud; The sherbet didn't agree with me, I felt nauseated for the latter part of the night so took it easy this morning and mostly stayed in bed.

This afternoon we went out, I walked around downtown a bit to see some stores. Gordon went in search of a Smiths Falls baseball cap. He didn't find one but did find a little touristy store called Spotlight on the Rideau with crafts, paintings and photography that sells your photos on commission. He's thinking this is a possible way of promoting his photography in the area.

Some pretty irises in someone's garden along the sidewalk

This is Davidson's Courtyard in downtown Smiths Falls

I didn't feel like cooking so tonight we went to a local downtown restaurant called Gerbo. I called first to be sure they could accommodate our finicky stomachs and spoke to one of the cooks. They were very accommodating. I told the waitress of our problem when we went in and when Gordon ordered minced steak. She came back and told him it had bread crumbs in it. We had great service. The food was ok but not great. But I didn't have to cook it.

Afterward we went to the Country Fair Mall as I had seen some side tables for the living room but we decided they weren't what we wanted. I did get another set of cutlery as we run out quickly with the dishwasher. I don't like to run it unless it's full. So, I need more dishes too! My sister has a set of good dishes that I had given to her for my nephew when we went on the road but they got a ton of stuff for their wedding so she's going to give them back to me. The only problem with them is they aren't good in the microwave as they have a gold line around the outside of the plate. I have put them in the dishwasher before though.

Friday was mostly cloudy with a few sunny periods in the afternoon. It wasn't nearly as warm as it has been but still warm enough.

This morning was the first morning I've gone for my walk in about a month. I've missed it but my shoulder seemed to bother me when I was walking. I cut it a bit short but it was nice to get out.

After that and breakfast, I got my passport form ready to go, gathered up some errands that I had to do in town and after lunch I went first to downtown Smiths Falls to get some photocopies and mail my passport. I had to fax some things and I wanted to do a bit of looking around downtown. I checked out some stores and the two thrift shops. I managed to buy a couple of things there. I got two small Corelle ramekins for heating stuff up at one store and a wooden napkin holder at the other one. Penny is starting to rub off on me. LOL

After that I went to Walmart for some things. I was also looking for some annuals to plant in the bed at the front of the house but I wanted red petunias and they didn't have any. Next stop was Canadian Tire, ditto for them so I went to Gemmell's Nursery and got some. Now they're planted.

While I was out my order came from my Scotia Rewards. I had ordered a Nano ipod for me and am ipod dock. So now I have something else that I need to learn how to use.

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Wednesday May 26, 2010


Tuesday was hot, hot, hot! We reached a high of 34C (93F).

In the morning I ran some errands and picked up one of the comforter sets (gray with black flowers) at the Sears catalogue desk. The other one (taupe with black stripe) should arrive on Saturday (in Ottawa). I ordered these way back at the beginning of April and they've been on back order. I think the one I picked up today is too dark. I didn't take it out of the bag as I'm pretty sure that's the one I will be returning and I figured I'd never get it back in the bag. The carpet in the bedroom is beige and white mottled so I think the 'other one' which is taupe, white and black will work better and it's lighter. There isn't much black in it.

In the afternoon I got in some swing time again but it was pretty warm even under our big tree so we turned on the a/c to be sure it's working. It did a good job.


I didn't take a muscle relaxant last night nor tylenol this morning and my shoulder felt good when I got up so I decided to test it and vacuumed the whole place. My shoulder seems to be better. Let's hope it lasts!

I also called Canada Revenue to get tax forms from 1992 to 2003 as proof that I was living in Canada and not the U.S. It's time that we get busy on getting the information to the lawyer now that we've got the move under our belts. There's still lots more to do but we can function on what's been done now.

Today is supposed to be just as hot as yesterday so we turned the air conditioner on this morning which is why I was able to do the vacuuming. Otherwise it would have waited for a cooler, less humid day.

This afternoon I sat out on my swing again. Gordon came out and I said "today's the type of day when I miss ice cream". Of course, I can't eat it since I'm lactose intolerant but I did mention rainbow sherbet. So a while later he went out to get a photo of the day and came back with rainbow sherbet so we each had some. It sure tasted good on such a hot day. Our thermometer clocked 38C (100F) at about 4:30 p.m. That must be a record for this time of year here!

Monday 24 May 2010

Monday May 24, 2010-The End of Victoria Day Long Weekend

Sunday was a busy day. First thing we went back to the Flea Market. We only bought one more frame but it has a limited edition print in it, don't like the print much though.

When we got back I headed to the Mall as there was some stuff on sale only for the weekend that I wanted. While there I picked up some groceries. Gordon called and said my sister and her husband wanted to come to see us this afternoon so I firmed up times with her and bought groceries so they could stay for dinner. I usually only buy for the two of us so if someone drops in, they don't get fed!

Right after lunch we headed over to the RV to mow the grass. The mower wasn't available so Gordon had bought the weed eater just in case. While there we loaded up the truck with more stuff. It's amazing how much that place holds!

On our return, Gordon started putting the swing together and got it done before he had to start the barbecue to cook the pork chops I had purchased.

John put the timer on our bathroom light so now we don't have to worry about turning the light off, it turns off by itself. His plan is to run another wire from the attic to put in separate switches but he has to bring his HAZMAT gear to do that.

I put together a dinner of pork chops, corn on the cob and rice with peaches, strawberries and blueberries for desert.

Then it was time for Lost. It was an interesting finale. I'm kind of bummed that they died but I guess it was a fitting end. I stayed up to watch a bit of Jimmy Kimmel as he had some of the Lost stars on. I don't do well staying up after midnight so I didn't watch most of it but noticed that Matthew Fox who played Jack was on drugs. His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree!

Today I slept in till after 9 a.m. but have been lethargic all day so didn't do the planned run to the RV. I planted myself on the swing for most of the day. It sure was nice out there under the tree listening to the traffic and the trains. Too bad the motorcycles are so loud going by, that was the only bad part.

Gordon went out for a while and toured the Heritage House Museum which is just down the road from us. He knows that I'm not much interested in history so he went by himself.

It's been warm today with a nice breeze. Gordon said the temperature was 28C (82F) when he was out in the truck.