Saturday 4 February 2006

Canada Day in Mesa, Arizona

Today after my morning walk and breakfast, I decided to go to the pool and spa. Gordon was busy interneting so I walked up to the pool and was just going through the gate when my sister, Betty called from Toronto. She said it was cloudy there but not cold but they are looking forward to their trip to Spain which is coming up shortly. We had a nice chat and then I sat by the pool for a couple of hours. I spent some time in the spa and then in the pool returning in time for lunch. While I ate lunch I sat outside in my lawnchair and read. It reached 83F today but very pleasant with no humidity!

Mid-afternoon we went for our showers to be ready for the potluck at 5 p.m. Canada Day is a yearly event here and apparently at most parks in the area. Each year it is hosted by residents from a different province and this year was hosted by Manitoba. We had a great meal. I’m still stuffed! They handed out information pamphlets about Manitoba and then we had a quiz. It so happened we had a retired teacher from Bell High School in Ottawa at our table so although Gordon and I completed the quiz for the table, Chad marked it and we got 100%. At our table was the couple from Ottawa, Aggie & Chad and Ken and Joyce from Regina. These potlucks are only for Canadians in the park. Apparently each state also has a potluck between now and the end of March.

When we got home I decided to take the garbage out and go for a walk. I didn’t walk nearly as far as I usually do in the late afternoon but it was nice walking in the evening.

After returning to the RV I checked my email and I had two emails from my nephew, Nicholas, one sending the promised pictures of his paramedic team and the baby they delivered which is my picture for today! My handsome nephew is the farthest on the right. Thanks for the photos Nick and it was great to hear from you!

Friday 3 February 2006

Hot and Sunny!

This morning started as usual, Gordon left before sunrise to get photos, I walked the dog, walked me, and had breakfast. I had decided yesterday I wanted to go to the SwapMeet over in Phoenix. I had picked up a card at the tourist information place at the RV office giving us free admission. Sure glad we didn’t have to pay to get in! Mostly tacky junk, probably worse than Quartzsite. We saw the place (they claim it’s 3 acres indoors) in an hour and then headed back. I wanted to go to Michaels to get some wood to start our plaque but couldn’t find it on the way back. I checked on line when we got home and now I know where it is.

This afternoon I again sat outside. It was quite hot in the sun today and it probably got to 78F. Very nice day! The only difference was I didn’t have a nap!

When I came in I asked Gordon if he wanted to go to the tourist information place over on Apache Trail so we loaded the dog and ourselves in the truck and headed over there. It wasn’t much either so we continued on to the overlook that goes to Weavers Needle. I only had sandals on so I stayed with Bib. Also it was too hot to leave Bib in a closed up truck so Gordon walked the mile or so to take photos of the Needle.

Then back home and I again went for a long walk around the park. I can see a difference in myself when I do these walks twice a day. Other than my back, I feel better.

Gordon is now barbecuing some burgers for dinner. Tonight is one of my favorite TV nights – Ghost Whisperer and Close to Home.

Photos today are of a flowering cactus and a bottle brush tree.

Thursday 2 February 2006

Sunny and Warm!

This morning after walking Bib, I went for another long walk around the park by myself, then came back to do some internet and watched some TV before heading out for our showers at the park. I like to use the park showers if they are clean, less cleaning for me although when we do use them, Gordon is the one that uses the squeegee to wipe down the walls.

This afternoon I had my dentist appointment. Very nice people, lots of forms to fill out. I even had to have an x-ray as the dentist wanted to be sure that there was no fracture. Apparently an old filling has chipped and in his opinion the tooth needs a crown. He said he thought it could wait until I get home but no guarantees so I’ve decided to take my chances and wait as I don’t really want a crown. I’m hoping my dentist in Ottawa can remove the old filling and just put in a new one. Since I saw the ad in the magazine they have here at the RV park which had a coupon for free examination and free x-rays – NO CHARGE! I had visions of hundreds of dollars.

We stopped at a grocery on the way back so I could get some beans to make my Calico Bean recipe for the potluck on Saturday. It’s better made ahead of time so I’ll do it tonight.

I sat outside and read for a while when we came back, then fed & walked Bib and then Gordon and I went for a walk around the park. He wanted some bird photos. He did get a couple of shots but they weren’t close enough for me to photograph with my little camera.

It was another beautiful sunny day and it reached about 75F. It also hasn’t been getting so cold at night and was 47F when I got up this morning. Lots better than 32F that we had some mornings in Quarzsite!

Nothing else happening around here today!

Photos are of some flowering trees around the park.

Wednesday 1 February 2006

Not Much Happening Today!

Today's photos-top to bottom:
Bird on a cactus
Bunny seen on my walk this afternoon
Sky view from my lawnchair

Gordon got up before sunrise and headed out to take photos. Bib and I went for our usual walk and after I brought him home I went for a real walk. I think I’ve covered most of the park by now. It’s interesting to see where people are from either from their license plate or plaque that they have hung somewhere. I haven’t seen anyone else here from Ontario but I have seen people from Manitoba, B.C. and Alberta. It will be interesting to see how many people are Canadian that turn up for the Canada Day potluck on Saturday.

I made an appointment for next week for Bib to get a haircut at Smoochie Poochie and made myself a dentist appointment for tomorrow. I chipped a front tooth before Christmas but we haven’t been in one place long enough or in an area that has dentists that can take you right away so I was lucky to find this dental office and close by. Let’s hope it’s a minor repair at least until I get home.

I had planned to go to the Mall but decided I was too lazy. There’s a SwapMeet this weekend that I’d like to attend and I think I’ll check that out first.

