Saturday 27 March 2010

Saturday March 27, 2010-Garage Sale

I was up at 7 a.m. today as we wanted to go to a garage sale that advertised snow shovels and gardening tools. It was to start at 9 a.m. so we made it there at about 8:45 a.m. There were already people there.

We managed to get our snow shovels and some gardening tools that I wanted. I also got a small paper shredder so I was happy.

The rest of the day we spent at home doing not much of anything!

Friday 26 March 2010

Friday March 26, 2010-More Buying and Some 'Splorin'

We set out to look for living room chairs this morning but instead wound up with a barbecue and a patio set. I really liked this patio set first of all because it's small and second because the chairs fold up so it will be great for storing.

This afternoon we transported the barbecue, the patio set and some other things we purchased this week to the storage unit. Unfortunately there wasn't room in the truck for the buffet we bought last night so it will have to go with another load.

After that we continued south through Smiths Falls and wound up at Chaffey's Locks about 30 miles southwest of Smiths Falls. What a pretty area! There are a lot of photographs to be taken in this area. Some that I took are below.

From there we continued on to the scenic town of Westport and Foley Mountain. We have been to Westport often but never to the mountain so we drove as far as we could. Here is the road that goes up the mountain. It's not a very tall mountain but it's an interesting spot with lots of hiking trails. I think we'll be checking this place out again later this summer.

We arrived home just before 7 p.m., got dinner and it will be an early night tonight!

Thursday 25 March 2010

Thursday March 25, 2010-More Running Around

I was up before 7 a.m. today. I'm sure glad I don't have to do that often. I didn't sleep well again last night. This is unusual for me since I quit working. I have so many things on my mind about the house that it is keeping me awake.

I had a comment about my photo of the house with the SOLD sign on it. It is the same house. My photo was taken from the back rather than the front. The street runs along the back of the house and the front only has a sidewalk. You can see it in the photo Gordon took by clicking here.

The reason I was up early was that Gordon had a doctor's appointment this morning. We arrived early as usual, then went about running some errands.

When we got home I was exhausted so lay down for a nap. There wasn't much accomplished around here this afternoon.

Tonight we went out and purchased the buffet that I wrote about a couple of days ago pictured here. It's a good match for our table that we bought this week and should fit in the little alcove in the dining room very well. So far I'm pleased with my 'previously loved' findings.

Wednesday 24 March 2010

Wednesday March 24, 2010-Busy Day

I started out this bright, sunny, chilly morning with a walk.

From there we got ready to go in search of a storage place to store the used furniture and other stuff we're collecting for our new to us house. We stopped at one in Carleton Place - way too big and too expensive so we headed toward Smiths Falls and found a small unit for $50/month. That's better! We paid the man then continued on to Smiths Falls where we had some papers to initial for our mortgage. From there we went to Walmart and picked up a lock and some other items.

Then we did a house drive by and took a photo of it with the 'SOLD' sign on it.

It's Ours!

From there we headed back to the storage unit to unload the dining set into the storage area. We also emptied out the back of the truck and put the fold up bike and the garden hose that we carry in the storage unit as well.

Then we took the scenic route back to Ottawa. There are some pretty spots along Roger Stevens Drive. When the area 'greens up' we'll be back for some photos. There is also some trails through the Marlborough Forest along there that we'll be trying out once they dry out.

A couple of interesting barns

We saw this boat out in a field - Gordon is titling his 'Sailing the high trees'

I dropped Gordon at home and continued on to pick up some groceries and things. While out, I picked up a set of glassware. No more plastic glasses!

We reached a high of 11C (52F) but it was chilly with the wind. The sun was beautiful though! It looks like our weather forecast is for colder weather over the next few days.

Tuesday 23 March 2010

Tuesday March 23, 2010-Buying Used Furniture

This morning I found the exact dining room set that we had looked at on the weekend at Leon's and for 1/4 the price. It was on Ottawa classifieds so I emailed the owner and we went right over to see it. We paid our money and brought it home. I just love bargains!

I also saw this sofa table that I thought would work for a buffet in the dining room or alternatively a TV stand in the bedroom. We go to see it on Thursday night.

It was rainy and crappy out today. There was a short time when we had some freezing rain and it is to continue tonight. By tomorrow, it should be gone. Let's hope so!

Monday 22 March 2010

Monday March 22, 2010-Stuff

Sunday passed in a blur, nothing exciting.

Ditto for today although we did go out for a drive this morning. It was cloudy and kind of foggy.

We're getting things organized. We had to go out today to fax the company that provides our satellite internet service in the RV to cancel that. I also called this weekend to cancel our Starchoice TV (now Shaw Direct) as we'll be going with Cojeco when we move to Smiths Falls.

I called Verizon to find out when our contract for our phones is up and it's not till November 14th. The service person asked me if I knew anyone I could transfer the phones to so I thought I'd throw it out to the RV community. We have the North American Plan. For about $90/month we get 2 cell phones (on the new every 2 plan), 500 minutes plus 1000 minutes evenings & weekends and 1000 in calling (to another Verizon cell) per month. We have coverage throughout the US and most of the eastern part of Canada. In fact, it worked when we were in Northern Ontario this past summer. We have roaming turned off so we don't have to deal with 'are we roaming'? If anyone is interested, contact me via the comments and I will look further into doing a transfer. I think you have to have a US address to qualify and if you have no US credit rating they ask for a deposit (four years ago it was $800 US).

Last night we had breakfast for dinner. I woke up about 1 a.m. feeling unwell and didn't sleep much for the rest of the night. Today I haven't felt the best either. I know eggs are on my list of foods I'm sensitive to but I've never had this kind of reaction from them. I also had a slice of Nancy's cranberry bread so that might be the culprit too. It's so difficult to figure these things out.

The photo today is of a tiny barn with a foggy background.