Monday, 19 May 2008

A Newer Version of the Old Me!

It rained all night and was still raining when I woke up this morning so I stayed an extra half hour under my electric blanket. When it sounded like it had stopped I got up and started out on my walk but was only gone about 15 minutes as it started to rain again.

Today is the last day of the three day long weekend here in Ontario. The first long weekend of 'summer' is called Victoria Day which is a celebration of the Queen's birthday. When I was working I always looked forward to this weekend as it meant I could wear white again. I was always taught no white pants or shoes from Labour Day weekend in September till after the May long weekend and I kept to that religiously except when I was south or on a cruise. Definitely no white at those times in Ottawa but now there's white sneakers so all that gets blown out the window!

The most industrious thing I did today was colour my hair. It's darker than I've had it for some time but is called Natural Dark Cool Blonde. The hairdresser said it was getting very dry with the bleach so I thought I'd try darker this time. I think a lot of the dryness comes from being in Arizona.

After that I lay down to read and perfect the art of napping. I did a really good job on the napping part. I was very chilly all day so I spent most of my nap under my electric throw.

Gordon went out to shoot a photo late in the afternoon but I decided to stay behind. We had some sunny breaks. It only got to about 15C (58F) so our new heater, Mr. Hotstuff was working madly today.

I think I can add pineapple to my list of foods that I can't eat along with citrus, tomato products and cheese although I have been able to eat some cheese whiz in the last few weeks. I've had pineapple every night for about 3 nights now and my reflux is letting me know that it's had enough!

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  1. Nice hair color! I like it very much. We're trying out our air conditioner here, it turned very warm today.

    See you later in chat,

  2. Hair is lookin good girl. Sherri got hers cut off. She got tired of doing all that bushing an fluffing stuff with the hair dryer. I like it cause we get going a lot faster in the morning. LOL


  3. Sandra,

    Love the new hair color. It is very becoming on you.


  4. Sandra I love your hair.---if i could get mine to look that good I might let it grow look very young!! Gordon is lucky!!

  5. Anonymous8:36 am

    I'm adding my compliments on the hair colour !! It's how I remember you in the 80's! It really makes you look....uh....young-er...again!!

    Hope it warms up here too and soon!

    Your former work buddy



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