Saturday 20 May 2006

Rainy and Cold!

Another nasty day, rain and cold for most of the day. It stopped late in the day but was too late to do much at that point.

My back was really bothering me today and Gordon managed to put his out getting his tool chest out of the storage compartment to fix the kitchen drawer that broke last night so neither of us was in very good shape today.

I took ½ a muscle relaxant this morning so my day was spent reading and napping on and off. I didn’t even get to take my walk this morning due to the rain and cold. Not very nice for a long weekend and the last weekend of the Tulip Festival!

No photos taken today.

Friday 19 May 2006

Thursday Update and Friday Review

Trees Reflection-Andrew Hayden Park, Ottawa

Mist over Ottawa River - taken from Andrew Hayden Park, Ottawa

Goose and goslings taken at Andrew Hayden Park, Ottawa

Andrew Hayden Park scene, Ottawa

Our annual physicals yesterday turned out well. My doctor says that retirement is agreeing with me. She's even given me the ok to go off my blood pressure medication to see what happens. Luckily since I had all the blood tests done when I was in the hospital in Cincinatti so I don’t need to have them done again! YAY!

Yesterday afternoon turned out to be not too bad so we took the dog and went back and parked at Hog’s Back and then walked a bit along the canal. The sun was out for a while so glad we took advantage of it. We took a few photos, then returned to the RV.

Our niece, Danica has the honour of being one of the best young musicians in Ottawa and is presently spending the week at a festival in downtown Ottawa. Here’s the writeup from yesterday’s Ottawa Citizen.

Here’s the Musicfest website:
The Ottawa Citizen
Young Ottawa-area musicians to play with the best of Musicfest

Published: Thursday, May 18, 2006
A handful of Ottawa-area musicians have been picked from among 9,000 young players to be part of two bands that represent the best of Musicfest, a week-long festival that brings thousands of young musicians from across the continent to Ottawa.
Included in the National Concert Band are Ottawa-area musicians Melissa Jerome (bassoon), Christian Paquette (flute), Jonathan Camire (French horn), Gabrielle Smith (alto sax), Patrick Trahan (baritone sax), Julian Simard (trombone), Jeffrey Teutsch (trombone ), Danica De Jong (trumpet), Isabelle Lee (trumpet) and Sebastian Bouchard (tuba).
Included in the Yamaha All-Star band are Ottawa-area musicians Nathan Cepelinski (sax), Megan Jutting (trumpet), Eric Cathcart (guitar), Lucas Haneman (guitar), and Alex Mastronardi (bass).
Both bands will perform at the National Arts Centre during the final days of Musicfest. The concerts are open to Musicfest participants only.

Today Gordon was supposed to go for his bloodwork but he forgot and drank some coffee when he got up so we canned that for today. I went to the chiropractor and then to the library. I decided to take advantage of my library membership while we’re here so now I’ve got a lot of reading to do! The morning was cloudy and not very nice but at least it didn’t rain while I was out. When I returned I started to read and of course, fell asleep. More reading, interneting and that was my day!

Later this afternoon, Gordon was going to update my Firefox but somehow lost my bookmark folder, I guess he reloaded the program or something. Anyway, I’ve been trying to recreate it. Thank goodness for history!

Thursday 18 May 2006

Introducing Luke Charles!

Baby Luke

Luke and his Mommy

Since I don’t expect much to be happening today and it’s still raining, we probably won’t do much. We have our annual medicals this morning so we’re getting ready to go to our doctor for 10:00 a.m.

Luke’s picture was finally posted on the hospital website so thought I would post this morning. He definitely looks like his sister Grace did at that age except for his hair. Grace had a rooster comb. Here's the link to his photos that I've uploaded to Yahoo:

Wednesday 17 May 2006

I'm Really Really Really Tired of Rain!

Rain again today. Starting to feel like we’re in Harlingen, Texas again. We had three weeks of cloud and rain in our 2004/2005 winter there.

