Friday, 27 June 2008

Hangin' Around the House Day

The plan for today was to get the laundry done. It was a cloudy, humid, dreary day to start out with but I persevered and went on my walk. I took my time with breakfast, internet and showering , I finally got around to bed changing and getting the laundry ready around 11 a.m. By that time someone else had already had the same idea as there were clothes in the washers and no one was there to pick them up and put them in the dryer. I really hate that especially since there are only two machines. So I came back to the RV and went back to the laundry about 1/2 hour later. More clothes in the washer, this time washing. So about an hour later I went back and was successful! However the manager has now put the washers up to $1.75/load from $1.50. Everything's going up these days except our incoming money! By the time I got the laundry done, folded and put away it was late afternoon.

Gordon had some phone calls to make to arrange an appointment for another CT scan in September and a call to Social Security in Ogdensburg, NY which is the closest Social Security office to us, about 45 minutes away. They have arranged a phone call for 15 July to get his information. He also found out that even though I'm Canadian, when I'm 62, I will also get some Social Security. Interesting! I doubt if it will be much but every little bit helps! Central booking who book the CT scans for the Ottawa hospitals have to call back next week. They lost his paperwork from the specialist!

The photo above is one Gordon took this morning in the campground. The day lilies are starting to come out along the fence by the pool. I expect they will all be out within the week.

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