Thursday 22 September 2011

Some Photos and What We've Been Doing

Little Blue Church, Prescott, ON
On Sunday we headed to Prescott as Gordon wanted to visit Fort Wellington and Windmill Point Lighthouse as his birthday trip.

First we went to Windmill Point Lighthouse. It was supposed to be open on the weekend through September but although it was a beautiful day, it was closed.

Then on to Fort Wellington, he did the tour, I waited in the car. History isn't my thing.

This Little Blue Church was my father's favourite church in the area so we stopped and took some photos there.

After that we headed back home.

Today (Thursday 22 September), it was a lovely afternoon so we decided to go for a drive to see if there were any Fall colours.

We didn't see a lot of colour. It may still be too early.
Fall scene

Wetlands area 

More wetlands

And still more

Dead tree

As we were driving along a back road we saw this huge turtle crossing the road. When he saw us coming he turned around and went back the way he had come.
Crossing the road the way he had come
Once he got across the road he stopped in the grass along the side and looked like he was going to pull into his shell but he didn't.

Really big turle

Traveling the back roads

We decided these were cypress knees

 They are not cypress knees as we have no cypress trees in this area but we can dream.

The sumac has turned red

Curvy back road

Great blue heron enjoying his spot on the lake

Cove Road is very pretty with it's canopied trees

We had a lovely afternoon and I had put some pork tenderloin in the slow cooker this morning so dinner was ready when we got home.