Friday 13 May 2011

Medical Appointment and Some Fun!

Wouldn't you know it, I was going to post a blog yesterday but Blogger was down, way down as it turned out so I posted most of these photos on Facebook, however for those that don't use Facebook, here they are again along with some others.

Sunday we went for a drive but it turned cloudy just after I took the photo below of a beautiful Trumpeter Swan, one of a pair here in the swale.

Tuesday the carpet installers arrived and got rid of the horrible burgundy carpet that showed every little thing and installed our beautiful wicker carpet. It has brightened the place up so much!

The old living room carpet being removed

The new carpet-so much brighter!

Today we had to go to Ottawa for our annual medicals so we went in early stopping first at one of our favourite parks, Andrew Haydon.

A pair of mallard ducks taking a dive

Andrew Haydon Park

Lots of ponds and bridges

A pair of geese with goslings

The fluffy babies

Pathway in the park

From there we still had some time so continued on to Mud Lake and walked a bit of the trail.

Turtles sunning

Mud Lake trail

Mud Lake

A blurry shot of a scarlet tanager

Then on to our family doctor’s where she loaded us down with tests and prescriptions.

This is the second week of the Tulip Festival so since it was such a beautiful sunny day and a perfect temperature we headed over to Commissioner’s Park where most of the tulips are. We weren’t the only ones. There were lots of people there on a weekday afternoon probably since rain is forecast for the foreseeable future.

A good turnout for a weekday afternoon

Probably because it's the last beautiful day in the foreseeable future

Getting out of the tulip festival-horrendous pain!
This is why we moved out of Ottawa (one of the reasons).