Tuesday 28 November 2023

Other paintings I haven't posted yet


Turtle Island here in town after a snow and ice storm.

My take on one of my niece's photos she took in Maui last year.

Thursday 27 January 2022

 Here are some paintings I've done in the last few months

I didn't really feel like painting for a long time. I painted the tulips in the spring, then lost my mojo. I have been painting birthday and Christmas cards all year and I was happy with most of them. Then I resurrected my "Standing Proud" painting that I started when I was still taking lessons at Heather's Studio before Covid. I purchased the CD from Jerry Yarnell, a well known painter who now has a studio in Oklahoma where he teaches. He has also been on PBS for years and I love watching  him so I bought a couple of CD's from him. I painted the Northern Lights one some years ago but now I can say that I've finished Standing Proud. It resembles Jerry's original but isn't exactly the same. So here it is.....

And here is the tulips painting done in June.

And the cards I've painted over the last year or so....

This is a drawing, didn't paint it...yet

So that's it for now. Enjoy!

Tuesday 22 December 2020

Paintings from this summer

Both of these paintings are done on 140 lb watercolour paper 8x10

Lockmaster's House, Smiths Falls, now home of Le Boat


Stone bridge, Canal Museum and water tower, Smiths Falls

Wednesday 2 December 2020

My latest card

I just completed this watercolour of a pileated woodpecker for my sister's birthday card. She doesn't have internet any more so I can't just message her. Hope she likes it!

Thursday 20 February 2020

More older painting photos

Pink flowers watercolour

Red poppies acrylic done with pallet knife

Puffin watercolour painted before our trip to Newfoundland


Abstract with beading
My very first acrylic painting started on my first day of art lessons in Jan 2015

First watercolour painted from a You Tube video

My favourite scene from Stewart Park in Perth, ON

Acrylic painted from Katy Jobling You Tube video

Puffins in acrylic painted on our return from Newfoundland

Some older paintings

My very first watercolour, done as a birthday card for Garth, my BIL

Canoe painting for my nephew Nick for Christmas a few years ago

Walking on the beach, gift for my niece, Danica. She and her Mom love to walk on the beach

Keeley Falls, Andrew Haydon Park Ottawa

My first abstract


Northern Lights from a DVD which I purchased from Jerry Yarnell

Poppy that I painted for sister, Betty for Christmas one year

Trees along Lake Erie, gifted to my sister & BIL, Margie & John