Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Shopping in Peterborough, Ontario

My sister picked me up at the RV at 10:30 this morning and we drove into Peterborough for a day of shopping. We stopped at two malls (the malls aren't very large in Peterborough) and Walmart and had lunch sitting outside at The Gazebo which is the outdoor restaurant at the Holiday Inn. We went there last year as well as we both like to sit outside when it's nice. It was bordering on cool today with the thermometer in Betty's little Mini Cooper registering only 21C (70F). The sun was shining albeit not as brightly as it has been and it was a nice relaxing lunch.

I arrived back at the RV just about 4:00 p.m. and sat outside to read for a while but it was pretty cool with the breeze blowing so returned to my couch to read.

We did reach a high today of about 24C (75F). The forecast tomorrow is for rain and it's badly needed here!

I guess our new sewer hose system didn't come in today as we didn't get a call, maybe tomorrow.

Today's photos were taken on Sunday at Betty & Garth's cottage.

This is Gordon and I taken in Betty & Garth's gazebo on their dock at the cottage after dinner

This is Gordon at the front of the cottage

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