Saturday 12 July 2008

Around the House

Today was a beautiful day weather-wise, sunny, no humidity and temperatures reaching 27C (80F). I went to bed very early last night as I was exhausted and managed to sleep almost to my normal arising time. There was lots I wanted to get accomplished today so set off on my morning constitutional thinking about what needed to be done.

First on the agenda, after breakfast, was getting the refrigerator defrosted and taking everything out of the fridge, washing everything and pitching what I didn't want. That job took a lot of the morning. After that I relaxed outside and read for a while.

After lunch, I got the vacuuming done but I'm afraid that's all that will get done today as my back isn't very happy with me. It has never recovered from my July 1st Canada Day downtown trip. I'm afraid I'll have to break down and see the chiropractor. That's enough for one day anyway!

The photos today are from our trip to Merrickville this week.

Friday 11 July 2008

Lunch with an Old Friend

It was a beautiful evening yesterday, no humidity, no air conditioning so why did the power go out at 8:30? I was chatting merrily away in the rv-dreams chatroom when our backup power supply started to beep and the TV shut off. I had enough time to sign off chat saying the power went out. Gordon went outside to see if anyone knew what was up. All he found out was that it was widespread, not just the campground. I found some candles, lit them, then went out too.

Gordon was standing outside talking to our neighbour who just did the written test for the Class A license. He failed the first one and tried it again. Apparently the tests aren't the same every time you go so he passed that one and his appointment for his driver's test is July 18th. He said the questions were all related to commercial rather than RVing. There is word going around that a new license is coming out in the Fall, should we wait?

The bugs were coming out so we came back inside and decided to go to bed. I read for a while and noticed the power came on around 10:30 p.m. or so as I had turned my fan on that's beside my bed so I'd know. The TV also came back on and there was this ghostly blue light shining all over the RV so I came out and turned that off.

It rained over night and was still cloudy this morning as I went for my walk and run. I did my usual blog reading while having breakfast then got ready to meet a friend that I haven't seen in about 17 years for lunch. I left early and picked up a few things at Westgate Mall before meeting Marilyn at Monkey Joe's for lunch. Monkey Joe's has been around for years. Gordon and I used to go there for breakfast occasionally but I haven't been there in a very long time.

Marilyn arrived right on time and we got seated in their outdoor patio which turned out to be pretty noisy. We got caught up on the 17 missing years and left the restaurant at about 3:15 p.m. having arrived at 11:45 a.m. A lot of things have changed in that time. Her son is now 27, last time I saw him, he was about 10 yrs old and many other things have happened in her life which I won't go into.

We had a great visit and now that we have email addresses for each other, we'll be able to keep in touch.

On the way home, I stopped at my sister's and picked up our mail. This was the traffic on Prince of Wales as I was coming back to the RV Park at about 3:45 p.m.

Thursday 10 July 2008

Laundry and a Drive in the Country

Last night after dinner we drove the short distance to the Stormwater Facility which has walking paths. Gordon needed a photo for We just had a short outing as it looked like a thunderhead was building. Lucky for us nothing came of it except to bring drier temperatures. We then did a quick run to the grocery store.


Path at storm facility

The humidity went away over night and today was a perfect 23C (74F) so I had a lovely walk/run this morning.

On to more mundane things, I got the laundry done and out of the way.

Gordon wanted to go for a drive in the country this afternoon so we took the scenic route to historic Merrickville, Ontario. Merrickville has apparently been voted the prettiest village in Ontario and has more heritage buildings than any other community of its size. It even has a Blockhouse Museum

as well as locks as the town is right on the Rideau River. We took some photos and continued on to Burritts Rapids, another hamlet in the area which also has locks. They were just about to let some boats out of the locks so we took some photos there too.

Watch out for that first step - it's a doosey!

I wonder what's behind the pink door?

There was a really big Santa at the front of one of the stores. I managed not to go into ANY stores!

