Friday 21 May 2010

Saturday May 22, 2010

Friday was a beautiful sunny, warm day so Gordon got busy and put together the patio set. Only the swing left to go! He also went to Canadian Tire and picked up a ladder that was on sale. When he got back I showed him a weedeater on sale at TSC so he went and got that too.

In the afternoon we decided to go and do something fun so we went to the Lilac Capital of Ontario, a hamlet called Franktown which is between Smiths Falls and Carleton Place. Unfortunately due to the early spring, the lilacs were just about done but they have a place called Lilac Lane where the lilacs line the lane. You can walk it or drive it but it's pretty narrow!

Franktown, Lilac Capital of Ontario

Lilac Lane

There's an interesting little church in Franktown called Beckwith Rectory

Since we were nearly at Carleton Place we stopped by the RV and picked up the propane tank. I also cleaned out our clothes closets and got some cleaning products. Getting it cleaned out slowly!

This was Friday night's sunset from our front porch

While there we noticed that the grass around the rig where the riding mower can't reach really needs to be cut. We'll take the weedeater over and get that done very soon.

Today I woke up to cloud and showers however after breakfast and piddling around for a while we began to see some hints of sun so off we went to some garage sales. We got a trouble light, a cooler and a cream & sugar set. Gordon is concerned that the one I have for sugar doesn't have a top on it and he's afraid of ants so for $1.00 I got a whole set. We looked at a few others but didn't see anything.

We dropped the stuff off, had lunch and went out again but no luck till we happened by the local Flea Market. Gordon saw that there were some bikes there so we went in and got two bikes for $20 as well as a bunch of picture frames both small and large. Now we have to pick from Gordon's photos to get enlarged to put in them.

It was warm and a bit humid today and we had a thunderstorm and quite a bit of rain around dinnertime but this week is going to be quite hot and sunny.

Thursday 20 May 2010

Thursday May 20, 2010-Wednesday and Thursday

Yesterday we went on a search for an extension cord for the mower, a dehumidifier, a weed eater and something to cut up some tree limbs. We got the extension cord and the shears to cut up the tree limbs as Gordon had trimmed trees on the weekend and we have to take them to the compost site on Saturday.

Gordon mowed the yard and had just enough power cord to reach the far corners of the yard. He also got the new barbecue put together.

I was doing well with my shoulder till mid afternoon, then I had to break down and take a muscle relaxant. I hate feeling groggy all the time. I'm groggy enough as my natural self!

Today we were staying home to wait for our furniture delivery. They arrived around 9:45 a.m. We thought that the bedroom furniture would have to be assembled but it didn't. Gordon thought he would be putting it together for 2 days! They did set up the bed but we had to take it apart again to raise the head of the bed for my reflux disease. Most things were set up by lunch time except the bedroom as we had to go out and get some bricks to raise the head of the bed.

Gordon putting together the new coffee table

We have one problem with our TV stand/fireplace. To run the fireplace and have heat (which we certainly don't need now) we need 11 amps and the plug is 10 amp and is shared with others so we'll have to have an electrician in to fix that before winter.

After the bedroom got assembled, we started putting our clothes away in the cupboards.

Summer arrived today with a bit of humidity. It was 27C (81F) when we went out to the lumber yard.

I've done well today, I took 2 Tylenol this morning and no muscle relaxants although I think I'll need one to be able to sleep tonight but that's certainly better than the last few days. I think all that moving and carrying boxes wasn't helping.

We're ready to relax a bit now and enjoy our new stuff.

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Wednesday May 19, 2010 - Getting You Up to Date


More moving; Margie & John brought us new swing from them & Betty & Garth. I’ve always wanted a swing and this one is even better – it’s a hammock swing so the seat lays down into a bed. The ugly wallpaper peeled right off without much of a problem; John took the parts off with putty knife; Margie & I went out to the hardware store and got paint and switches & stuff.

Washer & dryer work fine so will cancel our new set at Leon’s.

We took Margie & John to dinner at Country Diner. It’s not much of a payment for all they’re doing for us!

Went back to Nancy’s to sleep; met Nancy’s sister & husband who were there for dinner; really tired; crashed at 8:30 PM.


Up early.

Took 1 load to house then returned to Ottawa; went to Leon’s; they canceled the washer/dryer without a problem; back to Nancy’s for another load; said goodbye’s to Nancy & Max; stayed our first night in the house.


Up early for the Cogeco guy to come to install internet, TV and phone service. He arrived around 9:30 a.m. Insurance agent came too to take photos of the oil tank and pellet stove.

After the Cogeco guy left we went out to get a new belt for the beater brush on our central vac; also returned a switch we had bought yesterday for our bathroom fan. John was trying to give us either two separate switches or a timed switch since every time you turn on the light the fan comes on too. A bit of a hassle but something we can live with; also went to the town offices to pick up a recycle box and some extra tags for garbage. We’re only allowed two items other than our recyclable stuff.


We started the day by tracking down the vehicle licensing office to get our addresses changed on our driver’s licenses and the truck ownership.

Then errands to run in Ottawa; John came to put the second coat of paint on the bedroom and brought his friend, Pete to help. We had lunch at Wendy’s in Ottawa and then stopped at Nancy’s to pick up some stuff we’d forgotten and stopped at the RV on our way home. Max was glad to see us!

We now have wifi in the house. It took a while for our router to decide it was going to work but now we’re ‘back to normal’.

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Tuesday May 18, 2010-See Gordon's update

Since I haven't gotten around to an update, click here to read Gordon's.