Friday 5 November 2010

Monday to Friday November 1-5, 2010-We Had an Anniversary!


A new month, a new week, sun shining and cold 0C (32F) this morning as I headed out with my toque and warm gloves. It sure was nice to see the sun again!

My typical Monday morning is now going to the grocery store. They have lots of Manager's specials then so I bought some meat as well as other things that we needed. I made several stops and was home shortly after noon.

I appear to have plantar fasciitis. I've been having heel pain for a few days and looked up what it could be so I've tried to stay off it most of the afternoon and have done some stretching exercises and applied ice.


I decided to forego the walk this morning and give my foot a bit of a rest. It was sunny but -2C (28F) this morning. When I looked out the window I saw lots of frost on things.

I had purchased a roast of beef a couple of weeks ago so put it in the crockpot this morning with some carrots and green beans. Since I can't eat potatoes any more, no potatoes in the crockpot!


It was -3C (27F) but sunny when I went for my morning walk. My heel wasn't too bad this morning. It seems to come and go.

I received an email this morning from the coordinator of chatroom IRV2. She had gotten notification from one of the chatters about a Heartland product they had purchased. Read below:

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is well. Just want to let you all know about Heartland Products.  When we purchased our new 5th wheel we were very happy with it.  3 months later we found a crack in the side.  We finally got a dealer to fix it and found out it was a factory defect.  They stated someone got crazy with a least it wasn't a structural defect.
Now we have another problem.....the back cap separated from the whole camper.  You could actually pull out the rear.  We called Heartland and the first thing they's not under warranty.  It's over 1 year old.....but you can take it to a dealer and have it fixed at your own expense.
We did take it to a great dealer, Fretz RV in Pa.  They took it apart and found only 3 screws holding the whole back on.  One of the screws was broken.  The molding was to have sealer in it, which it didn't.....what does Heartland say......too bad, we are not doing anything about it.
Can you imagine what would have happened if it came off completely while we were going down the highway at 65 - 70 miles an hour?  It would have caused one terrible accident.
If anyone is planning on ever buying a trailer, stay away from Heartland Products.  They do not stand behind their work.  If you know of anyone that is thinking about buying one, tell them my story.....stay away from them.
 Just another thing to be aware of when purchasing an RV!

After an hour or so of lining shelves, my heel started to give me grief so it was back to reading my book for most of the day. I'm continuing to ice it and do exercises.


It's amazing what you get used to. It was 2C (36F) this morning and it actually felt warm! Today was not a good walk for me. I was walking along and all of a sudden I fell flat on my front! Surprised the heck out of me! Anyway I don't seem to be too badly damaged. Both knees are scraped and swollen and hurting. That seems to be the worst of it but I won't be running any marathons any time soon. 

I took it easy all day using ice and heat on my knees. 


Happy 20th Anniversary to us!
Our wedding November 5, 1990
Today November 5, 2010
 Yesterday while resting I was looking online for a nice restaurant for us to go to for our anniversary that we hadn't been to before and I came across The Shipwreck at Rideau Ferry. Rideau Ferry is about 10 miles from us. I think we might have been there for lunch years ago but not lately so I called them and they have a gluten free menu! The lady went over all kinds of things we could eat and items they could adapt for me for my food sensitivities so I made a reservation for us.

Shipwreck at Rideau Ferry is a very nice restaurant. They don't have a real website and I think they are missing out. However, the chef came out and talked to us and made us dishes that would agree with us. Gordon had a steak with pasta and I had pasta with sea scallops and bacon with a lovely sauce. It was excellent!

Shipwreck at Rideau Ferry Restaurant Sign

Restaurant entrance

View from our table (it's getting dark)

My pasta dinner with Sea Scallops, Bacon, Roasted Red Peppers

Gordon's steak and spaghetti
 It was snowing as we were driving home but the snow was melting as it hit the ground.

Sunday 31 October 2010

Saturday & Sunday October 30 & 31, 2010


The threat of rain was in the air again as I set out for my morning walk but it stayed away until after I was back and had breakfast.

After breakfast, Gordon wanted to go out and look for movie DVDs so we went to the flea market on Victoria Street. I found a music CD (The Big Chill) and he found a video and we also got a dryer cover for outside. Ours is broken. From there we went to LW (formerly Liquidation World) where he got two more DVD videos so he should be set for a little while. We also stopped at the REAL Deal where I gave them my application to volunteer. The volunteer coordinator has her office there.

On our return we were going to stay in for the day as it was now raining however I was reading, got up and went in the bathroom and my wall border was coming down on one wall so I went out to get some wallpaper paste and put that back up. Hopefully that's not indicative of what's to come!


We had some snow last night but it was gone by the time I got up this morning. Although it was cloudy and cold 1C (34F) there was no wind so it was nice for walking. I had gotten out my ice grips last night just in case but didn't need them.

This morning we went out to the local flea market. Nothing there that we liked better than our money!

We seem to go through bread like crazy here so I made another loaf this afternoon. Actually I'm drying parts of the ends of loaves to make stuffing. It makes yummy stuffing!

Well, we had 47 trick or treaters but we ran out of candy so turned the front light out. Next year I'll have more idea of what to expect.