Saturday 15 August 2009

Saturday August 15, 2009-Out and About and Moving

In response to yesterday's question from Judy & Emma, the photo was taken at sunrise on the Scugog River at Lindsay, Ontario.

In response to Denise, another reader - we have internet satellite so we can have internet anywhere as long as we have a clear view of the southern sky.

Today we had places to go and things to do. First, we were to meet my sister at the church near the cottage for their annual yard sale. I usually find something to contribute to the sale and this year it was our weather station. Gordon decided it was too much trouble to put the wind thingy on the roof every time we moved and the numbers on the thermometer were very small so it was a good contribution for the church. I also bought a whole box of paperback books for $2.00. Bargain!

Yard sale at the church

Inside the church

After that, Betty took us out for brunch for our upcoming birthdays in September and then we went to Buckhorn, ON for their fine art festival. It was an enjoyable afternoon.

The Full Cup Cafe in Bobcaygeon, Ontario where we had brunch

Buckhorn is a sort of artsy little town about 30 miles east northeast of the cottage. They have all kinds of craft fairs and art exhibitions at their community centre in the spring/summer/fall seasons.

There are several of these little buildings that they use to display the art. There is also art in the community centre itself. This is a juried exhibit.

Pretty flowers on the grounds

It was hot today. Our thermometer was recording 33C (91F).

We dropped Betty off as we had taken the truck and came home to find that the site that we had booked was now vacant so we proceeded to pack up and move.

Our new site

We are now in our full hookup site and can relax and enjoy our time here. I hate being unsettled. So we're situated until we leave here on September 10th.

When we got situated Gordon was talking to the owner and we've made our apologies to each other for the problems with the site and us being unhappy. They were having a corn roast tonight and we were invited so we went and had some corn.

When we came back we sat outside and had our fruit for desert and looked at our view.

I'm ready to enjoy my time here now.

Friday 14 August 2009

Friday August 14, 2009

I was bummed today even though it was another bright beautiful summer day. When we arrived on Monday to move into our full hook up site that we had reserved about a month ago, we were told that there had been a mistake and someone else had been booked into the site until Friday. So we moved to an electric and water site which has a beautiful view but no sewer! We walked by the full hook up site this morning several times and it didn't look like they were going anywhere so I went down to the office. The people on our site aren't scheduled to leave until tomorrow. We had purposely not booked anything today but tomorrow we have plans so it looks like we're not moving until Sunday. This is the first time we've had a problem at this park and we've been coming here for five years now. It's not a real big deal and this is definitely the most scenic park in the area. Most parks in the area are strictly seasonal and more and more parks in Ontario are going that way.

I spent some time reading outside today then back inside when it got too hot to sit out. I was too lazy to move my chair down by the water under the tree.

After a nap, we headed out for a little drive around the area and to fill our water jugs at The Water Depot. There's no Super Walmart near here, not even a Walmart in Lindsay!

I borrowed Gordon's photo of the day for my blog today.

Thursday 13 August 2009

Thursday August 13, 2009-Betty Comes For Dinner

I was so exhausted when I got home last night that I forgot to congratulate Dee and Jim on selling their condo after 142 days up for sale. They will soon be joining us on the road! There are lots of folks out there waiting to sell their respective homes so that they can become fulltimers. I wish all of them a speedy sale!

Today was another beautiful sunny day and hot for us at 29C (85F). We've had to run the air conditioner the last couple of days.

This morning after my usual walk and breakfast complete with blog reading, I took my chair down to the water and read for a while. I had a few things to get done inside including have a nap. I also had a book to finish to give to Betty for the church at the cottage who are having their annual yard sale this weekend.

My chair is by the water so you can see how far the RV is from the water

View from my lawnchair

Betty picked me up at 3 p.m. for a bit of shopping and then she came back to our place for dinner as Garth is playing golf today and then heading in to Toronto for some appointments.

We set a picnic table down by the river and had our dinner down there. It was such a beautiful evening!

Dinner by the Scugog Rier

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Wednesday August 12, 2009-At the Cottage

When I got up this morning I couldn't get into my Yahoo mail. Apparently they're having a problem because people are leaving their mail in their inboxes and not filing it. By noon I was able to get in so cleaned up my inbox although I had just done it a couple of weeks ago.

One of my readers, Joe, asked me if I only have one sister. I have two sisters, one from Toronto who summers at the cottage in Lindsay where we are now and my younger sister in Ottawa who has two children, both grown. My younger sister, Margie is the one who gets our mail and sends it off to us if it's important.

