Saturday 13 October 2007

Cold and Wet Today!

It wasn't raining this morning when I got up so I went for my walk. It was cloudy so I didn't bother with the camera. So of course I saw more blue jays. How do they know when I don't have my camera?

This morning I made a few more yo yo quilt blocks. Here's what I have done so far.

Betty stopped by on her way back to Toronto briefly, then I read for a while.

Gordon went out to get the tanks dumped in preparation for our departure tomorrow to Sherkston Shores RV Park near Niagara Falls, Ontario. While he was outside I prepared a double batch of corn bread for dinner.

Some weather sites are calling for -3C (27F) overnight so I doubt we'll get away very early tomorrow. We'll have to wait till it warms up.

Friday 12 October 2007

More Bracelets & Dinner at the Cottage

Yesterday when I was in Lindsay I picked up some beads at the Dollar Store to make some more bracelets. These are not nearly as involved or as pretty as those made by Linda Payne of however the work isn't as fine either and it occupies me so I made a couple this morning to give to my sister as tonight is the last time we'll be seeing them for a while. We're going to the cottage for dinner tonight and tomorrow they're closing up the cottage and heading back to Toronto.

After making the bracelets this morning I also made a couple more yo yo quilt blocks while watching some morning television. We don't usually watch TV during the daytime but it was a lot colder today than it has been so it seemed like a day for TV.

I really bundled up for my walk this morning but it was sunny and bright with some beautiful clouds just at the horizon line and the rest of the sky a bright blue. By mid-afternoon it had turned mostly cloudy as predicted by the weather forecast.

Around 4:00 p.m. we headed for the cottage. Betty and Garth prepared a really lovely dinner of steak, baked potatoes, peas, cucumbers and tomatoes with Kawartha Dairy ice cream and fresh strawberries for dessert. As usual, I ate too much. Here's a photo I took of them in their "TV" chairs.

Thursday 11 October 2007

Bracelets, Reservations and Errands

This morning was bright and sunny again and the sun lasted into late afternoon before it started raining again. Here are a couple of photos I took on my walk this morning.

Today I made a reservation at Sherkston Shores RV Park near Niagara Falls from Oct14-25. We don't usually do reservations but this is about the only park in that area that is open past Oct15 so we thought we'd do it to be on the safe side. Their off season rate is very good at $119/wk. Sure hope we like the park. Regardless, we're there until we head south!

Last night I made one bracelet and this morning I made another so I now have two blue bracelets, very pretty if I do say so myself.

I had an early lunch and then went into Lindsay to pick up our travel medical insurance stuff from Sanderson Insurance and did some other errands while I was there. I got back shortly after the rain started.

We've had the electric heater a bit today. I turned it off just before I left to go into Lindsay and then turned it on when I got back as once the sun goes away, it cools off inside quite quickly!

Wednesday 10 October 2007

Road Trip to Haliburton

This morning was bright and sunny. That wasn't supposed to happen. So much for weather forecasting AGAIN!!

This morning I called our travel medical insurance provider and this time spoke to his associate who managed to fix us up for $200 cheaper than was quoted to us a couple of weeks ago. I will have a $250 deductible on my policy however I can submit it through my extended health care if I need to make a claim. I would highly recommend Sanderson Travel Insurance.

The plan was that we would go to the cottage and if it was a nice day we would go north to Haliburton where we had gone a couple of weeks ago on our own but there is another road that Betty wanted to show us. As we left the RV, it started to rain and it rained all the way to the cottage. When we arrived at the cottage, since it was still fairly warm today, Garth decided to take his boat to the marina across the way to have it put away for the winter so Betty drove his car to the marina and Garth froze his butt off taking the boat across the lake. The photo to the left is Garth coming in to the marina.

Even though it was still raining a bit we decided to go anyway so we went north through Bobcaygeon (Ontario) and continued north toward Buckhorn turning off on Hwy 507 then to Hwy 3 which is the highway Betty wanted to show us. Unfortunately it rained all the way to Haliburton, sometimes quite heavy but we did see some pretty spots along the way. We stopped at Haliburton for lunch at "The Codfather Fish & Chip Bar'. We had a nice lunch and it agreed with Gordon, yeah! I had some really good onion rings with my fish sandwich and they weren't greasy!

