Wednesday 20 October 2010

Sunday to Wednesday October 17-20, 201


It was very cloudy when I woke up. I chose a different route for my walk today. I'd not been on these residential streets on foot before.

After breakfast Gordon wanted to go for a drive since the sun had come out. It turned into a beautiful day. Here are some photos:

Lone tree

That's one long horse!

Pretty little church

Stewart Park, Perth

Dead tree

Old shed and pretty trees

Little red barn

This afternoon I got my October expenses spreadsheet updated. I still haven't finished July. It's a nightmare but all the other months are done and now that the house is furnished we seem to be doing ok budgetwise. 


A lovely day but cool for my morning walk. After breakfast I went out to do some shopping. I was surprised that the grocery shelves didn't seem to be better stocked. Guess I don't often shop on Monday mornings!

This afternoon I unpacked my china and crystal that we brought home from my sister's last week. A few casualties with the china but I don't expect I'm ever going to use it that much. I have plates galore, I didn't realize how many. The teacups took quite a hit and I didn't have too many of them to begin with but again, rarely used. 

I thing the blogging community has made a group decision to give access to our blogs to someone who can update our blogs should anything happen to us. After the untimely deaths of Bruce and Margie, the situation has caused all of us to realize that none of us are immortal. I decided to give my passwords and instructions to my younger sister and my niece. Since Gordon and I are usually together when traveling, I thought this was the best choice. 


It was nice to see the sun again this morning and again I headed downtown for my morning constitutional. It was 0C (32F) when I woke up and it had only warmed to 1C (34F) when I left the house.

We carried this Mola (above) with us all the time while we were fulltiming so I decided it was time it got hung on the wall. It's now in the bedroom and adds a punch of colour to a beige/brown room. We purchased this Mola on our cruise to the Panama Canal. This was bought on a side trip to the San Blas Islands.

 After breakfast, I got out the breadmaker and made a loaf of gluten free bread. Since we had some bananas that were getting ripe, I decided I may as well make some gluten free banana bread too. It turned out really tasty but pretty crumbly.

We got the results of Gordon's MRI, no changes in his lungs so that's a good thing. 

 The rest of the day passed with little getting done. I now have something on all of my bookshelves. That didn't take long!


I was up early today as we had to go into Ottawa for some appointments. The forecast had been for rain but this morning the radio said that we wouldn't have any till tonight but it would be windy. 

We set out early as we had a few stops to make before our eye appointment. First we went to my favourite radio station when I was in Ottawa. Oldies 1310 is no more and has now converted to a news station. I had a bunch of points to use up so I had ordered a baseball cap, two t-shirts and a coffee mug that I had to go and pick up. That done, Gordon wanted to go to Henry's Camera Store as there's a new camera out that he wanted - the Canon 60D and it was on sale. So we stopped, he bought the camera. From there we stopped at a couple of grocery places to pick up things that I can't easily get here in town. 

Then to the eye doctor. He said he could give me a prescription for glasses that would make it easier to read but since I don't have a problem reading I decided not to get them. I do have to go back mid November for a visual field test.

Gordon had his eye test and decided he wanted glasses for the computer so he picked out some frames and we'll have to go and pick them up in a few days.

We had some time before the dentist so Gordon put his new camera together and we went to the Fletcher Wildlife Garden. It had clouded up but we still took some photos.

Next stop - the dentist. I have a tooth that has been sensitive for years and every so often I go and my dentist paints a resin on it which helps a lot. There is now a new procedure out so I have to go back next week to have a second coat done.

I hadn't gotten anything out for dinner so we went out to the Smiths Falls Restaurant and Deli. We had some problems with getting the food right but it was good when we got it. Lucky we weren't in a rush. Just hope it agrees with us!