Saturday 23 August 2008

Birthday, Anniversary, Beading

Today is my younger sister, Margie's birthday. Happy Birthday Margie! Here she is opening one of our gifts (that I purchased in Tubac, Arizona this winter) last Saturday.

Today is also another milestone. It's our 4th year of fulltiming anniversary. Four years ago today Gordon drove our rig out of Vos Trailers in Stittsville, Ontario to Tranquil Acres RV Park at Carleton Place and that was the beginning of it. We're still enjoying it and are hoping that Gordon's Valley Fever setback will not prevent us from continuing our chosen lifestyle.

I've been planning this day for over a week. Today was the day I went to beading class. I arrived about 9:20 a.m. and the shop wasn't open yet. Murida has the shop in a part of her house so she opened when I arrived. I was the only person there so I got one on one attention which is the kind I really like! So from 9:30 a.m. or so until I left just around noon, this is what I created.

Since it's my first creation I'm quite proud of it although Murida did give me help in tucking the wire into the other beads after it goes through the crimper. That's really tough! I also found that I didn't cut my beading wire long enough. Next time I'll know better. She also answered all my questions and gave me her msn live info so that I can ask her anything I need to know on chat. A very nice, helpful lady with no charge for the beading class. I did, however, buy some beads, wire, crimping beads and clasps from her. For her website, click here. The name of her business is The Jewellery Box.

After that I stopped and picked up some fruit and a few other things and came home.

It was hot, hot, hot and humid today although to most of you who read this blog 29C (85F) isn't really hot, to me it is especially with little or no breeze.

When I got home I turned on the air, got my book, read and proceeded to have a long nap! It just seemed like the right day for it as I fell into one of those deep sleeps. It's been a while since I've had one of those. I don't sleep well when I have something going on the following day.

Some of you have asked when we will see our new granddaughter. Right now that's up in the air. If all goes well and we can go south this winter, we will probably see her and the other grandchildren on our way south. If not, we will try to drive down sometime this Fall or Winter. Plans in jello right now!

Friday 22 August 2008

My Friday and Details on Iris

Today was hot and sunny with just a bit of a breeze. After my usual morning ministrations I got the laundry ready. While I was doing that Betty called and invited us to go out to the cottage to go for a boat ride but I had to decline as once I get the laundry ready, it has to get done as there's nowhere to put it! It took me till nearly noon to get it done but now it's out of the way for another week or so.

When I got back to the RV it was very hot inside so the air conditioner went on for the first time since we've been here in Lindsay. Around that time a big toy hauler arrived and parked beside us. They have a seadoo in the toyhauler so they've been out on the river this afternoon.

I took my lawnchair down there by the river. It's about 10 degrees cooler than it is up by the RV even though it's only about 100 feet away. I sat there and read my book for a while (photo by Gordon).

Boats passing by on the river

We finally got some vital statistics on our new granddaughter, Iris.
Weight - 7 lb 6 oz
Length - 20 1/4 in
Hair - light brown
Born - 5:02 p.m. August 16th

Caden, Iris and Lily


Thursday 21 August 2008

Ladies' Days Part II

Betty picked me up around 10 a.m. today and we met Bonnie at Tim Horton's in Lindsay and had a coffee with her. So far so good on the coffee as I had decaf.

Our original plan had been to drive around Rice Lake which would have taken most of the day however Betty & Garth found out yesterday that a young woman that had spent a lot of time with Garth's daughters had passed away and the wake was only this afternoon with the funeral this evening so we canned the Rice Lake idea and just went shopping on Lindsay's main street, Kent Street. Betty and I do this yearly and I don't think either one of us has ever bought anything in the shops except maybe at a pharmacy. Their clothes are just too expensive even when on sale at half price and they aren't made for the bodies that we have today! So we just look.

