Saturday 24 October 2009

Saturday October 24, 2009-Finished Unpacking the RV

It wasn't cold out this morning but still dark and dismal. It had rained during the night but had stopped by the time I got up. Don't know how I'm going to walk when the snow comes. I don't want to risk falling and breaking something.

Last night I found out that our brother-in-law has cancer of the lower spine so please do the wonders that have been done for others and pray for him.

We went to the RV later this morning and got everything that we thought we needed to take out of the RV and brought it back to Nancy's. She had cleaned out some space for us in her storage area as well as her pantry and cupboards. What a wonderful friend to have! So, after lunch, I got mostly everything sorted and put in place.

It was a sad day to leave our little house on wheels.

We are very tired. With all the stress of the last few days and then buttoning down the RV it's taken a toll on us so we're relaxing for the next couple of days.

Tonight Nancy and I cooked dinner together. She made some really yummy chicken breasts, we did boiled new potatoes with onions and peppers stir fry. It was really tasty!

On our way to the RV this morning I noticed these wild turkeys on someone's lawn so we had to turn around and go back to photograph them.

Friday 23 October 2009

Friday October 23, 2009-Still Unloading the RV

It was -2C (28F) this morning as I headed out. This morning I walked some of the Trans Canada Trail which is really close to where we're living.

Trans Canada Trail

I saw this rose in a neighbour's yard on my way back

After procrastinating for a while we headed out to the RV to pack up some more stuff. I think one more day should do it. Then we'll do periodic checks to make sure the roof hasn't caved in from the snow or something like that.

I took this photo of the Gatineau Hills on our way to the RV today

I thought today that I had better check on our insurance and I'm lucky I did because since right now we're not fulltiming, our insurance wouldn't cover us outside the RV so I had to speak with three different people at the insurance place, one for the RV, one for the truck and one to discuss a tenant's policy while we're here.

I've been searching on the internet for other cases of deportation but haven't found anything exactly like my situation.

Other than that, not much happening. Hopefully next week we'll get going on this deportation thing.

Thursday 22 October 2009

Thursday October 22, 2009-

Again thanks to all the people who have left comments here and on Facebook. You can't imagine how it lifts my spirits. Don't get me wrong here, we're living in a beautiful house with a bedroom and bathroom of our own, we have a sitting room with a huge plasma TV which is of course shared with Nancy but she doesn't watch much TV and the sitting room looks out on her deck and back yard. It's warm and I'm sure once we get our stuff here from the RV we'll feel like it's home, temporary though. We do miss our little house on wheels.

Some of you have suggested going to Victoria for the winter. Since there is now snow and ice in Northern Ontario and Alberta, we don't want to cross Canada at this time especially going through the mountains. It is about 3000 miles and I don't think there would be many campgrounds open along the way. I just heard that Wawa, where we spent a week this summer got snow overnight and we would have to go that route since I can't go into the US.

I did get out for my walk this morning. There is a path that runs into marshy area not far from here and I saw a pond with lots of geese. There's also another one at the end of the street that takes you to the Trans Canada Trail so I'll be checking that one out as well. The problem is when the snow comes the trails probably won't be plowed.

After breakfast we headed toward the RV but Gordon had to stop off to take a few photos. I didn't even take my camera. To me, it was a work day. So we brought a load of clothes and some food back and since it had started raining and was quite foggy, we decided to just do the one trip today. The RV is still hooked up to electricity thanks to the campground owner and we have the heat on the lowest setting so the interior still has some heat. I think we have a few more days of clearing out the RV. As we're doing it all I can think about is how we're going to get all that stuff back into the RV in the spring!

We've had quite a bit of rain today. It's been cold, foggy and nasty!

Wednesday 21 October 2009

Wednesday October 21, 2009-Back From Whence We Came

We left Sherkston Shores this morning at 4:15 a.m. and got through Toronto without bumper to bumper traffic. It was fairly warm at 12C (54F).

We arrived at our RV dealer just before 11 a.m. and got the trailer winterized.

While we were on the road my younger sister called. She had called the US Embassy for us and found some information and had given me a phone number to call. Unfortunately they only dealt with visas so I got another phone number from them for Immigration at the border at Alexandria Bay, NY and they basically told me the same thing as I was told in Buffalo only in more detail. The gist of it is I will need an Immigration lawyer. So I called our lawyer. She doesn't know anyone who does Immigration work but looked at the phone book and gave me some names.

We're going to try going to the US Embassy ourselves and speak to some one directly and see where we go from there.

Right now we're just trying to get the RV emptied out and find a place for everything that needs to come out that won't survive in winter temperatures. So we'll be back at that tomorrow.

We're safely at my friend, Nancy's house and just got back from dinner at Wendy's as I haven't brought any food over except breakfast stuff. Tomorrow......

Thanks again to everyone for their support. It's appreciated!

Tuesday 20 October 2009

Tuesday October 20, 2009-Getting Ready to Return Home

My blog will be short today.

