Friday, 23 May 2008

Back on the Trail

Last night after dinner we had an interesting sky from all the rain we've had. The sun came out so we decided to go for a drive. We went south on River Road which goes along the Rideau River to a little park that we had seen on Saturday when we were out. There are paved pathways but no way to get down close to the river.

So off we went again, this time east on Leitrim Road. We stopped to take a couple of photos of the sky with barns in the foreground then south on Bank Street.

We were looking for a trail but we hadn't programmed Miss Pinky so we were basically winging it. We didn't find the trail so went west again this time on Rideau Road to Long Island Locks that we had seen last Saturday as well. We had some rain along the way and some sun but lots of pretty clouds.

Momma & Poppa Goose with their babies

Trees, water and clouds

This morning was sunny again for my walk. Gordon had suggested going to drive the Gatineau Parkway but it clouded up and rained again this afternoon. Gordon spent some time programming in all the locals trails into Miss Pinky so we would be able to find them when we're out.

Around 3 p.m. the weather cleared up a bit so we went out to a trail that's fairly close to us just off Slack Road called Pinhey Trail. The mosquitoes were about to pick us up and take us away. I had brought dryer sheets but that didn't phase them a bit. Luckily Gordon had mosquito repellent wipes in his camera bag. Some of the trails were pretty wet and muddy and there was a lot of standing water around hence the mosquitoes. We found a trail that was on higher ground and walked a ways on that but didn't stay long however it was nice to get out!

At least it warmed up to 19C (66F) today!

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