We had lunch at a little restaurant that was kind of cute but unfortunately I didn't write the name down so I don't remember what it was called but the walls were painted red, they had pretty tablecloths, some red patterned, some yellow patterned and some orange patterned and interesting art on the walls. They are also a bakery. It was very cute and definitely a lady's place to eat. In the time we were there only one man came in and one young boy. But there were ladies of all ages. It was pretty good even though I only had a sandwich but Betty had Gazpacho soup with her sandwich and said it was excellent.

Lindsay has a very pretty downtown area with lots of old buildings.

After lunch we went into a couple more stores on Kent Street then Betty went back to the cottage to go to the wake with Garth. Bonnie drove me back to the RV park and Gordon and I gave her a tour of the RV. Then she took off for Toronto and I sat outside and read until this mosquito started bothering me so I came inside where I managed to have a nap! It's been a busy couple of days.

It was another beautiful sunny day today with a high of 28C (82F) but down by the water it's about 10 degrees cooler. Another day with little humidity!

Wednesday 20 August 2008

A Day for the Ladies

One of the blogs I read is Waiterrant (Steve Dublanica). He has recently become a published author - Thanks for the Tip — Confessions of a Cynical Waiter. If you enjoy cynicism and want a good laugh, check it out.

His latest blog refers to the writing of a blog and the definition. He quotes the definition from the Urban Dictionary - “A meandering, blatantly uninteresting online diary that gives the author the illusion that people are interested in their stupid, pathetic life. Consists of such riveting entries as ‘homework sucks’ and ‘I slept until noon today’.”

How true it is. As I've often mentioned on the rv-dreams chatroom - My blog is boring! So be it. On with the day.

I got up early to have time to walk and exercise and get ready to go out for lunch at the Durham Cafe where we had breakfast last week. My sister picked me up around 11 a.m. and we met her friend, Bonnie who is arrived in Lindsay from Toronto today. Bonnie is actually a friend of mine as well as I've known her almost as long as Betty has and we traveled to Margarita Island, Venezuela one winter quite a few years ago and had a great time (except for the sand fleas). However I don't see her often since she lives in Toronto. Betty and I were early for meeting Bonnie at the restaurant at 11:30 a.m. so we stopped at White's, a department store that's off the beaten track and Betty bought a cute little jean jacket that was on sale.

After lunch we went to a few stores in the Lindsay Square Mall, then on to the next little town, Fenelon Falls where we looked around. Betty bought some sandals. Then we stopped at a nice golf course restaurant called Eganridge for something to drink, on to Bobcaygeon but we didn't stop then back to the cottage where we sat out on the dock and watched Betty's husband's grandchildren water skiing on Sturgeon Lake.

At Fenelon Falls

Bonnie and I in front of the falls

Interesting dressing room door in a store in Fenelon.

At Eganridge - l to r- Sandra, Betty, Bonnie

On the dock with the sunset in the background- l to r - Bonnie, Sandra, Betty (photo by Gordon)

Garth made roast beef for dinner and Betty did the potatoes and corn (Garth and Gordon did the corn shucking). It was delicious!

It was just an absolutely perfect day, bright sun and warm but no humidity.

Tuesday 19 August 2008

A Quiet, Sunny Tuesday

Last night after posting my blog we had the worst thunderstorm of the summer so far. Lots of loud thunder and lightning and very, very heavy rains. And boy did that break what little heat wave we've had!

Today 8:30 a.m.

Temperature - 11C (52F)
Bright, sunny skies

It was only 18C (63F) inside the RV when I got up. Gordon was all bundled up in sweaters and his blanket but I got the electric heater out. Yesterday I had on shorts and was sweating. What a difference a day makes!

I put on a long sleeved sweater and my wind jacket before going for my walk this morning and I wasn't too warm. There were people out in shorts though. Brrrr.. If it wasn't for the wind it would not have been too bad but instead of summer it sure felt like a late fall morning. The puddles weren't as bad as last night but there were a lot of them. Our puddle on our site had dried up but now it's back and it looks like a lake under the swings. With the wind a lot of it should dry up today.