Today I had another chiropractor appointment and I needed to do some errands and get some groceries so I went by myself and Gordon stayed home with his computer. On my way home I stopped and got to spend some time with my sister and her husband but she had to go back to work for a meeting so I got home around 4:30 p.m.

The rain stopped for the evening but more is expected.

Still no photos of our new grandson! We’ve been checking the hospital website several times a day but so far no Luke!

No photos today due to errands and rain!

Tuesday 16 May 2006

Appointment & Other Things

Watson's Mill, Manotick

A.Y. Jackson Park, Manotick

Bib having a nap

This morning was a typical morning, walks, TV, naps etc.

We had an appointment to see our financial advisor this afternoon to get finances straightened out, that being done we came back to the RV, picked up the dog and headed to Sleepy Cedars RV Park at Manotick Station. We had never been there before so thought we’d check it out. Too many trees. We like Tranquil Acres at Carleton Place better. After that we drove into Manotick and took some photos of Watson’s Mill and A.Y. Jackson Park, shown above.

I made a nice Salsa Chicken recipe for dinner. We had something like it at my sister’s last week so thought I would give it a try. It turned out quite well. I did a few adaptations to my brother-in-law’s recipe but it was the same idea.

Another night of TV! The joys of being retired! Not much different than when we were in the house.

Monday 15 May 2006

Baby Update

Luke Charles Bylaw born 9:32 p.m. on Monday May 15, 2006, weighing 9 lb 7 oz, 21 ¼ inches long. Mother, Father and Baby doing fine. According to his father he looks like our oldest grandchild, Grace.

Photo to follow.......

Our Week of Mostly Medical Appointments Begins!

When I first woke up this morning very early it was pouring rain so I snuggled deep in the covers and it had stopped when I got up at about 7:30 a.m. so was able to go for our walks. It was still cloudy and windy at that time but the forecast was for sun this afternoon.

Unfortunately this afternoon, I had a dentist appointment so wasn’t able to sit in the sun. I thought I had one chipped tooth but I actually had 2 chipped front teeth so she filled both of them, thank goodness. I had visions of crowns! We were home by 2:00 p.m., the sun came out so we took Bib and went to take some photos at Hogs Back Falls Park which is really close to the RV park.

The sun stayed out for the better part of an hour so Gordon took 93 photos. I took some as well but not nearly that many. Photos for today are, of course, of Hogs Back. Hogs Back is a very pretty place and if anyone is visiting Ottawa you should make a point of visiting.

About 3:00 p.m. we received a call from Gordon’s daughter, Michelle. She was on her way to the hospital to deliver our second grandson, Luke. She called again at 6:00 p.m. to let us know how things were progressing so we’re looking forward to the next phone call!

Tonight Regis Philbin is supposed to guest star on Deal or No Deal so we’ll have to watch that. Then it’s two hours of Gray’s Anatomy.

Sunday 14 May 2006

WalMart Day!

Today was another cloudy, rainy day. I managed to get my walk in this morning before it rained. I walked across the street to a dead end street called Stephanie that runs along the river. Of course, you can’t see the river for the houses and trees but I had never been there before and during the week the traffic is too heavy to try to get across Prince of Wales Drive. I did manage to get a photo of a little rabbit and a goldfinch.

When I came back, I called my sister to see what they were doing today. They had some shopping to do so I headed to WalMart in Orleans and it started raining while I inside. I had tried to go Friday but the traffic was too heavy. I managed to find it but didn’t find what I wanted there so stopped at Giant Tiger on Walkley on the way back and then WalMart on Bank Street where I found my duck boots. I got home shortly after noon.

My sister then called to see if I had gone out shopping. She and her husband were just setting out and offered to drop our mail off. I wound up going shopping with them and hit yet another WalMart, this time in Barrhaven. Margie is looking for a patio set and Danica is looking for shoes. We weren’t successful for either item. I got home just before 4:00 p.m. in time to feed Bib.

Gordon went out after dinner to get his photo of the day and Bib and I stayed home.

Tonight it’s TV.

No photos for today. My photos of the goldfinch didn’t turn out very well.