We headed off to the cottage around 2:30 this afternoon. Today was the most gorgeous day that we've had this summer. When we arrived we went down to the dock to sit and it was beautiful down there. Garth's (Betty's husband) daughter and her husband and 3 kids are at the cottage next door this week and they were out water skiing this afternoon. They're all really good at it. When they were done, Garth took us for a lovely boat ride.

On the way to the cottage I took another barn photo and the horse was just coming out the door

Here's my sister at the front of the cottage

Garth's family out waterskiing with his boat

The 2 cottage docks from the water - Garth & Betty's is the one with the gazebo on the right

Clouds in the water

We went for a walk when we got back from the boat ride and saw a couple of frogs in a mud puddle

When we came back we got dinner ready. They had really excellent New York strip steaks with baked potato, asparagus and butter tarts and ice cream. We ate down at the gazebo on the dock and watched the sun set. A great day!

Sunset photos

Tuesday 11 August 2009

Tuesday August 11, 2009

Today was a gorgeous sunny day with a breeze.

This morning after my walk and breakfast I went in to town to pick up some groceries. I wasn't gone long.

I hadn't slept well last night and I wanted to get in a nap before my sister arrived around 3 p.m. for a visit. So I unloaded the groceries, did the dishes, cleaned up and then went for a nap but couldn't fall asleep. I hate it when that happens. I fooled around on the computer for a while then tried again and was able to get a little rest.

While I was waiting for Betty to arrive this Phaeton drove in and the guy at the wheel looked so much like Jim that I had to look twice. Anyway, they're from Ontario and are parked beside us.

Betty arrived and we sat outside for a couple of hours and chatted. It's been nearly a year since we've seen each other. It was so beautiful outside. No rain today!

Here she comes

View from my lawnchair

She left around 5:30 and Gordon and I went in search of a Great Blue Heron that we had seen flying by. We found him!

There's a lot of grass down by the docks

Monday 10 August 2009

Monday August 10, 2009-Arrival in Lindsay, ON

We had quite a little storm last night with wind but no damage thank goodness and it produced a beautiful double rainbow so we went out to Lake Simcoe to take some photos but it had pretty much faded by the time we got there

And when I looked at my photos I realized I got the lightning in it too

Sunset - very dark clouds

I was up early this morning, early for me that is, it was already 100% humidity which is not normal for this area, thankfully it was only about 23C (73F) at the time. By the time we left Heidi's Campground at 10:35 a.m. it was 26C (79F) but there was a bit of a breeze. The skies were threatening but we didn't have any rain.

Due to the slow moving tractors and wagons on the road today it took us 1 1/2 hrs to go 60 miles (100 km).

I did manage to get a barn photo along the way

We arrived at Double M RV Resort at Lindsay at noon and found out that they had overbooked our site so we're in an electric and water only site till Friday then will have to move again. The good thing about this site is we have a better view.

Arriving at Double M

After we got set up I went into town to run some errands, came back and called my sister who has a cottage here to let her know we'd arrived.

Our temporary site (till Friday)

Views from our back window

Looks like we might be in for a storm or two here tonight. There have been a lot of them in this area some of them pretty bad. My sister said they had one last Wednesday that knocked down trees and power lines. A friend of theirs lost their garage and a Titanium that's always parked at a house down the way had a tree come down on it. Power was off for a long time. Sure hope we don't have any of that when we're here!

Sunday 9 August 2009

Sunday August 9, 2009-Last Day at Orillia

This morning was cloudy then rainy then rainy and very foggy. I did get to go for my walk before all this started though.

After breakfast I took the laundry over to the campground laundromat. I had gotten it ready yesterday. Luckily I got there early. The wash wasn't quite done when an elderly Dutch couple came in followed a while later by a young guy so the place was packed and there's really only room for one person in there at a time.

While I was getting laundry done we had a thunderstorm and the power went out briefly, with the rain came heavy fog. Gordon went out to get some photos before the rain started. The photo today was taken by Gordon.

I finished shortly after noon, came back put the clothes away, had lunch, made a potato salad for dinner tonight then lay down to read and off to la la land.

When I woke up we turned on the air as it was quite hot and humid, then got showers and settled in for the night. Not very exciting!

Today is our last day here at Orillia. We're heading for Lindsay tomorrow. Sure hope it doesn't rain!