The last couple of mornings I've been doing my 'stand-up' exercises down by the lake. The area that we see from our side living room window is fairly private so I feel like the people on TV that are doing exercises in front of the ocean.

After breakfast I cleaned the bathroom and washed the floor. Then I got out the vacuum cleaner however went back to the computer for a while. I wasn't in the mood for vacuuming but I did get it done. I sprinkled some vanilla stuff on the carpet and found out that the vacuum isn't really strong enough to deal with it so I wound up going over the carpet several times. It smells nice in here albeit rather cloying. I think I probably won't do that again so I sprayed some Febreeze around and that helped.

This afternoon I went for a walk around the park and took some photos then had a well-deserved nap and started reading a new book having finished "Sail" by James Patterson. I'm now reading "Chasing Harry Winston" by Lauren Weisberger (author of The Devil Wears Prada).

Bright blue sky where yesterday there were black clouds.

Rowboat in reeds

Lily and lily pads

We did manage to reach a sunny 22C (72F) today although with the wind it seemed much cooler.

Monday 18 August 2008

Monday in Lindsay, ON

Today started out beautifully, bright sun, light breeze, warm temperatures but by afternoon we had dark skies, thunder and heavy rains off and on. We lost about 10 degrees during the rains.

This morning I piddled around and finally got out of here to go out and get groceries and various and sundry items. I left around 10:30 and got back after 2. The thing about Lindsay is that it's small enough that you don't waste fuel going to different stores to pick up sale items. Everything is within a couple of blocks. I also got some prints made of our yearly family photo for my sister for when I see her on Wednesday.

I made it back before the storm hit, managed to go to the campground showers to wash off the town and had been sitting in my chair reading for a while when I decided to go for a little walk. I stopped to chat with Phil and Sharon two doors down from us when the rain started so I had to run back to the RV. While I was sitting reading it was thundering and lots of boats were heading back to the marina however the guys playing horseshoes just kept playing. I don't know if they played all through the storm or not but that was the first thing we heard when the thunder let up. Let's hope they're smarter than that!

The storm's coming

While the storm was going on I got my monthly expense spreadsheet updated. We seem to be doing quite well this month.

This afternoon's rain

Around dinner time the rains really came down. It was almost like a hurricane except the wind wasn’t strong enough although it was windy.

Both the internet and TV satellites were down for a long time. Our satellites have been down more this summer than in all the time we’ve had them! The good news is that we’re supposed to be rain free until Saturday (fingers crossed)!

We had revolving thunderstorms all evening.

Sunday 17 August 2008

Last Day of 'Family Cottage Day'

Today was mostly a beautiful day. We had a few cloudy spots but lots of sun and a lovely breeze with a high of 27C (80F).

After my usual morning walk and breakfast we got ready and arrived at the cottage for our last day of 'Family Weekend'. When we arrived everyone but John was out in the boat but we didn't know John was at the other cottage until everyone got back. Garth owns two cottages side by side so all the visitors (except us) stay at the other cottage while the meals are done at Betty & Garth's cottage. We had lunch on their back deck and then did our annual cottage photos, this time in front of the cottage.

I wasn't fast enough to catch Garth's boat until it was by the dock.

The group with the front of the cottage in background.

I also got a photo of Nick and Becky. I hadn't published one of them yet this weekend. I also got to see most of a DVD of Nick and Becky's honeymoon that they had this past January in St. Lucia.

Everyone was leaving around 3 p.m. so we left as well so Gordon could get some rest. He hasn't been getting his normal naps the last couple of days and was feeling it.

Before Gordon's nap he did get the photos processed so I could post them to my blog. While he was doing that I sat outside and enjoyed some of the beautiful day and the lovely breeze and watched boats go back and forth on the Scugog River. I also took a walk around. There aren't any tenters today so was mostly able to walk along the shoreline.