Saturday, 18 August 2007

Too Much Food and Birthdays to Celebrate

This is the weekend that we also celebrate birthdays that happen between August and November. That takes in my younger sister, Margie, her husband, John as well as Gordon's and mine so on our way to the cottage we stopped and picked up a cake.

When we arrived everyone but Garth had gone to Bobcaygeon, a small tourist town about 20 minutes from the cottage so we chatted with Garth until the rest of them arrived shortly after 1:00 p.m. Then we had to get lunch going and over as the big dinner was tonight. We always eat too much on these weekends. After lunch we sat around, it was actually quite cool but nice on their back deck as its mostly out of the wind. The wind died down later in the afternoon so Garth and Betty with Danica, Nick and Becky went out in the boat for an hour or so while Margie and I started dinner.

Around the table on the back deck at lunch time-in front in the red sweater is my younger sister, Margie who unbelievably will be 48 next week. She still looks like a teenager! To her left is Becky, Nick, Betty, Garth, myself, Danica and John (taken by my husband).
We had a fabulous dinner of roast beef done on the rotisserie on Garth's barbecue, new potatoes cut up with onions and butter and also done on the barbecue in foil and fresh corn on the cob with of course, birthday cake and ice cream for dessert.

We finally got to take a walk this afternoon without it raining on us so left to right is me, Danica, Margie and Betty taken by my husband.

Then we had the giving of the presents after which we all went to the other cottage and some had coffee while we watched the DVD that Gordon just completed a couple of weeks ago of Nick and Becky's wedding. My husband took the video of the wedding from the front of the church so it was nice to see Nick and Becky's faces during the wedding.

I almost decided not to do the blog tonight as I'm tired but I know people like to see it every day so this is it for today folks!

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