Friday 16 July 2010

Thursday evening, Friday & Saturday July 15-17, 2010

Thursday evening

After posting we went for an evening drive. Gordon had found more evidence of the Wolford name in the area. There's a Wolford School, a hamlet called Wolford Centre (just a couple of houses) as well as the Wolford Chapel.

We saw this old house that had very interesting brickwork. It looks like dots.


We had some rain this morning and it was very hot and humid. It was 22C (72F) when I woke up shortly after 5 a.m. after a restless sleep but with the humidity it was already 30C (86F). After I got up shortly before 8 a.m. we had a few claps of thunder in the distance and then the system moved out.

Shortly after 10 a.m. the contractor arrived with a truckload of materials and he and his helper started on the deck. I don't even them building the deck in this humidity!

I had wanted to go out to pick up some groceries and stuff but I kept putting it off as I woke up with a giant headache and felt generally blah.

I did go out for groceries but didn't go to all the places I wanted to go.

After lunch I had a nap and felt a bit better although my shoulder is still causing grief.

When I woke up the guys had gone. The bottom step was the only one that had disintegrated badly and they're having a problem demolishing the other two (photo below). It's very hot work!

Gordon and I went out and I picked up some flooring at The Real Deal for $2.00 to go in front of my washer and dryer. The concrete just wasn't working for me. Then we went to Canadian Tire to find something to kill all the bugs that are crawling around on our back patio. Apparently this is a terrible year for bugs.

When we got home Gordon tried to vacuum up the debris along the patio with our little shop vac but that didn't work so he did the best he could getting rid of it before we sprayed the bugs. Hopefully that will discourage them for a while. While out we also stopped at Victoria Park, our municipal RV park and I took a few photos. From a distance it looks like they're really packed in but there is a pretty good distance between them. We've been in much closer quarters (thinking back to the Prince of Tucson)!

For Gordon's latest update, click here.


I slept better, thank goodness but I did have Immigration dreams. I didn't walk again as I wanted to get ready to go out for the garage sales this morning. After breakfast we headed out. We went to quite a few but there was a lot of junk and a lot of overpriced stuff that I might have wanted so I bought a blender for $3.00 and a couple of lawn chairs for $1.00. These are light enough to carry.

When we got back from the garage sales, Gordon walked over to the Canal, Railway and Chocolate Festival at Centennial Park. It's mostly for kids but he wanted to take some photos and I didn't feel like walking that far with my shoulder problem. It was also still pretty hot even though there was quite a strong breeze so instead I sat outside on my swing and read and even weeded and watered my little petunia bed.

I had a long nap this afternoon. It was a very deep sleep and difficult to wake up.

Thursday 15 July 2010

Thursday July 15, 2020 - Pre-Op Assessment

It was very hot today with no breeze to speak of. This equates to no walk for me especially with my shoulder acting up.

Today was the day I had to go for my pre-op assessment at the Riverside Hospital in Ottawa for my cataract surgery.

We left Smiths Falls early like good little Virgos as I wanted to stop at Natural Food Pantry at Billings Bridge and get some bread mixes. We arrived in lots of time, I got what I needed, then Gordon dropped me at the hospital and he went to photograph the ducks across from the Mall where Natural Food Pantry is. It's just a stone's throw from the hospital.

The assessment went fine, I was told when to show up on August 4th, what I could have to eat and drink before my surgery and what to expect. So, I'm all set!

After that, we stopped at my sister's as we hadn't seen them for some time. Gordon also had his second set of photo DVDs with him so a set was dropped off with them as a precaution.

Before we left this morning I had gotten hold of our contractor who is building the deck at the front of the house. When we arrived home, he was sitting on our back patio waiting for us so I guess construction starts tomorrow!

Today's photo is one that Gordon took when we first moved here. It's also the one he framed for sale at Spotlight on the Rideau.

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Tuesday & Wednesday July 13 & 14, 2010


I had another decent morning for my walk, it was cloudy and the humidity was building but there was some breeze.

