Saturday 12 August 2006

Vet, StarChoice, Visiting and Dinner

Sunrise on the Scugog River

This morning I was up just after 6:00 a.m. It was 4C (40F)! Gordon had put the furnace on during the night and this morning when I got up the electric heater was on too.

After I took Bib out, I went out to find Gordon as he was out taking sunrise photos. I found him down by the water photographing the mist over the water and waiting for the sun to come up over the trees. I stayed with him and took some photos too. While we were there a flock of wild turkeys came by. We continued down to the beach taking some more photos and then to the boat docking area. There was a heron there yesterday but he wasn’t there this morning.

Last night Bib started coughing, I think from a treat that he swallowed whole. He coughed on and off during the night and this morning appeared listless and didn’t want to do anything. He didn’t eat or drink either so at 9:00 a.m. we took him to the vet up the road from us and he squeezed us in. He thinks Bib scratched his throat so he suggested giving him pepto bismol to soothe it and putting him back on small amounts of canned food feeding him often during the day in small amounts. So more vet bills!

Around 10:30 a.m. the installer came to put up our StarChoice Satellite dish. He was gone by about noon and we had satellite TV. Now we have to find out what channel is what. We have 290+ channels!

After we surfed some channels to see what was what, I had a nap then got up and got ready to go to Betty & Garth’s for dinner. We wound up taking Bib with us as he is eating small meals so I had to feed him again. We arrived around 4:15 p.m. and sat and chatted, went for a walk and had a lovely dinner in the gazebo on the dock. After cleaning up and some more chatting, we left arriving home around 10:00 p.m.

It’s been a long day!

Friday 11 August 2006

We're On Our Way to Having Satellite TV!

Water lily pads on the Scugog

Today was sunny and cool all day. I got the laundry done this morning and this afternoon we went in to see Armand at 3i Communications to see about getting the arm for satellite TV. After we made arrangements for Armand to come out to our campsite after we get the StarChoice people here to do what they need to do we headed over to The Source in the Lindsay Mall and got our receiver.

Early this evening the installer called and will be here tomorrow early in the afternoon. We had thought that he would not be here until Monday so this is a good thing.

While we were out we had breakfast at Wimpy’s Diner. It was a huge breakfast and as such we haven’t had another meal today.

I did sit outside for a while when we got back to the RV this afternoon but it was quite cool so I needed my sweater and a blanket! What a change from last week!

Thursday 10 August 2006

Shopping in Peterborough and Lindsay

San Diego Skyline

Bird of Paradise

This morning when I got up at 7:20 a.m. it was already 16C (61F) and sunny. It warmed up quite quickly but by the time noon came around it had clouded over quite a bit and looked like rain. Fortunately it didn’t. More on that later.

Betty picked me up at the campground around 10:30 a.m. and we headed into Peterborough. We stopped at one mall where WalMart used to be and shopped there fore a while, then went into Peterborough to the restaurant at the Holiday Inn for lunch. The restaurant has a patio that overlooks Little Lake in town and though it looked like rain we decided to sit outside. The waitress said we could move inside if it did start to rain but the sky cleared as we were eating and it was sunny and cloudy on and off for most of the afternoon. The food at the restaurant was forgettable but it was a pretty spot. Betty and I both like patio restaurants. After lunch we went back out to WalMart and then came back to Lindsay. They rebuilt one end of the little shopping mall in Lindsay so I got to see it for the first time. They were building last year when we were here in June.

Betty brought me back as she needed my gluten free soy sauce to make a dish for Saturday night as we are invited to dinner. She also wanted to see my photos of Nick and Becky’s wedding. I had seen hers at lunch but mine are on my computer. So I need to do a printout of one of the photos I have for her. Betty and I walked Bib around the park and then she headed back to the cottage.

Both Gordon and I had a nap. I was really tired and didn’t wake up till about 7:30 p.m. past out dinnertime! Nothing but TV for tonight.

I also didn’t take any photos today as I didn’t want to bother with my camera so I’m putting up some that I took last Fall in San Diego, CA.

Wednesday 9 August 2006

Now at Lindsay, Ontario

I got up around 6:30 a.m. today as we were moving. It was 9C (49F)! Fall is in the air!

As usual, when Gordon took the truck for service last month, they didn't put the air in the tires properly so Gordon went out to fix that. While he was gone I was talking to the manager of the campground, Lois, who had given Gordon the instructions on how to get to Marble Bluff. I told her we didn’t find it but we did find Tatlock Quarry. It turns out that Tatlock Quarry and Marble Bluff are one and the same, so we did find it after all!