We spent the day getting ready to return to Ottawa. We went out and bought some plastic bags for bagging things up as well as some Bounce sheets to put in the RV to keep the rodents out.

I chatted online with my friend, Nancy last night and she is amenable to us staying with her for the winter. We also have a line on another place but it sounds like there are three other young people living in the house and I don't know if we want to get into that.

I emailed Dave at our home campground, Tranquil Acres and he will store our RV there for the winter so we're heading for our dealer tomorrow so they can winterize it. Nights are getting down to freezing so not winterizing it is not an option.

Thanks so much to everyone who has commented on my blog and sent Facebook messages with all your support. We also have the support of our families and friends here in Ontario so hopefully we'll be able to figure all this out and get it behind us.

The next few days will be spent getting the RV stored and getting everything out of it that we need so it may be a few days before we get to the American Consulate.

I probably won't be posting regularly any more but I'll be thinking of those of you on the road. Safe travels to you!

Monday 19 October 2009

Monday October 19, 2009-The Day From Hell

The day started off beautifully and I had a lovely walk the length of the beach.

Today was the day we were going to Canada Customs to get our cameras and computers registered for border crossing. After that we were going to cross into Buffalo and scope out our route to check on construction etc for leaving tomorrow.

We pulled up to the U.S. border and gave the lady our passports. She swiped it and obviously something came up on the screen so she said that we had to go inside. She kept our passports.

Eventually I got called to the desk and was immediately treated like a criminal. Apparently what happened was I applied for a green card in 1992 as we had been married in 1990 and Gordon had not gotten a job in Ontario yet so since I worked for State Farm we thought I would just transfer to somewhere in the US, Virginia Beach was on the table. However, Gordon got a job and I never moved to the U.S.

Gordon was with me when I got my green card and I was not told that I had to return it if I didn't use it, so I still have the card. I kept it as kind of a souvenir. Anyway after a certain time they started deportation proceedings against me which is ridiculous since I never lived there and I have been back and forth across the border often during that time visiting family and twice a year in the past five years of fulltiming.

Anyway, this Immigration person was rude, nasty and was basically calling me a liar. It was freaking me out! Eventually he said that they would fingerprint me to see if I had a record - Who Me? With that being done I guess they ran my prints, then he came back to me and said that I could apply to have the deportation set aside and gave me a form with instructions. Nowhere in the instructions did it tell you where to go about doing this or what forms were needed or anything else. He did give me the phone number there for Immigration and a phone number for the Judge. We stopped at a couple of lawyers in Fort Erie but none of them could help with US Immigration, only Canadian Immigration.

So we're heading back to Ottawa on Wednesday and will probably get the RV winterized although my sister thinks I should hold off till we go to the US consulate in Ottawa and see what they say. At any rate, I don't think this will be resolved quickly. We are, after all, dealing with the Government.

We're both exhausted, angry and very tired and I'm quite put out about being treated the way I was. There is more to it but I'm trying to do a synopsis.

So, we'll see what happens from here. We've cancelled all our reservations that we'd made for Ohio, called all the kids and Gordon's sister and will have to call our park at Port Lavaca to let them know what's happening.

I have a line on a place to live if it works out so we'll have to buy winter boots and a snow brush!

Sunday 18 October 2009

Sunday October 18, 2009-Sun!

Wow! A sunny day! It's been so long I'd forgotten what sun looks like!

Sunrise over Lake Erie

It was cold when I got up this morning 1C (34F) however shortly after I started my walk the sun rose and it made for quite a nice day with a high of 11C (52F).

I may have given the illusion that the trail that I pictured yesterday is a shortcut to the beach, actually it is a shortcut of sorts but as you'll see from the following two photos there's still a ways to go to get to the water.

Here are some park model photos

This one has some pretty fall leaves around it

Another one in a beautiful setting high above the lake

There are new park models and old park models

These are across the street from the water

The ones facing the water have some awesome decks!

Most of the morning was spent on the computer again although the campground wifi was too slow to get into today. There are quite a few people here for the weekend so back to our own internet satellite.

I couldn't get moving today. I had planned to go in to Fort Erie to pick up some things but didn't have a lot of energy so I lay down to read and had a brief nap. After an early lunch, I went in to town. I made several stops, one of which was to see if the flu shots were in. The walk in clinic had a sign on the door that they have them but are only giving them to age 65 and over at this time. Hmmm wonder if they would make an exception for us since we're leaving. That being said, it looks like we won't be leaving till Thursday.

Gordon called the campground in Lebanon, OH (close to Dayton and Cincinnati) and they are fully booked for this weekend due to an annual Hallowe'en party so we've decided (subject to change) to leave on Thursday instead and spend three days in Columbus and arrive at Lebanon on Sunday. Lucky our plans are cast in jello!

Today is my cousin Terri's birthday. She lives in England. Happy Birthday, Terri! Have a jolly good time!