Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Doctor and Decisions

When I woke up this morning it was bright and sunny. We had slept with the windows open last night and the breeze was beautiful! We managed to hit (27C) 80F today and most of the day was bright and sunny at least up to the posting of the blog.

I walked and sat outside and read this morning. This afternoon Gordon had an appointment with the specialist who basically said everything was looked good and although he does want another CT scan in September as far as he's concerned we have the 'all clear' to go south this winter. Good news!

After the doctor, we stopped to take photos of the flowers at the Ornamental Gardens. I hadn't been there since the peonies were first coming into bloom and now with all the rain we've had they're just about finished although there were lots of other flowers in bloom, most of which I couldn't identify.

This is definitely a rose.


Japanese lilac
One of the flower gardens

I have no idea what this is but thought it was interesting. Looks like a milkweed gone to seed.

A really big peony

Pink fox gloves, they are so pretty!

This baby bunny was munching on grass in the rose garden.

Another flower garden

Geranium garden

So, we made some decisions after being at the doctor's office. This afternoon I canceled our insurance with State Farm and got set up with Wayfarer for both the RV and the truck. Wayfarer insure RVs only and they don't care that we don't have a Class A license and I have that in writing. That will take effect mid July. From there we're going to carry on and wait to see what the new legislation is that's coming out with respect to RV licensing in the Fall. So after 37 years of being insured with State Farm, I called the lady that I always deal with at the agent's office and canceled. She has always been wonderful and I told her if we ever get a car again, I'll be back to see her.

After that I called and got the RV insurance and the fulltimer's policy put on. They're still finalizing the truck insurance so everything should be ready to go by mid July.


  1. Anonymous6:54 pm

    Hi Sandra ..they arent honeysuckle but multi colored columbines (surprisingly hardy in Ontario and easy to grow ) The other tall flowers are pink fox gloves (digitalis )
    You must be glad you will soon be ok to go on the road again .
    linda xxxx

  2. Anonymous8:45 am

    Sandra, since Gordon is cleared for "take off" this winter, where do you anticipate going?

  3. Sandra tell Gordon Sherri and I are glad to hear he has an OK for lift off. I hope that we are lifting off this February?? Time will tell. IF so, maybe we can meet the both of you. Love your pictures...Sherri has flowers on our RV porch...not that pretty. LOL

    Joe and Sherri


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