Saturday 16 June 2007

Breakfast, Ottawa and a Drive in the Country

I got up a little earlier this morning as the campground was cooking breakfast for us starting at 8:00 a.m. So I walked then, came back, got ready and went for breakfast. It was quite a good breakfast for $5.00 – homemade scones, toast, sausage, eggs, bacon, coffee, juice and fruit.

Around noon we went into Ottawa. One of the stores where I buy gluten free things is Rainbow Foods and when I was there last week they were advertising a gluten free day which was held today. We got to sample different foods and all of them were very good including a bread and pizza. They were out of the bread mix so we’ll have to go back in later next week. It was also very hot today and the pizza was frozen so we’ll have to take the cooler in and get some as Gordon has been missing pizza.

We did a couple of errands as well and then started back taking a detour through Almonte and trying to find a nature preserve around Middleville. We never did find it. We’ll have to get instructions to get there another time.

The photo is one I took this afternoon on our little jaunt.

Friday 15 June 2007

Low Key Day

More campground photos

View from my lawnchair

My neighbour, Jean walked with me this morning. We walked down the side road (Cram Road) eastbound, then south and then west on the farm road back to the Appleton Side Road. As we got back to the campground entrance we saw another couple walking south toward us. They had just been to see the turtles that are laying their eggs along the gravel shoulder. We chatted for a while. He still works at Nortel and works for the Northern Telecom part the same as I did. He said it’s not as great a place to work as it once was and hopes to be able to pack it in in a year or so.

After my usual morning routine I went outside to sit and read and was out for over four hours. I also walked around the park and took more photos. It was so beautiful outside today, no humidity and nice sunshine with blue sky and fluffy white clouds. It’s very peaceful here.

A very low key day!

Thursday 14 June 2007

A Hawiian Luau in Ottawa!

I’ve been eating too much of the pie I made lately so I’ve been combining running with my walking. Today I walked/ran the 2 km. to the lights at Hwy 7. It still took ½ hour. The day was beautiful with lots of sunshine a southwest breeze and (67F) when I started out. By the time I got home it was (71F).

Dave (owner) was mowing the lawn this morning so after he did what he could I mowed around the RV again. Our neighbour, Jean came over and wanted to borrow the mower after I was done and instead we sat outside and talked till about 1:15 p.m. Then I had to come in and get ready to go into Ottawa to our Hawaiian Luau sponsored by our financial advisors, Canada Retirement. They have a couple of these get togethers yearly, one in June and one in December which we’re never around for anymore. They are always well put together with lots of free food and booze. They have a band and dancing, not that we ever take advantage of the dancing part. It’s really very well done.

We didn’t stay long. We usually don’t know anyone although I did see someone that used to work at Breconridge today. On our way home we stopped at Bruce Pit where we used to take Bib for walks. It’s a local doggie spot where you can let your dog off leash to run although we never let Bib off leash. Gordon saw a heron on our way by so had to stop and take photos.

We arrived home and had a piece of pie. It’s almost gone, thank goodness! As long as it's here I have to eat it! I've been asked by someone who commented on my blog for a recipe hint. It's made with brown sugar, milk, and butter. I use cornstarch instead of flour because of the gluten. Don't know if that helps or not!

This is our neighbour, Sarah

The pig on the spit

We were to dress in our best Hawaiian outfit, everyone received a leis at the door

My Hawaiian outfit - my nephew gave one of the leis last year and I got
another one at the door

Wednesday 13 June 2007

Visiting at My Former Office and "A Bear"?

It was about 10 degrees cooler this morning than yesterday but I also walked 1 ½ hours earlier than usual.

A few weeks ago I had made arrangements with Najat, one of the admins I worked with to come in to the office to visit and have lunch so today was the day. Thanks for lunch, Najat! I went in a bit early as I had some things to do and arrived at the office a little before 11:00 a.m. I got to see lots of people that I hadn’t seen since last year and one that I hadn’t seen for two years. Quite a few people are no longer there, some on maternity leave etc. I didn’t get to see Peter, my former boss but might go back again later this summer. I left around 2:00 p.m., stopped at the Real Canadian Superstore that I hadn’t been in before and picked up a few things.

On my return to the campground there was a sign on the gate “A bear has been spotted in the campground”. Wow! Who would think there would be a bear around here. All I’ve seen the last few days are turtles laying eggs in the gravel on the shoulder of the road and of course, lots of robins and red winged blackbirds so now I’ll be on the lookout for the bear!

No photos today. I was going to take my camera into the office but decided against it.

Tuesday 12 June 2007

Tuesday Accomplishments

  • Walked quite a ways considering it was already 25C (77F)
  • Went into Ottawa to pick up Gordon’s repaired camera lens (after 6 weeks)
  • Dropped by to see my sister at her work
  • Went to take photos at the Ornamental Gardens (part of the Experimental Farm)
  • Stopped at Bayshore and got a price for my glasses and decided to order them
  • Picked up a prescription that I had phoned in last night
  • Picked up a couple of things at the fruit market
  • Returned home to Tranquil Acres

The truck thermometer was registering between 31C and 32C (88F and 90F) on our way home this afternoon. It was a hot one in the sun!

Photos taken at the Ornamental Gardens

Monday 11 June 2007

About the Pie

The pie had to cool at least three hours so we just tried it - it was really good, it set pretty well but it was very sweet! I got a thumbs up from the pie taster (Gordon)!

Pie.......and Other Stuff

This morning was cloudy and humid and 20C (68F). Although I haven’t felt up to par the last couple of days I managed to do my morning walk.

We reached a high today of 28C (82F) with sunny breaks off and on.

This morning I packaged up the meats that I bought yesterday into freezer bags (the containers they come in usually take too much space in the freezer). I also made a bunch of hamburger patties.

I’ve been getting bored with lunch meats so decided to experiment with chickpeas. They actually make quite a good sandwich filling. I mash them, today I used garlic salad dressing instead of mayonnaise (that I used a couple of weeks ago) and some seasoned salt and finely chopped green pepper. I used finely chopped onion last time too but I’m not a big (raw) onion fan so didn’t use it this time. It’s quite nice for a change.

Gordon made an appointment at the Dodge dealer in Perth for our 126,000 km checkup and was able to get one this afternoon so while he was gone I finally used the gluten-free pie shell that Michelle had given me when we were in Columbus in April and made the world-famous butterscotch pie. There seems to be a problem with the butterscotch setting enough so we’ll see how it turns out. Just taking it out of the oven it didn’t feel as if it was set. The only thing I can think of is that we substitute cornstarch for flour. I’m wondering if using amaranth flour might work. I’ll have to do some research, not that I plan on making it again. My oven just doesn’t heat up well enough or hold the heat to bake. My husband looked happy when he came home and saw it cooling on the counter!

Good news! They even washed the truck at the dealership. That's a first for us with the truck!

Sunday 10 June 2007

Laundry, Groceries, Reading

Today was another beautiful bright sunny day with no humidity. We reached a high of 26C (78F). I had a nice walk this time going south on Appleton Side Road and then down the side road that runs along the campground to the river. There’s lots of shade there and it was quite warm by the time I walked around 9:00 a.m.

After breakfast and doing my morning reading of blogs, I got the laundry ready and went into Carleton Place to the Laundromat. There was no one there when I arrived which I thought was great for a Sunday. I was thinking I’d have to wait for a machine. After that I stopped at the two grocery stores in town to get what I needed and was back home shortly after 2:00 p.m.

The rest of the day was spent reading, outside at first till the mosquitoes started to pester me and then inside.

Here are more photos of the flowers around the campground: