Saturday 13 May 2006

Not Much Happening!

Lilacs in bloom

Robin in the park

Rabbit in the park

Pretty trees in someone's front yard

Today was cloudy and cool, quite windy but not much rain. I didn’t seem to have the energy to do much but just before noon I got my first wind and got the laundry done. The laundry room here is very small and very basic – 2 washers and 1 gas dryer. The dryer works really well so it probably didn’t take me any longer to do 3 loads of laundry than it would at a Laundromat and I didn’t have to go outside the park.

This afternoon, I read and napped off and on and spent some time on the internet. We’ve been lucky with all the cloud today that the internet was pretty constant.

Gordon got the network card in our desktop PC so now he can have two computers going at the same time and be on the internet just the same as he did when we had a stick house.

My back has been acting up again today. Sure hope it feels better tomorrow.

Photos above taken on my morning walk around the neighbourhood and the park.

Friday 12 May 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I woke up this morning to rain! It seems like it’s been a long time since we’ve seen this much. It rained most of the morning and consequently we lost our internet satellite. Gordon was outside in the rain moving the tripod around trying to get a better location but we still didn’t have internet when I left just after noon.

I had suggested that we go and check out Innes Road as I had read in the Ottawa Business Journal on-line that WalMart had moved out of the Place D’Orleans Shopping Mall and built a new store and I thought it was on Innes Road. When I got ready, Gordon still wasn’t ready so suggested I go by myself so off I went. Still raining but not as hard. I aimed myself toward Innes Road but got to where St. Laurent jogs and you either have to turn left to go north on St. Laurent or go right on Russell Rd. St. Laurent was backed up forever so I turned right on Russell thinking I’d head over via Walkley and the 417. When I got there Walkley was also backed up so I canned that idea and instead headed to Heron Gate Mall to pick up a few groceries. They didn’t have everything I wanted so I stopped at my old Loeb store at Bank & Hunt Club. It was always such a nice store.

I headed home arriving there around 3:00 p.m. It was still cloudy but not raining, at least not much. When I came in I found out we had the internet back. YEAH! So I went about checking email and reading the blogs that I read on a daily basis.

Since it was raining this morning I didn’t go for my walk so I walked tonight. There’s not much place here for walking. I’ll be glad to get to Ottawa Municipal for that but then the mosquitoes will probably eat me alive!

Today's photo is our view out our back window.

Thursday 11 May 2006

Another Appointment

Keeley Falls
Andrew Hayden Park
Ottawa, ON

I had a chiropractor’s appointment this morning just before noon so we got around and ready. First stopped at Best Buy for a network card so we can get the PC up and running. Then to the chiropractor and to get Gordon’s CPP forms ready to be mailed. Our chiropractor signed the forms required. So hopefully in October Gordon will be getting CPP.

After the chiropractor we ran some errands, Gordon got his hair cut, we stopped at Andrew Hayden Park and took some photos and we filled up with diesel at 96.8 at Suny’s at Bells Corners. Seems to be the best price going.

Andrew Hayden Park is a very pretty park that runs along the Ottawa River in what used to be Nepean but since amalgamation, is now Ottawa. It is just off Carling Avenue at Holly Acres Road. It has some wildlife including a groundhog that runs up to you looking for handouts, rabbits and all kinds of birds. It even has a little waterfall called Keeley Falls. We didn’t stay long but Gordon needed his photo of the day for pbase so I took a few photos too to have something to post with my blog.

Since the forecast is for rain for the foreseeable future, I sat outside in my lawnchair and read till I finished my book, then came in to check emails and do some surfing. I found a scrabble game that I could download on a ‘try it’ basis. I thought I had tried them all and all I was getting was that my trial period was over. I really need to buy it.

With the cloud and rain coming over the weekend, hopefully we will have internet service. Our connection isn’t all that stable here because of the trees so if there’s no blog this weekend, it’s because of the internet connection.

Wednesday 10 May 2006

Wednesday at the Arboretum

Today was such a beautiful day. I sat outside in my lawnchair and read my book for a long time this morning.

Gordon went out just before lunch looking for his flat panel monitor and came back without one. The plan for this afternoon was to take the dog and go and walk somewhere so just after lunch Gordon decided he wanted to go to Staples and buy the monitor he had seen there but instead we stopped at Future Shop and he wound up buying a 17” NEC flat panel.

When we got back we loaded up the dog and headed for the Arboretum. We walked around and took some photos. It’s so pretty there this time of year. Bib left his presence known on just about every blade of grass and tree there.

When we came back, I sat outside and read again till it got a little cool then I moved inside to read. I’ve been reading ‘Winter Solstice’ by Rosamunde Pilcher. It’s the second time I’ve read it and it’s just a nice little story. It takes place in England and Scotland and I just love their way of saying things like ‘muck out’ and ‘turning your toes up’. There are so many of them!

Photos today were taken at the Arboretum.

Tuesday 9 May 2006

Slow Tuesday

Another slow morning but we managed to get doctor’s appointments for this afternoon so we left around 2:00 p.m. and drove downtown on the Queen Elizabeth Driveway. It’s always so pretty in the spring, then dropped into some more computer stores looking for a flat panel monitor, stopped at The Source at Bayshore to talk about Star Choice, then to the doctor, stopped at my sister, Margie’s and home again.

I wanted to see the doctor about the breathing problems I had and she is happy with the diagnosis of reflux disease. Gordon has had a wart on the inside of his lip and she’s sending him to an ENT doctor.

Nothing much going on today and no photos.

Monday 8 May 2006

More Toys!

This morning was the usual morning with walks, TV, internet.

I had an appointment at the chiropractor this afternoon so we left shortly after noon and Gordon decided he needed an adjustment too so we both went in and got cracked up. Then I got Bib’s dog license and some photocopies to be sent to our US medical carrier for my hospital stay in Cincinnati.

Gordon wants another small flat panel monitor so we looked at nearly every store that would carry such an item in the west end of the city but didn’t purchase anything yet.

We got back around 3:00 p.m. and walked and fed the dog and then sat outside in my lawnchair and read for a while but it’s quite cool and breezy when you’re not in the sun so I went for another walk by myself trying to find something to take a photo of. Not much that’s photographic in the park especially with construction going on next door. I’m about to ram the pile driver up someone’s ……… Imagine what it will be like after a month here. No wonder they didn’t put their rates up this year!

When we got back we called Armand in Lindsay at 3i Communications that set us up with our internet satellite to discuss upgrading our modem from the 6000 to the 7000. Our monthly charge will go down enough to pay for satellite TV but it will be at a cost. It will be around $500 to upgrade the modem and buy the satellite arm for TV but we have to live in the style to which we had become accustomed at home and you only live once! Then we have to set up our own Star Choice and buy the receiver. I can see an expensive month coming at us again!

Tonight we’re just relaxing!

Today's photos show our RV and the construction going on behind us.

Sunday 7 May 2006


This morning was cold when I got up so Bib and I went for a walk while Gordon left to go and photograph the tulips. The Tulip Festival has started in Ottawa and he got some really good shots. My younger sister, Margie called and said she and her husband, John were going to drop by late this afternoon so I asked them to stay for dinner.

When Gordon got back I went to Bells Corners for groceries, back to the stores that I used when we had the house. Got home and got preparations done for dinner, then read and had a short nap.

Margie and John arrived about 4:30 p.m. so we sat and chatted for a while, then had dinner and they left as Margie has to work tomorrow.

I didn’t take any photos today so borrowed a photo from Gordon from the Tulip Festival.