Thursday 22 May 2008

Getting Out A Bit

It's been another strange day weatherwise. It did manage to reach 13C (56F). I woke up to bright sun but it was only about 6C (42F) but when I went out to walk the sun was quite warm. We had sun, rain, cloud, wind and sometimes sun and rain together but no rainbow and each weather pattern was short-lived.

Our site now that the leaves are out on the trees.

This morning we decided to go out anyway. Gordon had found a path that runs along the river not far from here. We parked on a side street and walked a ways on the path but the rain kept spitting and we didn't want to get the camera equipment wet so we didn't walk for long. Here are a couple of photos that I took.

This one is a photo of a path with a temple in the background. The temple is actually on the other side of the river.

And this is one of the pathway itself.

After that we stopped again at Hog's Back for me to use the facilities then walked a ways on the bike path that goes from Hog's Back to Mooney's Bay Beach (the temple is on the far side of the road across from the beach).

These two mallards were at the boat ramp across the road from Hog's Back.

That was the extent of our adventure today. Reading, naps and surfing the internet took up the rest of the afternoon. This afternoon the sun came out and we were just about to go out again when a big black cloud came at us and the rains came. So, we stayed put.

Oh, the life of a retired person!

I also added Shoutbox today. Someone let me know if it works, please! Mine looks different from others I've seen.

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  1. Sandra,
    I'll trade you some 90+ days for some of your 40 and 50 degree days.
    Yes, the life of a retired person, isn't it great!



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