I’ve also been thinking about making a plaque for us with our names and where we’re from. I had hoped to find someone who would make one at Quartzsite but the only one that looked like it might make signs to order was never open when they were there. So, I thought I could go to Michael’s and get the wood (after all the wood I practically gave away for crafting when we sold the house), I have my paints. We have the expertise! I even have a wood burning tool if I decide to go that way rather than paint. Anyway it’s still in the planning.

Most of the morning I did interneting and watched TV. This afternoon I sat outside in the sun for a while where it was really hot although only about 70F and then moved to the shade where it was quite cool. I took another walk around the park and back to internet.

Tuesday 31 January 2006

Today Started Out As Ho Hum!

Today started out very slowly. I was up early to walk the dog but still felt tired so after my walk around the park and breakfast, I lay down on the couch and read for a while and fell asleep. I got up and went to sit outside but it was a bit cool so I took my blanket and sat out and read and napped again.

This afternoon was partly cloudy and a bit windy and not a good day for sitting outside so we decided to go “scouting” for pictures. We wound up driving north on Apache Trail to a little bit past Tortilla Flat about 20 miles away. We saw some very pretty sites and took lots of photos. Mine are posted at: . Some of them haven’t been named yet as I haven’t found out the name of the mountains. We got back about 5:30 p.m. in time for a shower, walk the dog and make dinner.

I got an email today telling me that we have been named RVers of the month for February by RV Resources. Here’s the link:

RV Resources is an internet directory specializing in information on RV's. It has links to dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, rentals, service, insurance etc. The site is focused on providing the best information about RV's available on the internet.

Tonight is internet and TV!

Today’s photo is of Bib and I with Canyon Lake as the backdrop taken by my husband, Gordon.

Monday 30 January 2006

Beautiful Day in Mesa!

When we arrived on Saturday we were to go to the office on Monday at 8:30 a.m. to get registered. So we showed up but were told that the office computers had locked up and to come back later.

Since groceries were the next on the list and Gordon wanted to do some more scouting for photos, we went to the WalMart on Apache Trail where he dropped me off. I got groceries, finally got my watch band resized and got my blood pressure reading to keep my doctor happy.

When Gordon got back from his scouting trip, we had coffee at the Subway at WalMart, then came back and unloaded the truck.

After putting groceries away, we headed back to the office but they were closed for lunch so we hung around, finally got registered and paid. While I was waiting I noticed they are having a “Canada Day” potluck on February 4th so I signed us up. More food!

It was such a bright, sunny and warm day when we got back to the RV, I put together my new folding table that I bought at WalMart to go with our outside chairs, sat outside and read and yes, again took a short nap. I spent about 1 ½ hours in the partial sun. Gordon had put the awning out but it didn’t keep all the sun off me so I lathered up with sun block. Then I took a long walk around the park looking for a photo to take to put on my blog. So, today’s photo is of the swimming pool and spa. I may spend some time there tomorrow as it’s supposed to be another beautiful day and even warmer than today.

We had a treat for dinner tonight. Gordon got out the BBQ and cooked chicken breasts. It’s been a long time since the BBQ has been out as by the time we eat dinner it’s usually too dark. They were yummy!

Now it’s back to the internet and TV for this evening.

Sunday 29 January 2006

Saturday Night and Sunday

When I uploaded my blog yesterday I thought that other than dinner and TV we were finished for the day but Gordon got his second wind and we headed east to see some of the sights. He was particularly interested in photographing the Superstition Mountains so we headed in that direction and wound up at the Lost Dutchman State Park where we took a few photos then to an “authentic” reproduction gold miner’s town called Goldfield Ghost Town which might have been authentic except for the phone booths, signs for jeep sightseeing trips and prices for the sightseeing trips that you would have been able to buy a farm for back in the 1800’s. Anyway, when we left I told Gordon that I didn’t have anything ready for dinner so he suggested we find a Taco Bell. I checked the internet before we left and found two on Apache Trail which was the road we were taking over to the mountains. So on our way back, we stopped there for dinner and watched the beautiful sunset. I did take a picture but with all the wires and signs, it isn’t much of a sunset photo.

This morning we were slow moving. After getting showers and sitting outside to read for a short time, it was noon! This afternoon, I again took my book outside and read a bit and I will admit had a short nap in the sun. It was very nice in the sun with a gentle breeze. Then I came in and asked Gordon if he wanted to drive over to the nearest WalMart SuperCenter so I could see where it is. I usually don’t mind driving as long as I know where I’m going. The traffic is bad getting out of the park and you do have to make a left turn on a 4 lane road. That will probably be the worst part. We found the WalMart and also a large shopping mall that I just might have to check out. If my back was the way it was five years ago I would walk to the mall, walk around and walk home but about two hours walking is all it can take these days and then it’s tightened up for a few days.

After we located WalMart, Gordon asked me where I wanted to go and I said I didn’t care so we headed for downtown Phoenix to see what it looks like. It’s about 20 miles away but we found it. Lots going on there, also lots of construction so Gordon took a few photos and then we headed south on I-10. I-10 is quite puzzling here and I don’t really know how to explain it but we had to double back and then came in on the new 202 Loop which isn’t finished so we took the last exit and came north to the park from there. We saw a lot more of the area anyway.

So tonight it’s hamburgers for dinner and my favourite shows – Desperate Housewives and Gray’s Anatomy.

Today’s photo is me at the “authentic reproduction” jail. I’ve posted a couple of other photos on my yahoo photos website at:

For our original website go to: Links to both our photo websites can be found here as well.