Saturday 1 September 2012

Goings On

On Saturday a couple of weeks ago there was an Olympic Homecoming for the 3 Perth area Olympians Sultana Frizell, Nick Tritton and Ian Millar at the Crystal Palace in Perth. They were led by the Piper and the Town Crier to the Crystal Palace, followed by a few words from the area Mayors and Reeves then a few words from the athletes with an autograph session to follow.

The Tay River goes through Perth. This is where it comes into downtown.

My main reason for wanting to go was to see the Town Crier. We've been wanting to see him do his stuff since we moved here. Brent McLaren is the Perth Town Crier and is also Deacon at St. Frances de Sales Church here in town.

Bagpipes announce the small parade.

The Town Crier in full dress

I did get a new refrigerator this week. The came with the house and was very old, wouldn't level properly and couldn't move it without damaging the new floor. The man and helper who delivered and took the old one to the curb spent 1 1/2 hours getting the old one out and the new one in. I had negotiated with Sears for FREE delivery (they usually charge $65).

I also went to Ottawa for a more in depth eye test for glaucoma at the opthamologist that did my cataract surgery. He will need to do tests every six months for comparison.

Other than that my younger sister Margie had a birthday and we had coffee with my cousin, Ethel and her husband, Randy one day and Jasper, my furry nephew returned for another few days visit while Margie and John and another couple went to Ocean City, MD for a few days.

We also went to Ottawa to the annual barbecue that our financial advisors put on. This year the featured performed was Rich Little. Rich was born and raised in Ottawa and has strong ties to the city. He truly is a great performer.

Rich Little does George Bush Sr.
My Aunt Joyce passed away last Wednesday. I will do a separate blog on that in a day or two.