Tuesday, 20 May 2008

More Appointments and Errands and DRAMA!

It was cloudy and cool today but we did have a few sunny breaks. I managed to walk my 1/2 hour this morning.

We both had appointments today, Gordon with his dentist and me with my periodontist. We went early so Gordon could go to the lab for his monthly blood test that the doctor has set up while he's taking the antifungal drugs. Then we stopped at Bayshore Mall where our pharmacy is as we hadn't dropped off the prescriptions that we got from the doctor last week. If they have them, I can't lose them. I'll call later to pick them up. I also had a few things to pick up at our Zellers Department Store.

We were finished about an hour early so we went to Andrew Hayden Park which is on the Ottawa River. It's very pretty there and there are always lots of Canada Geese and Mallard Ducks as well as seagulls. Today was no exception. We actually had a bit of drama. There was a mother Mallard with her babies and a goose was getting too close to them so she took off after him and he got out of the way very quickly. You don't fool with a mother Mallard with babies! The geese were still really ticked off and telling us about it as they came up on land as you can see from the photos below that tell the little story. There's also a pretty photo of the flowering trees and the little bridge.

Luckily we arrived early at our location. Both Gordon's dentist and my periodontist are in the same building so we had made our appointments for the same time. The parking lot was packed so we had to park in the shopping mall next door. It always pays to arrive early!

We got the dental thing over and done with and then we just headed home.


  1. The dentist was never my favorite place to go. Sherri has all that done too and she hates it. Thank heaven it is only twice a year.

    Joe and Sherri

    PS I like that park..very pretty.

  2. What great fighting pictures of the geese and ducks. We've never encountered that at the lake, it's all in the timing.

    I love the hairdo. I'm finally getting caught up on blogs.

  3. WOW!! That picture doesn't even need words to explain it. Awesome!



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