Just before lunch the rain stopped. We looked around a few stores in Haliburton then went south on Hwy 3 and since it still wasn't raining and we actually had a few periods of sun, we stopped to take some photos. We then turned off and went to Kinmount (Ontario) another little town in the Kawartha Lakes area returning through Bobcaygeon again. We stopped at Settlers Village where Betty and I went for the quilt festival for my birthday so Gordon could take some photos. Unfortunately it was pretty cloudy but still not raining.

Betty and I playing "Edith Ann" from the old TV show "Laugh In"

Gordon and I posing at one of the prettier places along Hwy 3 on our way back

As we got back to the cottage it was starting to rain a bit again but it was a much better day than we had thought when we started out!

Tuesday 9 October 2007

Shopping Downtown Lindsay

I managed to get my walk in this morning before it started to rain, it rained and misted all morning.

Betty and I had planned to meet in Lindsay this afternoon and shop the stores along Kent Street but it was still misty and rainy when I met her so we went to the Lindsay Mall for a while and when we came out it wasn't raining and a short time later the sun came out and it was quite warm reaching 18C (65F). That's a fair bit warmer than they forecast. So we did manage to shop some of the stores on Kent Street after all. I only bought groceries and some beads to make a blue bracelet. I can never find the blue that I want in stores. If I ever get it made, I'll take a photo of it.

I had gone in early before meeting Betty as she wanted copies of some photos that I have so I went to Loblaws (a Canadian grocery store) with my flash card and made instant photos for 19 cents each. Much better than printing them out at home and lots cheaper!

I didn't take my camera with me as I didn't want it to get wet so my photo today is one that I took yesterday of a lane that runs down one end of the campground (outside of the confines of the campground itself). The gate has a 'No Trespassing' sign on it and I've always wondered what's down there.

Monday 8 October 2007

This is Actually our Thanksgiving Day

Even though it was officially our Thanksgiving Day today, we had pork chops for dinner but we did have the stuffing that I made yesterday.

This morning I did the vacuuming and washed the floors, badly needed. Other than that I walked around the park, took some photos, read and had a nap. It was very warm today 27C (80F). In Toronto it was very hot running around 40C (104F) with the humidex but luckily it wasn't that bad here. We did have sun most of the day. When I talked to my sister tonight she said that it was cloudy most of the day at the cottage so I guess we were lucky!

Gordon also updated his webpage today at

Here are some of the photos I took today:

Sunday 7 October 2007

Our Thanksgiving Dinner

Betty beside her oriental pumpkin.

Betty and I went for a walk and stopped to take this photo when we were out.

This is all of us at the table, photo compliments of Mr. Tripod. Left to right Tess, Gareth, Gordon, Sandra, Betty, Garth, Melinda, Doug and Duncan.

Today after my walk and breakfast I proceeded to make gluten-free stuffing for Gordon. I had bought some rice tortillas and used them instead of bread. It tasted pretty good.

We stopped and picked up a few groceries on our way to Betty & Garth's this afternoon as tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and the stores are closed. This is typical for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter here. We arrived at the cottage around 3:00 p.m. and sat around chatting. Gordon went to visit one of the neighbors that he didn't get to see earlier due to him being sick most of the time we've been here. He is another photographer so they got to spend an hour or so together. Garth's daughter, her husband their three kids were there as well. Melinda and Doug just got back from a cruise around Baffin Island and the Arctic Ocean so it was interesting to talk to them about that. Doug actually did a back flip into the Arctic Ocean that got written up in one of the Toronto papers. He said it was easier to do it that way as when you came up you were ready to get back on the boat whereas the guys who dove off had to swim back and the water was very close to freezing.

We had a great turkey dinner as usual complete with stuffing, mashed potatoes and broccoli. Melinda had made squash with brown sugar and butter. Definitely not a low cal meal especially with the ice cream cake to celebrate Doug's birthday and the truffles that they brought. Not a low calorie meal!