We headed back to Perth today and Gordon got his photo printed. While we were waiting for the printing we walked around downtown Perth a bit. Then went and had a coffee at Tim Horton's. Hope I don't have any side effects from it.

On our way back we stopped at the Ottawa Valley Home Improvement Centre which is just outside of Perth to get a price on our vanity. This is a family run operation and the lady who helped us certainly seemed to know what she was doing. The price was very competitive and I would rather give my business to the small businessman than a large corporation wherever possible so I think we're going to go ahead and order.

When we got home, Gordon framed his photo and we took it over to Spotlight on the Rideau. Hopefully we'll have a sale soon! We're not counting on it but you never know!

My shoulder is back to bothering me again so I took a muscle relaxant last night so I had a long nap when I got home.

It was cloudy and gray all day so no photos were taken.


Today was another warm, humid day. I didn't walk as I didn't want to aggravate my shoulder any further.

I did some cleaning while Gordon was out in the shed putting up his work bench.

I called the Ottawa Valley Home Improvement Centre to order my bathroom vanity. She said she'd make up the paperwork but we had to come in and sign the contract so another trip to Perth was in order. Luckily it's only about 20 km (12 mi) and they are on the outskirts of Perth.

On the way out we stopped at Spotlight on the Rideau. The owner was there today and he's anxious for Gordon to bring in a couple more photos so he will have a grouping of them.

We headed over to order the vanity and found that we needed to come back to the house to check to see if there was any room between the top drawer and the vanity. We found out there wasn't so back to the home improvement store where we placed our order.

On the way back we stopped to pick up some nails and things for Gordon to get his workshop set up. He spent a while out there this morning in the heat getting it started.

Last stop was the library where I picked up about 8 large-print books.

I've been trying to get in touch with our contractor to see if he has our building permit for the front deck. No luck yet. Maybe with all these hot days he went fishing!

Sunday 11 July 2010

Saturday evening to Monday - July 10-12, 2010

Saturday evening

After I posted, we noticed that the sky was looking quite interesting so we decided to go out with our cameras. We headed southwest and stopped first at Otter Lake, then on to two locations in Portland. The first was the yard of the Tourist Bureau and then the Portland Conservation Authority.


It was already 26C (79F) when I got up so I decided not to walk this morning. After breakfast and doing some cleaning we drove out to the Wolford Chapel to see if it was still in use on a Sunday morning. It appears that it is not. We then drove around a lot of back roads between Smiths Falls and Merrickville and took some photos.

Little church in Easton's Corners

Doughnut cloud

Lots of water lilies

Wildflowers along the road

There was enough breeze this afternoon and it was cool enough under the big tree that I was able to sit outside on the swing for a while.


It was cooler this morning with a nice breeze so I got to go for my walk again. On my return it was getting rather humid. I did notice that there were some roofers out roofing a neighbour's garage this morning. We haven't seen our contractor lately so I expect it's because he hasn't been able to get a building permit yet.

I called the Better Business Bureau on Bath Fitter and they've had one resolved complaint in the past three years so we're going ahead with the tub and tub wall and an appointment has been made for next week to get 'er done!

Today I went through all my Yahoo Groups and deleted my membership in those that I no longer look at or those with no activity. Quite a job as each one has to be done individually!

This afternoon I went to pick up prescriptions then came back and we went to Rona (Hardware store). It's the only place we haven't gone to price a new sink and vanity in this area. We'll have to wait till Thursday for a price but I think they'll be too expensive. We then stopped at a printing place. We're looking for someone to print out Gordon's photos so he can frame them and put them in the Spotlight on the Rideau (consignment). They printed off a sample and he wasn't happy with it but they did tell us of a place in Perth that has a wide format printer so we went there but they closed at 3 p.m. and it was about 3:30 at that point. We hit a couple of grocery stores that we don't have here in Smiths Falls then returned home.

It was hot again today - 32C (90F).