Wednesday, 21 May 2008

A Bit About My Day

Thank goodness this weather is going to start clearing up tomorrow. Today was cold, rainy, cloudy and just generally miserable. I managed to walk this morning without getting rained on but it started about the time I was leaving to pick up some groceries and stuff. Not a real rain just enough to be annoying and so you had to run the windshield wipers.

I got some pretty good deals on some hamburg and ribs today at Farm Boy. Farm Boy is a really nice store. It started out as mainly fruit and vegetables but now has nice meat and when the sales are on the prices are pretty good. Not as good as Bashas or Safeway in the U.S. but pretty good for Canada. They also have breads, a bakery and dairy products. They have a nice website too with recipes. I got a nice hunk of ribs today for under $5.00. Oh and they now have a gluten free shelf!

Giant Tiger is a discount Canadian store that has some good deals. They are basically a clothing/department type store but now have quite a bit of canned goods, things like chips, soft drinks, a dairy counter and lots of frozen foods. I managed to pick up a few good deals there too.

In the same mall is a new dollar store called Dollar It. Dollarama here in Ontario is a very hard store to beat and Dollar It definitely doesn't beat it but it has some things that Dollarama doesn't have. Since we started RVing we've kept our toothbrushes and things in little plastic cups that have a suction cup on them and they stick to the side of the sink.

At Dollar It I found cups that have two suction cups on them which will keep them more stable. The others tended to lean over and sometimes have things fall out of them. I also found the clothespin hangers that I looked all over the U.S. for over the last two winters and couldn't find. I really like them for hanging things up in the shower. So now I'm all set.

When I got back I added some hamburg, potatoes, carrot and turnip to my stew, packaged up the meat I had bought and then sat down to browse the internet for a while.

When I was at the doctor last week one of my complaints was the blurriness I get in my eyes due to allergies. She asked me what I was taking and how long I had been taking it. I told her I'd been taking Actifed for probably 25-30 years. She said that I should switch antihistamines yearly as they loose their effectiveness after a year so yesterday I started on Claritin and I think I'm seeing a difference with just one pill. The allergiplex (that I got from my chiropractor) also seemed to work but at $2/pill, it's pretty expensive. Let's see how the next few days pan out!

Gordon had to go back to his dentist today. Yesterday the dentist took an impression of the tooth that was removed in Mesa to get it added to his dental plate so we had to go and pick it up and pay for it. Luckily the insurance does cover some of it!


  1. Sandra, Thanks for the comment on my dogs. Oscar is a full blooded, long haired chichuahua. He's only about 12 inches tall. He's terribly over weight and getting kind of old. He'll be 10 next month.


  2. Sandra did you ever think that we would be reduced to talking about our toothbrush holders and the clothes Pen hangers for the shower? Sherri and I get to laughing sometimes about what our conversation are now and what they use to be in the seventies!! LOL I guess we all start showing our ages.

    Joe and Sherri


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