Anyway after packing up, getting fuel and so on we pulled out of Tranquil Acres at 10:00 a.m. We had an uneventful drive west on Hwy 7 and beautiful weather. Traffic was fairly light so we actually arrived at Double M RV Resort & Campground at 1:30 p.m. Daphne (owner) had emailed me instructions and had given us a spot backing on the water. Unfortunately Gordon we couldn’t get level at that site so he had talked to Mike (owner) who had driven him around in the golf cart and showed him other possible sites. On our third try, we managed to get level and have our internet satellite. We aren’t backing on the water but it’s not a long walk to get there. Oh well, we all have disappointments in our lives and if this is the only one I have today, I’ll live! Consequently it took us over two hours to get set up. Luckily it wasn’t really hot.

Bib and I walked around the park a bit and then checked out TV stations with our aerial (until we get satellite) Yeah! We’re in Lindsay. Time to go to see Armand at 3i Communications to get set up with our TV satellite arm so maybe in a week or so (by the time Starchoice gets around to bringing the dish to us) we might have decent TV!

Tomorrow my sister, Betty, is picking me up and the ladies are going shopping. Don’t know where yet. It’s supposed to rain, so if it rains, we’ll go to Peterborough where we can shop indoors, if not, maybe Lindsay or Fenelon Falls. Tomorrow is another day!

The photo today is of our site at Double M.

Tuesday 8 August 2006

The Search for Marble Bluff

Cute old log home along Hwy 511 with day lilies growing against it

Tatlock Quarry

Tatlock Quarry

Bib got me up before 7:00 a.m. today. It was bright and sunny but only 14C (57F) and quite breezy.

This morning Gordon was going to see a former client of his at her new job to have coffee and see their new office so while he was gone I took some time to start putting things away in preparation for our trip tomorrow.

This afternoon we headed out to find Marble Bluff. We never did find it but had another nice drive and took Bib with us today. We did find Tatlock Quarry where they quarry white marble. The white hills reminded me of White Sands in Alamogordo, NM. They let you take the white stones for free! I used to pay a fortune for a bag of those stones at the nursery. I've lived in this area for 35 years and never knew that marble was quarried this close to home.

We drove as far as Calabogie as I hadn’t been there in a lot of years. For a resort community, I expected more but we didn’t go as far as Calabogie Peaks. Another time. We’ll also have to find Marble Bluff next time we’re here.

It turned out to be a beautiful summer day - no humidity, sunny with a breeze and 24C (75F).

Fell asleep watching TV tonight.

Monday 7 August 2006

Trip to Purdon Conservation Area

Scene along County Road 12 near Lanark

View from the lookout at the Purdon Conservation Area

It was much warmer when I got up this morning 21C (70F) and this was before 7:00 a.m. however when I went outside there was a really nice breeze so it didn’t feel that warm.

This morning I sat outside and read and did some painting on my doggie part of our name plaque. It was very pleasant with the breeze but when I was painting at the picnic table, it was hot and my paint kept drying on me. This is good for the piece you’re painting on but not good for the paint you’re using.

This afternoon we headed southwest to see if we could find the Purdon Conservation Area. We did find it without any problems and had a nice drive. Purdon Conservation is a wetland area and is home to the wild Lady’s Slipper Orchid from mid-June to mid-July so we missed that and I have to say that other than a nice boardwalk throughout, it wasn’t much but it was a lovely afternoon and we saw some towns and places that we had never seen before. We drove through Lanark which when I was a kid was home to the Kitten Mill but that is no longer open although the village itself is kind of cute – not by Merrickville or Perth’s standards but cute in its own right. For anyone who doesn’t know Merrickville and Perth are two very cute, trendy little towns in Eastern Ontario with all sorts of little shops.

Watched TV this evening but it pretty much sucks! Only a few days till we look into satellite TV!

Sunday 6 August 2006

Sunday Jaunt

View from my lawn chair this afternoon at Tranquil Acres

I enjoyed my walk this morning as it was another cool, bright sunshiny morning, only 13C (56F) outside.

I had decided yesterday I was going to make a trip into Ottawa to pick up some things and get the mail from my sister’s house so I set out around 10:45 a.m. and headed into Ottawa. I made several stops and got to my sister’s around 2:00 p.m.

When I arrived Nick and Becky were there for a short time so I got to see them which was a bonus. Nick was there to pick up his clothes. After they left, Margie, John, Danica and I chatted a bit and I headed out to do grocery shopping around 3:00 p.m. arriving back at the campground at 4:15 p.m.

I sat in my lawn chair for a while after I got home - see photo above.

Nothing else happening today!