Me coming out of a badly maintained British phone booth.

Merrickville is located in Merrickville-Wolford Township. This is the same spelling as Gordon's lat name.

There's also a Wolford B&B.

From there we came home arriving about 5:30 p.m. Now for a quiet night. Looks like a good night for sleeping with the windows open!

Wednesday 9 July 2008

Some Reminiscing

First of all I woke up with a massive headache and a sore jaw which means I must have been grinding my teeth last night. That hasn't happened in quite a while. I also woke up just after midnight with acid reflux which isn't fun and hasn't happened since we had the head of the bed raised last year so I hope that isn't a sign of things to come! Next thing I realized was that it was raining. Yuk! No walk. I really hate that and it was also still humid.

So, after breakfast I did a root touch up. My hair is still really dry from being in the desert so I didn't want to do an all over colour. I had bought a root touch up kit yesterday. It's the first one I've done so the jury's still out on whether I like it or not.

I also got a pork tenderloin browned and put in the crockpot with potatoes, carrots and onion soup mix.

I realized then that it had quite raining so I did a very short walk/run as it was very humid out. My headache had subsided but was not completely gone. When I got back I took a bit of muscle relaxant which made by afternoon go away completely in the form of a nap.

I didn't take any photos today so I've gone through some older photos. The one at the top right is one of the Christmases that we used to have when I was a kid. In fact I am at the head of the table (in my mother's arms) so my guess is that it's Christmas 1948.

The photo on the left is my younger sister, Margie, her son, Nicholas and myself. Nicholas was about two years old in this photo. He's now 23! Boy was I younger and skinnier! The photo was taken at my Mother's house in Morrisburg, Ontario.

Tuesday 8 July 2008

A Pretty Ho Hum Kinda Day

Today was hot, windy and humid with the threat of rain and thunderstorms this afternoon. The day started off bright and sunny with a lovely breeze which makes for great walking conditions. After breakfast I set out to do errands.

I had to go back to the pharmacy to pick up the rest of Gordon's medication today. They never have the full number of pills for the month that is prescribed so I did other errands while I was out which encompassed the library, getting a fax sent to our new insurer and two shopping malls. On my way home I stopped at the
Canada Beading Supply that I saw when we first arrived. It's quite a store and they have beading classes which start, of course, when we're in Lindsay in August but maybe I'll be able to get one in before we leave to go south for the winter.

I got home shortly after noon and finished the latest book that I started the night before last. I love Lee Child's Jack Reacher series. They are books that you can't put down! I sat outside for a while and then thought I'd take a nap but I couldn't fall asleep so back on the computer I went taking time out to go out and try to find a photo for my blog.

Pretty ferns

This is what we call an MBB - miscellaneous brown bird.

There have been lots of tents in the park lately.

Vine climbing over the wall that runs behind us

Please say prayers for rv-dreams members, Tim and Robyn. Robyn was badly burned in an accident in mid-June and is still in hospital in Augusta, GA on a ventilator. She will be there for a long time yet.

That's it for today, folks!

Monday 7 July 2008


Today I spent a very restful day. I did go for my walk and run and this is the first day in ages that I haven't wrapped my foot. I'm seeing a lot of improvement in it lately.

After breakfast I took myself out to my lawn chair with my book and a cold drink and there I stayed for hours eating my lunch there. I did take a walk around the park and took some photos of the beautiful lilies. Here are some of them.

I've been wanting one of these days for ages and with the warm temperatures and the beautiful breeze it was a great day for it! Unfortunately this kind of day doesn't make for very good blogging!

Oh and by the way, I checked and my figures for June are correct! I had some comments about us only spending such a small amount on fuel for the truck and also indications that my bookkeeping may be incorrect but it's not. These figures don't happen very often but I'm hoping to see more like it this winter in Texas, that is, after we get there. I'm sure the month of October and probably November will be high due to fuel costs.